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Precious Moment









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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Precious Moment
by loving passions

Chapter 2

Theresa took a quick glance in the mirror. She wore a white blouse and blue jeans. Her hair is wrapped up in a ponytail. Theresa felt like being simple. Ethan knocked on the door. "Yes?" She answered. "Hey, Theresa, I was wondering are you up?" Ethan nervously replied. "Yes, I am, Ethan. Itís safe to come in, you know?" She chuckled. Ethan opened the door slowly. "Theresa... What are your plans?" urged Ethan. "In a cheery mood?" She beamed. "Iím sorry, I didnít mean to push." He dropped his eyes. Theresa walked over to him and lifted his chin. "Ethan, itís fine. There is nothing wrong with being forward." She proved to him by giving him a kiss on the cheek. She saw how his cheeks were turning red. "Theresa, you are amazing. Itís something about you, I canít put my finger on it?" He studied her face but he still couldnít figure out, how does he know her.

Theresa looked at him innocently and grabbed his hand. "Where are we going?" He was puzzled. "Youíll see." Theresa didnít give away too much information. Theresa wanted to show Ethan the corner shops on every street. "Theresa, this is paradise... what can I get for you?" He imposed. "Ethan, you donít have to... " She blushed. Ethan bought her this bracelet with blue crystals and white trimmings around it. She was shocked that Ethan actually bought it for her. "Ethan, why did you buy this for me?" Theresa stared at him blankly. "I wanted to. A voice inside me told me to do this for you. I wanted to show you my gratitude." He put the bracelet on her wrist after purchasing it. "Perfect." He was content, knowing that it belongs to her. "Ethan, that is so sweet of you." She started crying.

"Theresa, Iím sorry. I didnít mean to make you cry. Itís just you have been so kind to me and I had to show my loyalty to you." He played with her hair. "Oh Ethan... " Tears were rolling down her face. She remembered it like yesterday when Ethan kissed her on the wharf. Sheíll never forget the passion that she has shared with him. Ethan couldnít take his eyes away from her. This girl is a ravishing beauty. Ethan hasnít seen anyone like her. I must take it slow. I have a feeling she will become my wife. I want to get to know everything about her. Like what she likes to do. Surprise her when sheís not looking for it. A smile slowly appeared on his face. I want her so badly. Why do I get the feeling that she and I have met somewhere before? He couldnít figure it out. Theresa eyes met with his and she took a good stare at him. I wonder will Ethan remember of what he had? Will he ever tell me he loves me? She thought about it.

Itís been ten months and Ethan seems to enjoy his company with Theresa. She has made him feel like a man at home. Ethan has no worries and didnít want to revert back to his old lifestyle, whatever that was. "Theresa, how can you be so nice to me and yet be patient? I am having a hard time trying to figure out what had happened to me like whenever and still coming up short?" He was completely baffled. "Ethan, donít worry itíll fall into place. You canít rush yourself." She glanced at him. "Theresa? How can you stay so calm?" He is trying to grasp of whatís going on inside her head. Itís still too soon to make a move on her. Take it slow Ethan... you donít want her to think youíre moving extremely fast for her. He started getting nervous.

"Ethan? Are you okay? Something on your mind?" She stopped at what she was doing. "Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?" He moved closer. His closer proximity is making her feel hot for him. She started to get all bubbly inside. Theresa knows that sheíll love Ethan forever. Only if he knows how she feels. How can this work? Not once have they made a move on each other. Until tonight... When Ethan saw her in her nightgown. He had to step in. He couldnít stand not touching her. The way she is looking in her negligee made the man tremble to his knees. Seeing the white laces... She looked like an angel. Her peaks hardened for him. She wanted him badly as well. Ethan gazed into her exquisite eyes and lost his self control. He had to do it. He went for the instant moment roaming inside him. He finally kissed her! She didnít pull back and wanted him to go further. But something is saying to her to stop. Even though, she yearned for this... Why should she hold back? T

