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Precious Moment









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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Precious Moment
by loving passions

Chapter 3

Gwen is so upset. Itís been a year later and Ethan is nowhere to be found. "Mother, how could have this happened?" She panted. "Gwen, dear. Not to worry. Ethan will show up..." Rebecca ensured her. "Mother, do you think Ethan remembered of what we did?" Gwen begins to panic. "No, Gwen. I think you need to calm down. There is no way that Ethan can trace of what we did... no way." Rebecca confidently replied. "All right, Mother. If you say so. I just donít want to lose Ethan..." Gwen faced to her looking worried. "As long as that Theresa isnít around... thereís nothing that can happen. Theresa lost Ethan for good. We won hands down." Rebecca didnít sound concerned about Theresa. "Gwen, weíll find him. Youíll see. Heíll come back to you with no complications." Rebecca turned to Gwen and directed her into the kitchen.

"Mother, I miss him so much. I love him. There is so much that Ethan doesnít know. I want him to know that Iím ready to have children with him." Gwen plopped on the chair, frowning away. "Yes, I do want some grand babies. I want to carry on with this image..." Rebecca can imagine of how things will be. Gwen recalled back to that night before Ethan disappeared. "It was horrible... Iíll never forget the look on his face..." Gwen sighed. "Gwen, get over it! Ethan probably isnít mad about it and heís reconsidering of coming back. Remember darling... he loves you." Rebecca chomped on some caviar. "Mother, how can you be delighted when my husband hasnít returned? I just hope that he doesnít remembered what happened here. Or itíll be both of our heads." She soughed.

"Not to worry, Gwen. Julian took care of that little problem, once Ethan returns... then weíll have everything back on top. Youíll see." Rebecca patted Gwen on the back. "All right, Mother. Iíll try to be optimistic." Gwen dragged herself out of the kitchen and went to her bedroom. The bedroom with tranquility and vacancy. "Wherever you are my love. I am thinking of you." Gwen kissed a picture of Ethan and placed it back on the dresser. She turned off the lights and called it a night. "Gwen, you will get Ethan back... Iíll make sure of it." Rebecca demonically smiled.

Ivy came over to visit Pilar. Pilar is very surprised to see Ivy once she has opened the door. "Ivy? Come in..." Pilar looked at her bewilderedly. "Hello Pilar. How are you?" She gave Pilar a hug. "Iím fine, Ivy... What brings you by?" She invited Ivy to sit on her couch. "How are you holding up?" Ivy asked out of concern. "Not so well." Pilar whispered. "Have you heard anything from Theresa?" Ivy knows how much this is aching Pilar not to find her daughter no where in sight. "Ivy... I fret for my daughter... I donít know if sheís safe or what..." Pilar sobbed. "I would give anything to see my baby girl again." Pilar couldnít bear the pain anymore. "Ever since Ethan has picked Gwen over her, sheís been devastated." Pilar frowned. "Yes, but Pilar in case you have forgotten, Ethan is nowhere to be in sight, either. How did he find out about what happened?" Ivy couldnít figure it out.

"It was pretty devastating to learn the truth that way... After all, you remembered what happened, donít you?" Pilar glanced at her. "How could I ever forget? It was the worst night of my life and Ethanís..." Ivy reminisced on the traumatic event. "Our children are out in the wilderness somewhere and only God knows whatís going on with them..." Pilar grimaced. "Do you want anything to drink, Ivy?" Pilar offered. "No thank you, Pilar. We need to find our children! If anything happens to my Ethan, Iíll never forgive myself for this..." Tears begin to well up in her eyes. "Damn them for hurting my son! Damn them!" Ivy cried even more.

I swear if they have anything to do with my daughterís disappearance... I will get them... and thatís a promise. Pilar thought. "Pilar, I could kill them for messing with my son!" Ivy bitterly replied. "They are going to pay!!!!" She ranted. "I know, Ivy..." She sighed and went in the kitchen. Pilar picked up the phone. "Hello?" She tried to be brave. "Mama, itís Luis... how are you?" He asked. "Mijo, Iím fine and you?" She seemed a bit distracted. "Iím good, Sheridan and I are really happy. Weíre on our way to see you tonight..." He concluded. "Tonight? Tonight... sounds fine. After all, I want to hold my grandchildren." Pilar smiled to herself. "You will, Mama. I love you. See ya when I get there..." He hanged up.

