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Precious Moment









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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Precious Moment
by loving passions

Chapter 6

Gwen is determined to win Ethan back. But how? How will she get him away from Theresa? Gwenís smug look appeared like a sly fox. Her cream dress has a V neck which shows off her cleavage. With diamonds scattered all over her dress, touches it superbly. Gwen wants to transcend this obstacle, there is no way she is going to let Theresa meddle in their affair. Gwen wants to take control back in her life. Sheís not going to lose her self control nor will she leave Ethan behind. She took a deep breath and walked to the door. She opened it and there he is, standing there with his gorgeous smile. "Ethan, I see that you have made it. For a minute there... I thought you had stood me up." She bantered. "No, I never go back on my word... I always stay to true to my promise." He ensured her.

After exchanging a few words. Ethan and Gwen went to this restaurant to catch up on old times. Apparently, Gwen already has a plan set in motion. "Ethan, itís so wonderful to see you again, my darling. I thought I have lost you forever. Iíve been distraught about you like for over a year and seems like my question has been answered." She played it carefully. "Gwen, I am doing just fine... but I never knew that we were married nor did I knew that I was missing for so long?" He shrugged. "Excuse me. I must go to the restroom." Ethan dismissed himself to the restroom. Gwen watched him walked away. I sure hope this will work, because Ethan ,means everything to me. She thought.

After smiling like a five years old kid on Christmas Day. Ethan returned to his seat and glanced at her. "Gwen, are you all right?" Ethan didnít understand why she was looking like that. "Ethan, letís make a toast." Gwen suggested. "Okay, to what?" He wasnít sure what the toast was for. "To life and love. May our future lie together." Gwen held out her glass and Ethan wasnít too cool with the idea of what she has said but he toasted along with her anyway. After Gwen took a sip, she observed him carefully of how he consumes his drink. Ethan had the urge to dance with her. He snatched her from her seat and held her closely. "You smell so good." He whispered. What has gotten into Ethan? Why didnít he abstain from her like the last time? Why didnít he retract from her? Is this the end for Theresa and Ethan? Gwen manage to hold on to him firmly. She wasnít about to lose him the third time.

After dancing the night away, Gwen and Ethan has made it back to her room. Ethan leaned over and kissed her! Gwen was shocked to see that Ethan wanted to do this. He did it again, this time he did it meticulously. Gwen led him to her bedroom. They close the door. Ethan disengaged her dress slowly and didnít withhold himself to making love to her. Gwen missed this for so long and she is going to get what she wanted! Finally! A chance to get back at Theresa again and to prove to her that no one takes Ethan from her and gets away with it. Ethan carried her to her bed and laid her down gently. After removing of whatís left of theirs, they have cease the moment by engaging their bodies as one. They let the rapture of love dominate them internally and didnít rest until the next day.

Three months later, Theresa frantically been searching for Ethan and not a word yet. She couldnít believe that he is gone. The staunch Theresa is not going to surrender to this. Here she is pregnant with his baby, four months along. She knows that something has happened to Ethan. But what? Everyday, she cries for him. Wondering will he ever come home. Theresa asked herself, how could have this happened? What made Ethan up and leave? She wasnít going to quit until she get some answers. "My love, you promised me that youíll never forget me. I hope youíll keep your word." She told herself. "Ethan, I will come for you, no matter what."

Gwen and Ethan celebrated his homecoming. Rebecca embraced them both. Julian and Alistair were away on business. Rebecca hopes itíll stay that way before they return. After what happened a year and a half ago Julian, Alistair and Ethan were outraged by this catastrophe. Ethan felt good about having Gwen back in his life. As for Theresa, it was like he has never met her. Sheís just a faded memory to him. Gwen have some news for Ethan. "Ethan, thereís something I need to tell you... " She tried to smile. "Like what Gwen?" He looked at her blankly. "Ethan, Iíve found out that Iím three months pregnant. Ethan, weíre going to have a baby!" Replied the ecstatic Gwen. Rebecca heard the news as well. "Oh congratulations, Gwen!" Rebecca hugged her. Ethan dropped his glass and ran to her with a hug as well. "Weíre going to have a baby?"

