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Precious Moment









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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Precious Moment
by loving passions

Chapter 8

"Donít you dare move, you-you little tramp! You knew that Ethan was going to be here tonight, didnít you?!" Rebecca yelled. "Mama!" Theresa exclaimed. "Donít you call on Mama! Pilar isnít going to do a thing!" Pilar was angry. "Donít you dare hurt my daughter!" Rebecca turned to the devastated Pilar. "Ha! Youíre the one to talk! She deserves to die! This little bitch has enough nerve to show her face after all of this time! Youíve framed my daughter, didnít you Theresa!" Rebecca gave her a smug look. "I... I didnít know that this is going to happen." Theresa pleaded. "Oh the hell you didnít! I bet youíre having a ball of hurting my daughter, donít you?!" Rebecca tormented her by dangling the gun in her face.

Eve warned Pilar to stay back. She told Pilar that Ethan has got it under control and the cops are here if anything goes wrong. Pilar felt a little better knowing the law is involved. Theresa and Rebecca study throwing words back and forth. Gwen walked up to Rebecca and tried to get the gun out of her hand because Gwen wanted to kill Theresa herself. By the time Rebecca and Gwen were arguing, it was too late. The gun went off. Everyone hit the ground. Rebecca stood there in shock. She killed her own daughter in an instant. Rebecca asked Eve is Gwen going to make it. But Eve told her it was too late. Gwen is pronounced dead. The police read the Miranda rights and arrested Rebecca Hotchkiss.

Theresa ran by Ethanís side and cried. She has never been more scared in her entire life. "Theresa itís going to be okay. I promise you." He kissed her. "Weíre going to start our life anew and no one can put us asunder. Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, you will always be my true love." He placed his lips over again and couldnít refuse to coax her with his touch. Everyone left the Crane mansion. Even Ethan and Theresa. This will be a night no one will ever forget. Alistair is certainly furious with this fiasco and wanted Rebecca to rot in jail for what she has done.

Theresa went to the hospital to get checked out to see if she had any injuries but Eve told Ethan there is nothing to be alarmed about. She and the baby are safe. "Ethan... once again my love weíre reunited and nothing can keep us apart." She brushed her lips on his. "For a minute there, I thought I was going to lose you forever. Theresa, I donít know what I would ever do without you. I love you so much. I canít wait to marry you. Letís get married tomorrow?" Ethan beamed. "Oh Ethan! This is one of the reasons of why I love you SO much! You are my everything!" She gave him a warm embrace. "Tomorrow, will be the day when we start our lives as one and nothing shall come in between us... nothing!" Ethan assured her.

Eleven-thirty in the morning. Theresa stood there in her wedding gown taking a glint at it. Pilar and Paloma helped her with her gown. Miguel and Luis were thrilled to see their sister finally get married by the man she loves most. "Mama, Paloma. Thank you for helping me and thank you for taking me back." Theresa was about to cry but she wasnít going to ruin her make up. "Oh Mija, you are so beautiful and you have made us proud. We love you, Theresita. We wish you the best." Pilar kissed her daughter on the cheek and Paloma gave her a hug. "All right ladies! Letís get this show on the road!" Luis shouted in excitement as Miguel was chuckling. "Hey Mama and Paloma, may I have a minute with Theresa?" Luis proposed. "Sure, Mijo, but donít keep the groom waiting." Pilar kissed his cheek as well and closed the door.

"Yes, Luis?" Theresa smiled at him halfheartedly. "I wanted to tell you, that Iím glad that I have given you my blessing. Ethan is a lucky man... and I know this for a fact because Iíve practically raised you. And you have turned out to be a fine young woman. I love you sis, and if Ethan doesnít treat you right, itíll be his ass. You hear me?" He chuckled. "Yes, I hear you." She repeated. "Thatís a good girl, you are one beautiful bride." He embraced her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "I love you, and promise to visit me more often! Sheridan and I canít wait to see you!" He pleaded. "You got it." She laughed. "Ready?" He held out his forearm to her. "Ready as Iíll ever be." She grinned. They both walked down the aisle. This is it. Luis takes her down and gives away his sister to the man she loves most.

The minister has made his announcements and pronounced them husband and wife. After the wedding. They all went to the wedding reception. Everyone dancing with exuberance. Celebrating over Ethanís and Theresaís love for one another. "Theresa, this is the most wonderful day of my life." He kissed her. "Mineís too. Ethan, this is the beginning, middle and end. Our love is stronger than ever and I canít wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I canít live without you, Ethan. You are the air I breathe. Youíre my soul mate. I love you." She kissed him and kept holding on to him. Dancing the night away.
A year later, Theresa and Ethan celebrated over their son, Andrew. Theresa and Ethan has never been this happy. Their love is still stronger than ever. Theresa knows the true meaning of destiny. Even though, her and Ethan were apart for three years. He came back to her a year later in Bermuda. If Theresa didnít found him on the beach. She would have lost Ethan for good. But when Ethan opened his eyes to the most prettiest sight heíd ever wanted to see. He knew then that he would reunite with his love. Theresa saved his life and he knew that she is the one he canít live without. She is the one who makes his life complete. She is the one who turns out to be his other half. Theresa was in the kitchen preparing dinner for her and Ethan.

She have some great news for him. "Ethan, there is a reason why weíre celebrating." Ethan cocked a brow at her. "Oh really? Why?" His grin appeared slowly. "Because itís for two reasons. One, our love and two, weíre going to have another baby!" As soon as she said that. His eyes popped wide open and held her gently. "Theresa, this is so wonderful! Iím going to be a dad again! I love you!" He pulled her into a graze. "I love you, too." Ethan and Theresa shared another kiss and didnít stop. They went upstairs to celebrate the good news and made love to each other to show their feelings for each other. The day that Theresa saw her prince on the beach again is and always will be her precious moment sheíll cherish for eternity.

The End




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