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Precious Moment









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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Precious Moment
by loving passions

Chapter 7

Ethan finds himself recalling on memories he shared with Theresa. How come heís thinking about her now? He remembered the times theyíve spent in Bermuda for the second time. Ethan has the urge to call for her so he dialed up Pilarís number. The phone ranged about five times and Theresa was the only one at home bed resting and she answered. "Hello?" She replied groggily. "Hello may I speak to Pilar?" Ethan asked. "Sheís not here may I ask whoís calling?" She yawned. "Would you tell her that Ethan has called?" He requested. "Ethan! Itís me Theresa! Iíve missed you so much!" She squealed. "Theresa? When did you return to Harmony?" He is happy to hear her voice. "Oh Ethan, I had to come I wasnít going to lose you again... " She sounded desperate. "Theresa, how are you?"

"Our baby and I are doing fine... " Once Theresa said that Ethan looked shocked. "Thatís right you are carrying my child! Theresa, Iím on my way to see you!" Ethan hanged up and left. Theresa couldnít believe it. Ethan is actually going to see her. Theresa went to her closet to find something to wear. After getting her make over. She heard the door and went to answer it. "Ethan! I knew you would come for me!" She cried. Ethan didnít let go of her and held her tenderly. "Theresa, Iíve missed you so much! You wonít believe whatís going on?!" Ethan invited himself in and sat down. Theresa shut the door and found herself in close proximity with him and he pulled her closer. "What happened?" She quizzed.

"Gwen, did something to me... I was forced to leave you. Theresa, there was not a day that goes by when I donít think about you. I donít understand why I keep on getting a horrible feeling that something happened to me there... " He shuddered. "Like what?" Theresa examined him carefully. "I keep on getting these visions in my head like someone has hurt me deliberately. Itís something about... oh Theresa, I also came to tell you that Gwen is pregnant with my child, too." When Theresa heard this devastating news. Her world crumbled. "What? No! This canít be!" She cried. "Yes, Theresa. Itís true. But not to fear... my heart doesnít belong to her. My heart is with yours. Now and forever." He ensured her. "Really? Oh Ethan!" She tugged onto him with her sweet embrace. "Theresa... I need your help. I need to find out before Iíve disappeared from Harmony." Theresa jumped at the chance. "Yes! Ethan, I will assist you through this! I would like to know what happened to you, too." Ethan

Two days later, Ethan went under a hypnosis from Eve. Eve started to investigate him what happened that night before he disappeared. "Okay, Ethan. Once I wake you up from this hypnosis, you wonít remember a thing." She told him. "Now, what happened to you on the night of December 4?" Ethan pictured it in his mind. "I was celebrating my marriage with Gwen Hotchkiss. We were so happy... we entered in the Crane mansion. Everybody was feeling exuberant about our marriage. Father and Mother were telling me how proud they are of me." Ethan sighed. "Everything was going so well, until eleven." He paused. "What happened?" Eve questioned. "The truth came out that Gwen and Rebecca knew that I wasnít a Crane. And Gwen said she wanted to kill Theresa!" He trembled.

"Why did Gwen wanted to kill Theresa?" Eve looked at little petrified. "Theresa was trying to save me and told me to run off with her... But I was so furious and didnít take heed. I blamed Rebecca and Gwen for ruining my happiness. I told Theresa to get out of here while she could. Forget about me. They had altered my DNA test. They made it look like that Iím a Crane so I wouldnít choose a different lifestyle. Alistair and Julian disowned me. They told me to never come back. They kicked me and my mother out. We went to rent a hotel and I was so humiliated and furious... I flew down to Bermuda to get away from it all... and drink my problems away. I was so drunk, someone robbed me and hit me upside my head. The next thing I knew I saw a pretty, familiar standing over me, asking me am I all right." He smiled like he was in Heaven.