Gwen nodded. "Yes, Ethan, yes. Weíre going to have a child!" She cried. "This is wonderful! I, Ethan Crane will live to my duties to raise our child." He smiled. "Oh, Ethan. This is the best news Iíve received ever. Weíre going to be a family!" She wrapped her legs around his waist as he holds her tenderly. Gwen and Ethan shared an intimate kiss and didnít care that Rebecca is around them. "Theresa will never bother her again. The nerve of that girl trying to take Ethan away from my daughter again! If that little fajita shows up, I will give her a piece of my mind." Rebecca told herself. "That little bitch is going to pay." She wickedly laughed. "Ethan and Gwen are forever. Gwen, you are going to be happy from now on." Rebecca went upstairs and decided to take a nap.

Gwen and Ethan discussed about what to name their baby. Ethan is thrilled to be a father but why does this seem a little familiar to him? Has he experience this before? If so, with whom? Theresa couldnít take it anymore and she opted to walk for a while. She rubbed her stomach. "Weíre going to find your daddy. You hear me?" She coaxed her stomach. Theresa went to Laina to order a glass of water. "Theresa, why such a sad face?" She quizzed Theresa. "Laina, Iím missing my love." She sighed heavily. "Who is your love?" Laina asked softly. Theresa showed her a picture of him and her together. Laina didnít recognize it at first until she examine closely. "I have seen this man... " She admitted. "You have? Where is he?" Theresa was getting too excited. "I saw him last month with this rich woman. He has left with her." She confessed. "With what rich woman?" Theresa suspiciously asked. "A woman named Gwen Crane." Theresa dropped her glass. "Did you just say Gwen Crane?!" Theresa demanded

She can feel that he is in danger. She wasnít going to live her life as an ascetic anymore. She is going to claim what is rightfully hers. Theresa took the next flight to Harmony and kissed Bermuda goodbye. Pilar prayed every day that her daughter will come home safely. Paloma encouraged Pilar to keep the faith. "Mama, she will return youíll see." Pilar sighed and went to bed. Paloma heard a soft knock on the door and she opened the door. She couldnít believe what she is seeing. "Theresa! Youíre back!" She hugged her. "Where have you been?!" Theresa smiled and walked in. "Iím doing fine Paloma... is Mama around?" Theresa investigated the room. "Yea, she went to bed... she is going to be so happy to see you." Paloma cheered.

Theresa sat down with Paloma and told her the whole story. "So, Iím going to be an auntie?!" She hugged Theresa. "Yes, but you must help me find Ethan." Theresa whispered. "Okay, but do you want me to get Mama?" Paloma stood up. "No, let Mama rest. She needs it. Iíll surprise her in the morning." She told Paloma goodnight and went to her old room.

Pilar was so happy when she saw Theresa in the kitchen the next day. She explained to Pilar what happened and she is determined to get Ethan back. Paloma picked up the Harmony Herald and was stunned to see the headline. "Oh no, this will crush Theresa." She whispered to herself. Theresa came out and snatched the paper from Paloma. "No!!!!!!" She cried and fainted. "Mama! Help! Theresa has passed out!" Pilar helped Paloma to carry Theresa to the couch. "What caused her to faint? Theresa is not supposed to be like this in her condition. Sheís with child." Pilar is petrified. They called Eve and she had to examine Theresa. "Pilar, Theresa and the baby will be fine. Make sure she gets plenty of rest, okay?" Eve smiled. "Itís good to see her back." Eve continued. "Yes, Eve. IĎm glad to have my baby girl back, too."

After Eve left, Theresa was coming to and she remembered what happened. "Mama and Paloma, Iím going to need your help. Weíre going to destroy Gwen!" She protested. "No, Theresa! Youíre going to rest and thatís final. Iím not letting you lose my grand baby that is growing inside you." She smiled. "All right, Mama. But I swear... they are not going to get away with it." Theresa spitefully replied. "I believe itíll work out on its own." Pilar sounded convince that Gwen and Rebecca will pay for what they did.





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