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The Time Has Come




















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Time Has Come
by lovingpassions

Chapter 3

"Tabby!!!!!" He screams. "Yes Timmy!" Tabitha yells from the top of her lungs too. "Why is this happening? Timmy doesnít understand." Tabitha shakes her head. "Well Tim-Tim. It turns out that Charity powers are calling her over there because of the forces." "Why Tabby?" Timmy hides behind Tabitha. "Cause they know she is the one and that old hollow tree is the key to all of eternity." "Who are they Tabby?" Timmy seems to be perplexed by this situation. "Timmy this situation is complicated to explain and see The Old Hollow tree is the mother of these woods. "Is there a catch behind this Tabby?" "Hush and just watch, cause Charity is about to call upon them at this moment so as we speak!"

"I am finally here mother. What is it you want me to do?" Charity is possessed by a spirit that is so filled with turbulence and dastardly deeds. She is willing to do anything to get revenge on the people who has hurt her. " "Oh Charity, I am glad that you have come to see me. My beautiful child. Who has hurt you this time?" "This doesnít look good Timmy." Tabitha is fretting with sweat dripping down her back. "Tabby are you scared?" "Shouldnít you be scared? I am fearing the worst that can happen. If Charity rats out on us, we will be history and I donít mean history in the encyclopedia." "Oh no Tabby! Tabby and Timmy are going to die!" He whines. "Will you be quiet Timmy letís just hope for our sake that it will not be our goose that will be cooked."

"I want to get revenge." Charity is more determined than ever, and Charity is not the sweet girl that everybody once knew. "Who do you want to get revenge on Charity?" The tree spoken with a misty whisper. "Kay. I want to get revenge on Kay." Charityís eyes glows with fiery of rage. "Why Kay my child? Isnít she your cousin?" "Yes mother, but she is the one who is trying to take Miguel away from me." "Why does Kay want to take Miguel away from you my beloved daughter?" "She is a selfish bitch and she wants to have him all to herself when Miguel only loves me!" "Thatís kind of harsh coming from Charityís mouth Tabby." Timmy couldnít stand the sight of Charity turning evil cause he loves her. "Timmy this is no time for jokes! Just be glad that it is not us she is speaking against?" "Timmy still doesnít like it Tabby!" "If getting revenge on Kay is what you want my baby, then that is what youíll get! Go after her! Get your rest first my child!" "Yes mother." "Tabby, may Timmy ask you a question?" "Fire away Timmy." Tabitha smirks.

"Why is Charity talking to that tree like itís her mother?" "Tabitha sighs out of annoyance. "Cause you nit wit! That is only because Charity is thinking that the tree is her mother Faith!" "Why would Charity think that old tree is Faith?" "That is what she wants to envision. She misses her mother and the pendant is reacting to whom she misses most in her life which is her mother." "Oh! Timmy gets it now!" "Do you want to sleep with Fluffy tonight?" "No Tabby!" "I suggest that you will clean up your act and listen!" "Okay Tabby!" Timmy is starting to gripe cause he is going to la-la land thinking of how he wants to get rid of Fluffy.

"Fluffy come here! You damn cat! Timmy has got a treat for you." Timmy smirks. "Here is your favorite dish fish guts. Wait till Fluffy sees what Timmy has got in store for that mean cat!" Fluffy goes over to the dish pan and starting eating the fish guts. "Uh oh Timmy got to hide! And there Fluffy goes away!!!!!!!!" When Fluffy finish the last drop Fluffy didnít know has eaten the bomb that was planted in there and Fluffy blew up in smithereens! "Yay!!!! Timmy is glad that damn cat is dead!!!! Bye-bye Fluffy!" Timmy laughs with glee. "Timmy what are you thinking about?" "Huh? Nothing Tabby. But I sure like the idea!" "If you thinking about hurting Fluffy, I swear to you that you will be dislocated by tomorrow!" "Ok Tabby you have proven your point!"

"I will rest mother." Charity still floating in the air. "Then Charity after you finish with Kay then destroy whomever you want on your list!" The old hollow tree went back to its original form. Charity has landed back on the ground safely and starts to sleep walk. "Come on Timmy, we got to follow where Charity is going." Tabitha picks up Timmy and they are very shocked to see that Charity is going to their house. "Charity wait!" Tabitha yells. "Yes master?" "Let me open the door for you please?" "Ok master." Tabitha slowly opened the door for Charity. "Your room is upstairs Charity." "Goodnight master." "Good night Charity and sleep well. You are going to need all the strength you are going to get." Tabitha is having the pleasure to know that Charity has finally come over to the dark side.

