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The Time Has Come




















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Time Has Come
by lovingpassions

Chapter 1

Itís been a year later and trouble still hasnít left Harmony. Tabitha is still causing chaos and the Cranes are still being dominant as ever. The citizens still detest them and things just canít get any better. "Tabby! Oh Tabby!" Timmy screams. "What is it Tim-Tim?" Tabitha sounds as if she is disturbed by something important. "You need to get rid of that damn cat Tabby! Fluffy is being mean to Timmy!" Tabitha laughs at Timmy. "Well Timmy, maybe you need to clean up your act and start to get over Charity. Start participating with the Dark Side like you should have a year ago. But oh no! Timmy wants to be Charityís king and we both know that will never happen. So if I were you Tim-Tim, I would be making a MarTimmy instead of worrying about Fluffy." Timmy stops and think for a minute. "Ok Tabby whatever you say. You are still Timmyís princess but Timmy still donít like that damn cat! Timmy will be making a MarTimmy."

"Well good, doll face, we got a lot of work to do, so make me a glass and weíll see what we can do about Miss Charity." "Coming Tabby. Down you stupid cat! Whoaaaaa!!!!! Tabby!!!!" Tabitha looks at Timmy and begins to laugh even more. Timmy has grabbed the MarTimmy glasses for him and his princess so they can start this vindictive plan to destroy Charity. "Thanks Tim-Tim." "Tabby?" "Yes Tim-Tim." Tabitha is reading her mystical books to find the perfect plan to destroy Charity while responding to Timmy. "Timmy wants to know why is Tabitha still stuck on getting Charity to the Dark Side?"

Tabitha begins to sigh. "Cause Timmy, that girl is more valuable to our side than she thinks. She knows she canít be a goody-goody forever. Some point and time Charity will become our friend not that brat faced angel guardian of hers. Makes me shiver thinking about that twit Charity. And Miguel ha! Miguel needs to be wiped out of the picture. Kay will get her wish alright. Miguel will be hers and weíll make sure of that cause Charity will be ours. Come on Tim-Tim." "But Tabby Timmy hasnít finished his MarTimmy yet." "You can fix some more when we get back cause I smell trouble tonight in Harmony."

Over The Bennettsí house, there is still some hostility in the air cause of what happened on Prom Night which turned out to be the Prom From Hell. "Aunt Grace?" "Yes Charity?" Sounds like Grace is still thinking about what happened from Prom Night. "Can you help me out with this dress?" "Charity is looks fine." Grace smiles. "I know Aunt Grace, but I need for it to be zipped." Grace zips up Charityís dress. "Well how do I look Aunt Grace?" Charity twirls around with glee. "Beautiful Charity, beautiful." Graceís voice is slowly fading away. "Are you ok?" Charity could see that something is bothering Grace. She tries to comfort her by fixing her some tea. "Charity. You didnít have to do that. Iíve could of done it myself."

"But I want to Aunt Grace after what you and Uncle Sam has done for me. So relax." "Charity. So where will Miguel take you tonight?" Charity knows that Grace is skipping the subject. "Somewhere romantic he claims. I love Miguel with all of my heart." Grace grabs her cup of tea. "Good let it stay that way. Cause once honesty is gone, a relationship can never return back to the way it used to be." Tabitha and Timmy overheard Graceís and Charityís conversation. "Sounds like Grace is talking from experience Tabby?" Tabitha wants to smack him so hard but she went on and answered anyway. "Well it turns out you dolt in case you have forgotten, donít you remember what happened on prom night?" Timmy contemplated to himself. "Oh yeah, how could Timmy forget. It was horrible."

"Yeah well Gracey still canít forgive Sam because of what happened between him and Ivy over twenty years ago. Ethan is a part of their family now, so Grace has got to get use to the idea that Ethan is Kayís and Jessicaís brother, as well as Noahís." "Man... Timmy still canít believe that Ethan is a Bennett and not a Crane. How could that be Tabby?" Tabitha sighs. "Didnít I explain that to you on the so called Ďbirds and the beesí?" Timmy shakes his head. "You only explain to Timmy a little bit not all of it. And Timmy still doesnít understand." "Yeah well, some other time Tim-Tim. Letís just pay attention to whatís going on at the not so good Bennettsí house." She laughs with bitterness. "Aunt Grace everything will be okay." "Yes whatever you say Charity." "Oh look Miguel is here. Iíll see you later Aunt Grace."

"Have fun Charity and come back safe. Ok sweetheart?" "I will Aunt Grace." Grace kisses Charity on the cheek and closed the door behind her and went upstairs. "Come on Simone, my mother is asleep. Letís go follow Miguel and Miss Goody Two Shoes Charity." Simone is vexed by Kay disturbing her in her sleep. "Kay havenít you learned from anything? Charity and Miguel are inseparable." "Not for long Simone cause I have a plan that will blow this joint! And Miguel will actually see what kind of loony my so called angel cousin really is."

"The only who is loony is you Kay. Itís too late and I wanna get some sleep if you donít mind!" "Youíll get all the sleep youíll need once I steal Miguel away from Charity." "Kay will you listen to yourself? The last time youíve said you was going to get Miguel on prom night. Well it didnít happen.. So just give it up." Kay drags Simone with her and follows Miguel and Charity to their secret rendezvous at his favorite spot. "Would you look at this Simone?" "What Kay?" Simone is really bored of Kayís same old routine. "This is the place Iíve always dreamed of Miguel taking me, instead he takes Charity! That is suppose to be my spot with Miguel not Charity. When will Miguel learn that I am the perfect woman for him not smoking crack Charity!"

"Kay, even that is low for you to say! But then again you are never too low for anything." Kayís smug look turn into a frown. "You wouldnít be saying that for long if you were with Chad now would you?" "My situation is totally different from yours Kay and you know it. So donít try to justify it." "Look, youíre right Simone. I am sorry." Kay whispers. "Why are you whispering?" "Look!" "What? Umm Kay I donít think you really need to look at this." "Simone Iíll be damned if Charity takes Miguel to the next level! Come on we got work to do."





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