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Precious Moment









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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Precious Moment
by loving passions

Chapter 4

Gwen couldnít circumvent this situation any longer. She has to find Ethan. Gwen called her mother for help. "Gwen, why are you calling so early? Is something wrong?" Rebecca sat up immediately. "Mother, I canít stand of not knowing what happened to Ethan... Itís irritating me and I know Ethan didnít just inadvertently leave for no reason." She sarcastically replied. "Ethan will show up... Gwen, you just have to believe." Rebecca assured her. "Mother, Iím taking action and Iím not going to wait and try to retract for searching for answers. "No way in Hell! Itís up to you, Mother, either you help me or you donít." She sighed and hanged up. She didnít want to surrender just yet. Still she wants to transcend her fears of thinking that Ethan is dead. "Ethan, please be safe. Please come back to me." Gwen had a soliloquy with herself.

Gwen got dressed and had to conjure an idea of where to look for Ethan. She knew itís going to be time consuming and there will be times of desperation. Gwen loves Ethan and now she feels that is why she and her mother did was wrong. On the other hand, her mother didnít view it as being perverse of blowing the cover which happened a year ago. As Gwen concentrates on putting her shades on. Glancing in the rearview mirror, ready to take off to search for her husband. She is widely aware of the consequences sheíll have to suffer. Accordingly to Rebecca, deceit and treachery is the way to win a manís heart. Unfortunately, for Gwen, she doesnít seem to be so sure. Although, Rebeccaís coercion won Julianís heart... on the contrary, Gwen vehemently opposed to the idea because there were so many parties involved but once she thought about getting vengeance on Theresa... it was worth her money.

She banked on getting Ethan and she succeeded with no wavering to pursue her dream of possessing over Ethanís maverick ways to turn against Theresa. It worked. Theresa ended up with a broken heart and Gwen didnít seem to care because all she perceived of Theresa as a "two timing, gold digging bitch who wants Ethan because heís a Crane." Gwen knew better... she trusted her mother to assist of trashing Theresa out and prove to Ethan what kind of slut Theresa really is. Theresa begs to differ. Theresa knows that Gwen will do anything to win Ethan, even if it means to manipulate this predicament. She may not have the proof with her but deep in her heart she knows that Gwen and Rebecca has something to do with Ethan and her breaking up.

Theresa departed and never seen Ethan anymore. When Gwen received some news that Theresa has departed. She rejoiced and indulged herself with wine and celebrated her engagement to Ethan Crane. She took off in her Mercedes Benz. She stopped at the traffic light and she reminisced on the good times Ethan and her has shared. "Ethan, you will come back to me. I know you will." She begins her odyssey of searching for Ethan.

Over in Bermuda, Theresa and Ethan accepted some wonderful news that sheís expecting. Theresa is about four weeks along. She didnít fathom of losing her virginity out of wedlock and carry his baby. But itís truly a miracle. The man of her dreams appears in her life and making her feel sufficient of Ethan loving her again. The jubilant Theresa decided to surprise Ethan with her romantic evening thatís awaiting for him. With the scented candles and music of aphrodisiacs is certainly conducive to love making. Ethan is outside enjoying the view and the aroma of perfumes flowing through the air precisely through his nose.

Theresa glinted at him from afar. Ethan turned around and saw the look of jubilance on her face. He gave a transitory smile and found the nerve to stop up to her. "What are you up to my beauty?" He wrapped his arms around her and didnít let go. "Ethan, what possibly could you mean?" She giggled. "You are so cute." He smoothed his lips over hers and seduced her mouth for an invitation to come inside. "I know you have conjured up some plot..." He joked. "Whatever Ethan." She led her hand out to his and took him into her bedroom. "Theresa... wow!" He couldnít utter a word. "I did this all for you." She responded. "For me? How? Why? You gave me a good present. Our baby." He remained calm. "I know... but weíre going to celebrate." She held his hands sweetly. "Celebrate? How?" He inquired.

