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The Time Has Come




















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Time Has Come
by lovingpassions

Chapter 2

"Tabby where are we going?" Timmy really hates the fact that they are going through the same old routine. "We are going to see what Kay is really up to." Timmy looks at Tabitha. "What Kay is going to do this time Tabitha?" As he rolled his eyes. "Seems like our girl Kay is going to destroy Charity as well." "Tabby, Timmy doesnít see how Timmy and Tabitha fits in?" "Well short stuff, Iíll explain it to you on the way. Come on we donít have very much time to lose." "Seems like Tabitha is really anxious to get Charity with us." Timmy mumbles. "What was that Tim-Tim?" "Nothing Tabby, letís just get there to see the action." Speaking sarcastically towards Tabitha.

"Simone are you ready?" Simone rolled her eyes at Kay. "Do I have to? Kay I donít see how you will succeed this time? Itís just pointless trying to get a guy especially when he doesnít love you back." Kay smacks her lips. "Simone. I donít wanna hear it! I will make Miguel mine and he will love me no matter what. Iím the one who deserves to be with Miguel." Simone decides to skip the subject on purpose because she is getting tired of hearing the same old lines of Kay Bennett. "See. Today I was over at Miguelís house and he was talking to me about him and Miss Crack Blond Charity on how they would spend their evening." "Kay I donít see where does this comes in at." "Well maybe if you stop interrupting me maybe Iíll get to the point."

"Ok, ok. Go ahead and finish." Simone wonders why is Kay so determined this time to finish her vituperative plan against Charity to suffer. "Well I insist to help him to prepare the picnic that him and Miss Carrie will be celebrating on. I told him that I will place the drinks in the basket." "There is a catch to this Kay, isnít it?" Simone is pretty bored by Kayís Ďinterestingí story. "For Charity her drink is normal and Miguelís have a... well youíll see." "Kay!" Simone hits Kay on the arm. "What?" Kay laughs hysterically. "I know Charityís must have something in it too." "Youíll see Simone, youíll see." Kay is enjoying this all and just waiting for the opportunity to happen.

"You hear that Tim-Tim? Seems like Kay is already in charge. I know for sure that we will get Charity to the Dark Side once and for all." "Timmy is scared Tabby itís too dark!" "Oh hush up baby cakes and pay attention." "Timmy still doesnít see how we fit in to this." He constantly tells himself. "Hereís to our love Charity from now till forever." "Cheers Miguel." they both clash their glasses together and they begin to take a sip. "This is the moment we all been waiting for Timmy, hold on and fasten your seatbelt!" "Oh no!" Timmy whines. "The drink should be sinking in Miguelís system any minute Simone." "I canít bear to watch this Kay." "Then donít watch Simone!"

"Miguel? Is there something wrong?" Charity can feel that Miguel is not himself. "Charity could you find me something else to drink, I really donít feel good." "Are you burning up with a fever Miguel?" "Charity, I love you." "I love you too Miguel, hold on. I will go get some help. Stay right here. Donít go anywhere." "Heís not going anywhere cause you are going to help me Simone come on. Thereís a hidden house behind those trees over there." "Wait a minute Kay... isnít that house blocked off?" "Yes. So whatís the problem?" "Iíve heard stories about that sordid house, and my parents warn me to steer clear from that house."

"I canít pick up Miguel myself there is no way I can lift him. So stop being so superstitious and help me!" "Okay, okay." Simone and Kay both went over to Miguel and carried him to the house that is not too far away from where Miguel and Charity is spending their evening. "Kay, where is Charity?" Miguel murmurs. "I think she went to go get help Miguel. Donít worry I am here to help you now." "Thanks Kay." Miguel close his eyes. "It seems like after all Kay will get what she want." "Tabby, Timmy gets a bad vibe about this." "Timmy we got to do our part now in order for Kayís plan to race to the top."

"Coming Tabby." Timmy says flatly and sighs. "Thanks Simone. I owe you one." "No problem Kay, so you promise me to help me get Chad right?" "Yes Simone, you are my best friend and I will help you. Now you can go back to my place and get some sleep." "Be careful Kay and good luck! Bye Kay." "Bye Simone. Oh Miguel, now you are all mine. Now itís time for me to show you how much of a woman I really am." Kay slides off her coat and she has on this sexy lingerie that no one knows about. "This is the moment Iíve been waiting for." Kay slowly crawls up to Miguel by kissing him ad she begins to touch him with a sweet seducing sound that is warming his face with pleasure.

"Perfect! Timmy our plan has now succeeded! Charity is finally ours! The pendant shall make her even more aggressive to come to our side." "Charity... I thought you wanted to take this slow?" Kay looks at him and says, "Miguel you wonít be waking up by Charityís side cause it will be me that you will see in your arms." "Miguel! where are you? I canít see you. Itís so dark out here." Charity is starting to worry. "Miguel please be safe, protect him God." "Miguel!" Tabitha sees that Timmy is too scared to watch. "A-ha! Move just a little bit more to you left Charity. Youíll like whatís coming for you." "Oh no!" Timmy screams. "Miguel? Where are you?" She still search for Miguel and he is nowhere to be found. "Miguel? Mi-gueeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!" Charity falls into a pit deep under.

"What is wrong with Charity, Tabby? Is she alright?" Tabitha looks at Timmy. "Youíll see! Oh dark clouds of hour and heavens shall begin to fall! Rise Charity rise! Come to the Dark Side with your powers once and for all! We shall be united and combine our mystery of magic to destroy Harmony with such tragic. Ha!" Tabitha continues to laugh wickedly away as Charity begins to rise from the ground and float into the air. She lands into Tabithaís corner, face to face. The pendant is doing itís job. "Charity, come to our side. You see what being good can do for you. Come to our side. Youíll enjoy this ride, we will rule Harmony together. What do you say?" "Yes... I will come and join forces with you. Tell me what to do master." Tabitha is shock as well as Timmy. "For now come home with us. Youíll have to restore all of your strength because itís going to be a long battle." "Yes master." Charity is in this dreary trance, she is not aware of what is going on surrounding her. "Tabby look!" "What Timmy?" By the time Tabitha and Timmy looks up they saw Charity like they had never seen her before.

"Oh hells bells Tim-Tim!" "Whatís wrong Tabby?" Timmy is getting excited from all of this commotion. "We got to take our cover! We donít want to end up like the last time from the Prom From Hell!" They both ran into the bushes and hide. Charity is flying in the sky and Tabitha stares, "Come on Tim-Tim! We got to follow that girl!" "Ok Tabby but canít Timmy get his MarTimmy tonight?" "Later you dolt! Come on! Youíll get it once we see what Miss Charity is up to." They followed Charity to this hollow tree that have been hidden over for 300 years. "Tabby? Why are you so speechless?" "Oh bloody hell! Timmy, no one should ever come here!" "Why Tabby?"

Timmyís face is filled with curiosity as his eyes are getting wider because he could not believe what he is seeing. "Tabby? Is this is why you never came down here?" He yells. "Hush Timmy! You donít want to crank up the dead and kill you now do you?" "No Tabby." Timmyís voice is filled with fear. "Well hush up and listen!" "Tab." "What Timmy?" "Watch out!" He whines. "Oh here comes the bloody dam!" Tabitha fears this would happen.





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