Ethan tried to stop, still it was no use. He wanted her. He has the need to be with her. He burns to be with her. He took advantage of the situation at his own free will. Savoring that sensual kiss he shared with her. Kept her yearning for more. "More... Ethan... I want more." She begged. Ethan grabbed her and massaged her hair with his romantic fingers caressing it sweetly. Theresa touched him softly and couldnít hold back. Ethan picked her up and laid her down gently. They continued to kiss each other with no hesitation. They just canít conceal it anymore. Their true feelings arrived for the first time ever since he has appeared on the beach where she has found him. They gleamed in each otherís eyes and pressed to do more with one another. Ethan reached for her laced panties and her negligee.

Theresa unbuttoned his white shirt slowly and touched his pants without a trace of ripping it off but pulling it off smoothly like his garment hasnít been touched. After the removal of the things they have wore. Their eyes begin dilating and browsing each otherís bare skin. Is a heavenly sight. Sweet determination kicks in and the urge is making them go for it with no end. "Ethan... " She moaned. "Theresa... " He let out a guttural groan. "I love you." He finished. He kissed her fervently. "Ethan... " She was surprised. "I donít expect you to say anything at this moment. I want to make love to you, Theresa." He got on top of her. This is it! My dreams are coming true! Ethan is mine... just the way Iíve dreamt about it. No holding back, Theresa. Itís time to let Ethan know how you really feel about him. Sheís aware of all the consequences and her actions. Sheís willing to go far. She is letting Ethan in. Sheís surrendering her all to him. "Theresa if Iím pushing it, please let m

Theresa shook her head and gave him the go. Ethan slowly spread her legs apart. She knew this is it and she brushed her fingers on him adoringly. Ethan inserted himself in her and he could tell she hasnít been with any man. "Ethan... " She cried out a seducing sigh. After breaking in, Ethan managed to take his time with her and found her spot to make her ask for more. She started crying and held onto him firmly. "More... " She let loose and her hips were undulating with his. His lips kissed and tickled her breasts with love. He aroused them by sucking on them softly. A warm smile invited him in and he knew exactly what to do. Theresa seized for his neck and let her love show for him. "Theresa... I want you... I love you so much. Please go on." Theresa knew what to do with him.

Speaking in tongues with each other. No more pretending. No more fantasizing. This is finally it. Two bodies uniting as one and no more withdrawing. Copulation is taking control. Alas, their odyssey begins to show their true feelings. "Theresa, I had never met anyone like you. Youíre so beautiful and vivacious. I donít think I remember being in love like this?" He is feeling the strands of her hair. "Ethan, itís not hard... Love is easy. Itís so much more to give." She kissed him and as he penetrates through her, she knew that theyíll be novices all over again... theyíve been separated for three years. And fate has found its way to bring them together.

"Your eyes just inspires me to do something incredible with you. Theresa, there is so much I wanna do with you. I want to be with you, Theresa. Say you want to be with me?" Ethanís eyes gleamed into hers. "Ethan... " She paused. "Iím pushing too hard, arenít I?" Ethan inquired. "Ethan... " She said while Ethan intruded on her sentence again. "It was wrong of me... I donít even know if you have a man or not." Ethan blushed. "Ethan, there is nothing to be bashful about... I told you a LONG time ago that Iím not involved with any guy. I love you. I want to be with you for eternity." She smiled and pampered his face with her hand tenderly. "Iím adulated by your free spirit, Theresa. You are such a mystery to me. Why?" He laughed.

"Ethan... thereís nothing mysterious about me... in time youíll see that I am meant to be with you... " She stroked his face adoringly. "Meant to be?" He repeated. "We are meant to be, arenít we?" He grinned. "Yes, we are Ethan. Youíre the only man that Iíll ever love... " Theresa stated and he smiled afterwards. "Youíre the only woman... Iíll ever love." Ethan touched her fervently and sweeten her lips with his moisten kiss. They spent the entire night making love forever.





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