She showed him of where the candles were shining bright and the music playing with a melodic sound. He was thrilled and planted another kiss on her and escorted her to the bed. "Theresa, I love you so much. Baby, this is going to be like this for the rest of our lives." He caressed her hair and kissed her once more. "Ethan... I love you. Weíre going to be so happy! I know." She returned her kiss back to him. "Theresa, I love you for always, too. I must say something to you. Ever since... you have found me laying there a year ago. My life has went through a transformation. I donít think I would make it without your strength and love. You have shown me the true meaning of love. No woman has ever made me feel complete. You are my pride and joy. Theresa, you have made me the most happiest man alive. What Iím trying to say is will you do the honor of accepting my proposal? Theresa, I love you more than life itself... will you marry me?"

Theresaís heart is filled with joy. "Yes! Ethan, yes! A million times yes!" She tenaciously grasp on to Ethan with affection. "I love you." She stated. "I love you, too." He returned back. "Ethan, this is the most wonderful moment I had ever experience!" She exclaimed. "I want to give you that and much, much more." He stroked her cheek gently. "Ethan, you have already given me everything." Theresa reminded him. "I... find you to be truly amazing." He smiled. "Theresa, this is our precious moment and no one will take it away from us." He glinted at her with love in his eyes. According to Theresa, she hopes that nothing will ever tear them apart.

Gwen is frustrated with finding Ethan and no results shown. "Gosh, Mother, why did this had to happen? If only you werenít so selfish. If only you knew not to be so melodramatic, not that I blame you for fixing that two faced bitch, Theresa! She had what was coming to her. I hoped she rotted in Hell! Not even Pilar can find her. Solution solved and now itís time for me to get my Ethan to come back to me." She sighed and feels like she is losing all hope. "Dammit! Nothing! When will I hear anything about Ethanís whereabouts?" She is at the end of her rope. Suddenly, she receives a phone call. "Hello?" Gwen annoyingly answered. "Hello, I would like to call in for the where about of some guy named Ethan..." A soft voice replied. "Go on... Iím listening." Just when Gwen is about give up on hope, she becomes intrigued with this phone call and could be the answer she was looking for all along.

After receiving some appalling news. She couldnít even fathom of how he ended up in Bermuda in the first place. She took the first flight down there to see whatís happening. Little does she know that Ethan is there "waiting" for her when she has a surprise coming herself. Gwen sits on the plane calling her mother, informing her there might be a possibility she has found Ethan and nothing will come in the way of her getting him back. Rebecca wished her luck and Gwen told her that she is going to need it. Gwen sighed sweetly, imagining of what it will be like having Ethan in her arms. "Ethan, I canít wait to console you, my darling. Hopefully, we can move on from the past and still be that happy couple we were before pandemonium had broke loose." She said to herself.

Six hours has passed and Gwen was already breaking her way into Bermuda. She is in love with the scent here. So romantic and alluring. Gwen pulled off her shades and started her interrogation of where Ethan could be. No luck yet. She has finally landed her feet at this bar. While the wind is flowing through her hair, she sits down and ask for a Pina Colada with rum. She over heard two women talking. "Are you sure this rich woman will actually come here and find this Ethan guy?" She crossed her arms. "Laina... Iím sure. I had seen him just yesterday and Iím not about to give up on a fortune like this. Itís too vital to sit on." The other one strongly replied. "If that is true, Raina, then I wish you the best." Laina sighed. "Think about it, Laina. We get to go away with ten million dollars. You canít beat that and whatís so great about it. I know where this Ethan guy is staying at." She seemed ecstatic.

"Excuse me. Excuse me?" Gwen intruded. "Yes?" They blankly stared at her. "Did I hear you two, right? That one of you just said you know where Ethan is?" She cocked a brow. "Who wants to know?" Raina asked suspiciously. "I do..." Gwen showed Raina her I. D. and Raina is thrilled to show her where Ethan is staying at. Luckily, Raina and Laina has got their check, leaving with exuberance. Gwen took a hard glare at this beach house. "Ethan, if youíve been here all of this time, how come you didnít call me?" She questioned herself with doubt. She couldnít wait any longer and decided to pay Ethan a visit.





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