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Precious Moment









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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Precious Moment
by loving passions

Chapter 5

Gwen taps her foot with a wee bit of patience. Ethan opens the door and looked at her bewilderedly. "Ethan! My darling husband! Iíve missed you for so long!" Gwen came up to him and invited him with open arms. Ethan couldnít utter a word. "Do I know you?" He queried. Gwenís face cracked like a mirror. "Ethan, how can you recognize me? Iím... Iím your wife?!" She crumbled. "Youíre lying! I am already engaged to the most beautiful woman in the world." Ethan protested. "But... Ethan, what I am telling you is not a lie. Look?" She showed him her I. D. and a picture with them together. Ethan took the picture from her and examined it long and hard. "How? I... I donít understand?" He was baffled. Theresa was sleeping upstairs and didnít hear a sound.

"Arenít you going to let me in?" Gwen asked stoically. "Sure..." He didnít know what was going on but he showed her the way in. "Ethan, do I mean anything to you?" She sound broken hearted. "You seem familiar to me somewhat." He remained nonchalant. "Ethan, you have to emerge your feelings toward me. I know you still love me? I know you do." Gwen pressed on for some answers. "Gwen, I canít give you a solution. But I would like to know how did we meet and etc?" Ethan felt bad for her. It wasnít that he didnít want to remember, the fact is he canít remember. Gwen gave him a transitory grin and commenced their situation for him. Once he had all the information about their history. He frowned in concentration.

"Ethan, are you doubting of what Iíve told you?" Gwen could tell by the expression on his face that he appeared to be skeptical. "No, Gwen... now that you have mentioned it... I do remember something about us... so you came for me?" He requested. "Yes... Ethan. Everyone misses you back in Harmony. We were worried that you might have been dead." Gwen sounded shaky. "Gwen, I wasnít dead. I was living here and lost everything... so thatís why you didnít hear anything from me." He explained. "Ethan, are you coming home with me?" Gwen pleaded. "I donít know. Iím not sure if everything is accurate and Iím in love." He blatantly stated. "Ethan... please reconsider... donít you want to find out the truth?" Gwen demanded. "Gwen, itís not that I donít want to know the answers... itís just that I canít leave my life here. Iím content with the situation Iím in." He adamantly replied.

"Ethan, tell me you remember this?" Gwen pulled him into a kiss. Ethan pulled away from her. "Iím sorry, but I donít remember you nor do I love you." He glared at her. "Ethan... you donít... you donít mean that?" Gwen was crushed and left out with tears. Ethan sighed and shut the door. He went upstairs to go back to bed with Theresa.

Theresa, the next morning after, cooked him a grand breakfast. Ethan came down stairs and didnít feel thrilled about what happened. "Ethan, are you okay? Do you like the breakfast or you donít?" Her lower lip quivered. "Theresa, I love it... I guess Iím a little tired." He gave her a wry grin. "You look distraught. Did something happen last night?" Theresa placed one hand on her hip. "Theresa, some crazy woman said she knows me and Iím married to her..." He paused. "And do you believe her?" Theresa continued for him. "I donít know... itís so fuzzy. I seem to recall on who she is... but then everything is a blank to me. It doesnít make sense! You are the only one who understands me. "Ethan frowned. "Youíre the only one that makes sense to me." He confessed.

On the other end of the island. Gwen called her mother. "Mother, Iíve found Ethan!" She wasnít too happy. "Gwen, you should be ecstatic." Rebecca implied. "Mother, I know... but I want to know who is this tramp bitch who has stolen my Ethan from me!" Gwen fumed. "Gwen, where are you?" Rebecca wondered. "Iím in Bermuda." Gwen solemnly replied. "Bermuda? Why would Ethan be in Bermuda?" Rebecca blankly asked. "Mother, I donít know but I think it has to do with this so-called "girl" heís in "love" with." Gwen retorted. "Whoever she is... you must put a stop to it... Gwen, donít let that slut take your man. Fight for him!" Rebecca requisitioned. "Mother, donít worry. Us Hotchkiss women ALWAYS get what we want." She emphasized. "I donít want you to circumspect this situation. Find this heifer and dispatch her! How dare that little tramp tries to take your... Gwen! You donít think..." She paused. "Think what, Mother?" Gwen questioned dumb-founded.

"Never mind, whatís important is that you do everything in your will to make sure Ethan comes home with you and not... this girl." She frowned to herself. "Mother, I know..." She remained stoic. "Gwen! You have to sound like you are zealous about getting Ethan in your arms. Show your adulation toward him... he needs it." Rebecca emphatically repeated herself. "All right, Iíll get him back! Youíre not coming down here, are you?" Gwen knew what to circumspect when dealing with predicaments like this. "I know with your adroitness everything will run smoothly." Rebecca expected. "Goodbye Mother." Gwen hanged up and sighed. "Some way... some how... I will get Ethan back and I disdain this girl who has got him underneath her spell." Gwen remarked bitterly. Before Rebecca turned in. "Iím going to make sure that girl will pay."

Ethan ecstatically held Theresa close to him. "Theresa, will you be there for me no matter what?" Ethan had to ask her. "Of course, Ethan..." Theresa looked at him strangely. "Do you fear something will happen?" Theresa interrogated. "I donít know... I donít mean to sound like a reactionary but I want to keep our relationship for eternity." He tenaciously grasp onto her. "Ethan, youíre really petrified, arenít you?" Theresa could tell something is wrong. "If what this audacious woman saying is true... then I donít know what Iím going to do." He exasperated. "Ethan, Iím sure we can work this out." Theresa confidently replied. "I sure hope so. I donít want us to be apart." Ethan is becoming distraught. Theresa and Ethan are walking outside on the beach as the waves flowing freely in the sea. She held onto him and kissed him. "Just being here with you pacifies me, Theresa. I will always love you, no matter what." He beamed and returned her savored kiss.

Gwen inhaled the essence scent from the ocean. "Ethan... why canít you remember?" She looked up and heard a couple laughing from afar. At first, she didnít know who it was until she recognized Ethanís face and the girl standing beside him. That bitch! It canít be Theresa! We had made sure that girl is no where near him! Damn her for coming back into his life! Damn her! Gwen is furious with the results. "I know now that I have to win Ethan back with all of my heart!" Gwen thought of a plan to get him back for good.

As the sun dawns into a new day. Ethan woke up and decided to go for a jog. He wanted to get a good day by starting off with a simple routine. Gwen stretched as usual and she started to jog, too. Ethan was stunned to see her. "Gwen? I didnít know you like to jog?" She smiled at him. "We used to do this all the time when weíre together, Ethan." Ethan beamed and ran with her. After three hours of having fun. Ethan suddenly becomes drawn to her. "Ethan... thank you so much for coming with me. Do you want to take a shower in the guest room?" She offered. "No, thank you. I have to get back home." He turned the offer down. "Okay, are we still on for tonight?" She inquired. "Yes, Iíll see you then, Gwen. Take care." He kissed her cheek goodbye and went back to Theresaís place.

Theresa was upset, not knowing where did Ethan go. Ethan walked through the door and he observed that she was crying. "Theresa, are you okay?" He opened her with his warm embrace. "I thought something bad happened to you." Theresa eyes welled up even more. "Theresa. Iím fine. Please donít cry... you know I love you... which reminds me can I take a rain check? "He asked. She propounded his question and glinted at him. "Yes, Ethan... I need to rest for tonight... Have fun but behave. Okay?" Theresa joked. "Yes, maíam." He teased. Theresa went upstairs to go to sleep and Ethan had to go take a shower. He got dressed and heís ready to see Gwen.





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