"That girl is Theresa, isnít it?" Eve interrogated with gladness. "Yes, if it wasnít for her... I donít know where would I be." He felt secure whenever he mention her. Eve knew it, too. After stopping the tape recorder. Eve snapped her fingers and told him to wake up. Ethan opened his eyes and didnít remember a thing. "Am I free to go?" He shuddered a bit. "Yes, but I want you and Theresa to hear it. Iíll be out there with you two in a minute, okay?" Eve rubbed his back lightly. "Thanks Eve." He exited from her room and walked to Theresa. "Well Ethan?" She was nervous. "Weíre about to find out... " He was a little apprehensive as well. "Ethan, do you regret coming here?" Theresa wanted to make sure. "No, Iím glad I did came... or I would be still a blank at this moment."

Eve came out twenty minutes later. "You know what you gave me is very critical information. Itís still up to you to have Gwen and Rebecca arrested for tampering with your DNA." Theresa blinked at Ethan. "Theyíve tampered with your blood results?" Ethan gave her a transitory nod. "Ethan, itís your call... what would you like to do?" Eve raised. "I got a plan... Dr. Russell, do you think you can get help from Harmony P. D.?... good. This is what I want all of us to do... " Ethan explain the plan concisely.

A new even dawned on a special occasion. Ethan had everything set up in the Crane mansion. Gwen and Rebecca hasnít got a clue of whatís in store for them tonight. Will it be the end for them? What is Ethan up to? Ivy and Pilar took a glimpse in the mirror. "Ivy, why is Ethan throwing a party? Do you have any idea?" Pilar whispered. "I havenít a clue... " She blinked at Pilar not once but twice. "You?" She return in a mere whisper. "If I knew, I wouldíve told you." Then it struck Pilar oddly. "You donít think he has figured out what happened at the last party we had a year and a half ago, do you?" Ivyís eyes remained wide. "Oh no! It couldnít... obviously all my son said was that itís an event we donít want to forget... " She took a sip of some Cognac.

"All I can tell you whatever it is... I donít like it one bit. Trouble is near." Pilar had an ominous feeling that anything could happen tonight... could she be right?

The rooms are filled with decorations and they are superb just to fit the occasion. Gwen and Rebecca arrived at the mansion wondering whatís going on. Gwen had on this black dress with a slit coming up to her thigh. Rebecca is wearing a blue dress with a V neck showing her cleavage just to please Julian. They entered the room and everyone applause with welcome. Gwen and Rebecca are quite flattered. "Mother, I havenít seen anything like it? Why is Ethan doing this? This is so nice of him." Gwen is very impressed and Rebecca she went to mingle in the crowd to find her "precious" Julian. Everyone is here, even Theresa. But sheís hidden in the crowd. Sheís glowing with this white gown she has on. So elegant and catching everyoneís eyes. People wondered who could she be.

Pilar noticed her standing there in foyer watching her carefully. "Mija, what are you doing here?" Pilar was furious but kept her voice down to a minimum. "Mama, itís not enough time to explain watch carefully." Theresa spoken back softly. Why is Eve here? And I... recognize some of those guys... oh no! Pilar fears for the worst. After everyone cheered with glee. Ethan made an announcement. He has shown a video of lastís party. Everyoneís faces dropped and were astonished by such a travesty caused by Gwen and Rebecca Hotchkiss. "Where did you? Ethan? How?" To her chagrin, Gwen started cry and everyone begin to laugh. "Gwen, how does it feel now to be humiliated in public?" Ethan grimaced. "Ethan, canít we go somewhere in private?" Gwen try to reason. NO!!!!! and you didnít tell me that we are divorce or the fact that I wasnít a Crane or that youíre not really carrying my baby!! And Iíve found out you have drugged me. Why did you drugged me up with libido some three months ago?! Why Gwen?!

"Ethan... I only did it out of love!" She cried. "Love! Love?! You only did it out of love?! Spare me! Youíve kept me from my true love and then you knew I wasnít a Crane and you tampered with my DNA, knowing I was a Bennett all along!" Theresa couldnít bear to see Ethan hurting so she ran to his side but it was too late Rebecca held her at gunpoint.





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