Pilar exited from the kitchen and she saw Ivy glimpsing at the pictures. "Pilar, how do you it?" Ivy faced her. "Do what?" Pilar blinked at her. "Have so much love in your family?" Pilar noticed an envious sound in her voice. "Ivy, when you donít have much... family is really all you have... you learn to depend on each other and stay by each otherís side." Pilar plopped on the couch. "The bond is really that strong, isnít it, Pilar?" Ivy didnít doubt it for a moment. "Yes... I pray that our children will return back to us in one piece." fretted Pilar. "Me too, Pilar... me too." sighed Ivy. "Itís been three years and not once has she called." Pilar broke down in tears. Ivy comforted her and told her that itís going to work out.

Meanwhile, on the deserted island... Ethan and Theresa celebrated their love for each other under the moonlight. "Theresa, this is so beautiful just like you." Ethan brushed his lips on hers. "Ethan... Iím glad weíre together... although, I hate to this day that you still donít remember." She frowned in concentration. "Theresa... maybe itís best if I donít remember..." He soughed. Theresa observed the look on his face and she can tell itís something painful he wants to block out permanently. "Itís going to come around soon... but Iím afraid that Iím going to lose you, Ethan..." She felt apprehensive. "Theresa, there is nothing that will tear us apart... I assure you that I will love you now and forever." He pulled her into his lap and they started conversing about the future. "So, when do you want to get married? In the fall, spring, or summer?" He smiled. "Spring..." She said in daze. "The season where people fall in love." She beamed.

"Spring sounds perfect to me." His hand touched her face tenderly. "When I look into your eyes... I see innocence." He told her. "Theresa, you are the most honest person... I know." He invited his lips on hers once more. After he pulled back. His mind recalled back on a poignant memory. "Ethan... whatís wrong?" Theresa is worried for him. Ethan snapped back to reality. "All I remembered is getting in an accident." He whispered. "You were in an accident?" Theresa quizzed dryly. "Yes, I remember being in an accident but I donít know how I ended up here?" He scrutinized the place strangely.

"Were you driving? Flying? What?" Theresa questioned anxiously. "I..." He struggled with pulling out his memory. "I donít know, Theresa. Itís too fuzzy." Ethan angrily replied. "Dammit! Itís no use. Iím not going to remember a thing! Maybe itís best if I leave it alone." He reconsidered. "Leave it alone?" She replied, softly. "Yes, letís go back to your place..." He rushed his fingers through her hair. "Yes, Ethan... I want to call it a night and sleep away." Theresa got up and reached for his hand. "So, what island are we on?" He wondered. "Weíre in Bermuda." Theresa finally admitted to him. "Bermuda? Itís so beautiful here..." He said in total awe. "Yes... it is." She faintly responded. She remembered when Ethan took her to Bermuda before HELL broke loose.

"Theresa, are you okay? You look like you were in deja vu?" Ethan loved staring at her. "Ethan... Iím fine. I love you... I want to stay here forever with you." "Theresa... where are you from originally?" Questions popped in his mind. "Ethan... are you recalling back on something?" Theresa inquired back. "Theresa, I think I remember meeting you in a small town where weíre from..." He scratched his head. "How did we meet, Ethan?" She beamed. "In a carnival. I had paint on me..." He chuckled. "You remembered when we first met?" Theresa sounded cheerful as he nodded. "Of course I remember. How could I forget?" He laughed. "Yes, that was funny. But you know? We didnít start on the right foot." She reminded him.

"Oh yeah... Iíd never thought that I would come this far with you..." He smiled. "Still, I canít remember the last year of my life. Itís gone..." He was overwhelmed by all of this. "Donít worry, Ethan. It will work out. Youíll see." She touched his lips fervently. "I hope so... I know that you are the one I want to be with." He kissed her back. He decided to carry her upstairs and begin his journey of making love to her. Theresa desired for his hands to be on her. Each captivating moment makes them yearn for more. "Ethan..." She moaned. "I love you so much. My love for you will never change." She caressed his face gently.

"My love for you will never change, either." Ethan lowered himself into her and stroked her with his hardness and itís quenching her desire easily. "More..." She craved for his touch. "My beautiful, Theresa. I love you so much." He pushed into her fervently, making her scream for him to continue. They cherished the moment of making love and rocked each other to sleep through loving arms.





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