"Tabby, Timmy is wondering, will Charity do Kay in for what she has done?" Tabitha places Timmy on the couch. Tabitha starts to thinking to herself and speaks aloud as if Timmy isnít there. "Timmy, Kay has no idea who she is running up against. No idea at all!" Tabitha is going to upstairs to get her rest as well, tomorrow will be a new day for her and Charity. Timmy follow after Tabitha. Timmy is having a soliloquy with himself. "Timmy has a bad feeling that Kay will not be too thrilled once Charity gets a hold of her."

The next morning, the sun is beginning to rise and the fresh air breathes easily on Kay and Miguel. Miguel wakes up and inhales the fresh crisp air of morning dew on the grass. He stretches and he is startled by what he has seen. "Kay, Oh my God!" He finds himself naked along with Kay. "Kay wake up!" Miguel voice is filled with tremors and he canít even imagine what is going on right now. "Yes Miguel." Kay looks at herself and pretends to be in shock. "What happen Miguel?" "Kay, how did you end up in bed with me? This is not my room? What is going on here?" Kay immediately thinks of a plan to weasel herself out of another lie.

"Miguel it is not as bad as this may seem." "Ok, where is Charity?" "She abandoned you Miguel. She left you out in the cold and never did come back." Miguel is confused, Kay starts to look in her pocket and she has found a letter. "Here is the letter Charity wanted me to give to you Miguel." "Let me see! Dear Miguel, I am sorry that I had to leave so soon but aunt Grace wanted me home and forgive me for leaving you out alone, I told Kay to watch over you and I feel that we shouldnít see each other anymore. Itís time for me to move on that is why I dressed up for you last night to tell you that it is over. Goodbye forever Miguel. Donít hold on to the bad memories, think about the good times. You will always have a special place to my heart. Charity."

"Well Miguel? What does it say?" Kay is panting out of her mind. "Charity has decided to leave me Kay. She said she doesnít want me anymore." he holds Kay. "Miguel there is something we need to talk about." "Like what Kay, I donít think there is anything that will make me wanna listen to anything right now." She bites her lip. "I think you want to hear this cause you wonít believe it, if you think about what happened last night." Miguel glances his eyes away from the letter and looks at Kay. "What is Kay? You can tell me anything?"

"We made love last night." Miguel drops the letter. "We did what?" he shouts. "You made love to me Miguel, I smelled the alcohol on your breath." Miguel holds Kay. "You mean to tell me Iíve taken advantage of you?" "No! Miguel, it was sweet and endearing. You didnítí take advantage of me. We made love, it was special to me and I will always cherished you for that." Kay gives him the innocent look. Miguel looks at her. "Did we use protection?" "Of course Miguel. You know we should always play it safe." Kay reassures him. "Good, cause I donít want anyone to know with what we have done. This has to stay between us Kay. You promise? I still love Charity, I donít think I will ever get over her."

"I promise Miguel." Kay begins to cry. "Whatís wrong Kay?" Kay instantly wiped away her tears. "Nothing." she said quickly, trying to brush it off but she knows that she always have to compete against Charity no matter what. "I am sorry Kay. I wasnít thinking about you and how is this affecting you on our indiscretion." "Miguel this is not an indiscretion. Youíve made love to me and it meant something to me. How can you just call it an indiscretion?" Kay begins to cry even more and Miguel embraces Kay, he looks deep into her eyes. "Kay I am so sorry. I didnít mean to make it sound like that. Can you ever forgive me?" He hugs her even more. "Yes Miguel, I can." Kay pulls away from Miguelís arms. "I know I can never be Charity but I will never ever forget this night as long as I live Miguel. I guess you will never know what this means to me." He looks at her in a different light.

He comes close to Kay and stares at her deeply. He kisses Kay with such a passion as he backs away from her like he didnít know what hit him. "Miguel where did that come from?" He left Kay speechless. " I donít know Kay." Kay pulls him close and she kisses him like she has never kissed before in her life. "I got to go Miguel, my mother is going to kill me! Look at the time." "Kay wait! When will we talk about this?" "Later, bye Miguel." Miguel puts on his clothes and leaves after Kay to go home and face another day, this time without Charity.





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