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Precious Moment









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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Precious Moment
by loving passions

Chapter 1

Three years and nowhere to be found. She sits there at her beach house grieving from a broken heart. She didnít understand what went wrong. All those times he said he loved her was just a lie. She admit she is guilty for loving a man who wasnít in her class. But she knew that he will come back to her. How? Her long, dark locks flowing freely from her face. Her brown eyes set on the ocean with tears of melancholy. Theresa didnít keep in contact with her family for three years. How come? Maybe she didnít want to face her friends and family in Harmony to her chagrin. She actually believed that Ethan would marry her. She doesnít know why heíd abandon her the way that he did. "Itís so peaceful out here. This is the way itís supposed to be interminable." She said to herself. Still, itís not the same. Her life has no meaning without Ethan.

Theresa finally got up to turn in and call it a night until she has seen someone laying out there unconscious. "Oh my god! Itís a man out there. Is he hurt? I have to see if heís alright." Theresa wondered to herself aloud. She grabbed her shawl and ran toward the man laying there unconsciously. The stars made the ocean glimmered with sparkles. Theresa tucked her hair behind her ears. "It canít be... " She whispered. She looked at his distinguish features. "Ethan? It canít be him. How did he find this secluded island? Could it be that he is looking for me?" She didnít want to get her hopes up. This thought occurred in her mind. Has God answered her prayers? Itís like a fairytale. He opened his eyes. "Are you alright?" She asked softly.

He coughed violently. As soon as he sits up to examine the girlís feature. He touched her face tenderly. "I knew you would come for me." He whispered lowly. "Excuse me?" She was confused. She decided to help him up. "Iím taking you to my place... Ethan, are you alright?" She looked concerned. "That is my name, how did you know that?" He gazed at her with a wild sense of curiosity. "Thatís not important. You need me to help you. I have enough room for you to get cleaned and to eat." She offered. "Thank you." He managed to get the words out. God, she is so beautiful. Why does this girl look so familiar to me? Is it like deja vu? Have we met before like in another lifetime? He was in deep concentration. They walked back to her beach house. Theresa showed him his room. "Thanks... " Heís trying to figure out who she is. "I donít want to wear out my welcome because I donít want your husband get the wrong impression." He stated. "Ethan... Iím not married." She responded.

"Youíre not? How come such a pretty girl like you is by yourself?" Ethan inquired. Theresa couldnít respond to him. "Anything you want to eat?" She wanted to talk about something else. "Iím not hungry. Iím really tired and I rather take a shower and sleep in... " He concluded. "Okay, have fun and if you need anything, call me." She smiled at him with love in her eyes. Ethan wanted to ask for her name but he didnít find the nerve to ask her. "She reminds me of a missing love that Iíve been searching for... " He spoken to himself. Theresa went to her room and she knew it was fate. "He has came back to me. Iíve been longing for this... if this is meant to be... I will take hold onto it forever." Theresa promised herself.

She has changed into her night gown. She thought to herself for a minute. This is so bizarre. Ethan doesnít recognize me. Itís like he has amnesia. She shrugged and called it a night.

The next morning, Theresa fixed some breakfast for Ethan and herself. There were two glasses of orange juice with pancakes. "Ethan, how did you sleep?" She smiled. "I slept good. Miss, Iím dying to know what is your name? I would feel bad by thanking you and not knowing your name." He chuckled. "My name is Theresa." She innocently stated. "Theresa? What a lovely name. You already know my name and I wish I knew how do you know who I am." He scratched his head. "Donít worry about it. Just save your strength. Because youíll need it." She reminded him. "Is there any way I can leave this island?" Ethan wondered. "Not that I know of. Iíve been here for three years. Itís filled with serenity and I love it." Theresa had a heavenly smile appearing on her face. "I can tell this is your most favorite place in the world. You know? You shouldnít indulge all this by yourself. You should have some one to share it with." He told her. "Yes, I used to thought that, too. Life has no meaning without .

"Theresa, whatís wrong?" He asked out of concern. "Nothing... " She wiped her tears and skipped to the next subject. "So, Ethan... you donít have any clue of how you were brought here? Do you have any memory at all?" Theresa is slightly worried of what happened to her true love, Ethan. "I donít know... I wish I knew. But I donít. Theresa, whatever happened to me... maybe itís best if I donít recall on it." He shrugged while cutting on the pancakes. "Oh... " She whispered. "Iím glad youíre here, Ethan... " Theresa reached for his hand. Ethan curved his lips. "You are something else, Theresa. I still canít fathom of why a pretty girl like you just decided to live alone?" He canít figure it out. "Ethan, I did not live with this by choice. It was by circumstance." She simply vented.

"Really?" He blinked at her. "Theresa, whoever this guy was... heís a fool to let you go... " He frowned. "Ethan. It wasnít his fault... he was pressured into not picking me." She felt sympathetic for him. "Well, I canít begin to comprehend it. Itís not fair you have to suffer from a broken heart." Ethan stared at her. "Ethan, itís okay. Itís nothing to get upset about... it was said and done." She shifted her eyes the other way. Ethan noticed how much this is killing her. "Theresa, Iím sorry. I didnít mean to bring up something so painful... " Ethan felt bad for her. "Ethan, itís alright... if anything... weíre going out today." She gleamed at him. "Out?" He repeated. "Where?" He stopped eating. "Itís a surprise. I want you to enjoy paradise. Ethan, youíll love it and itís more than you could ever imagine." Theresa smiled. "Are you always this optimistic?" He shook his head in disbelief. She nodded. "Iíd never seen anything like it... " Ethan concluded. "Like

"Well, Ethan... sometimes, we all have to live with choices that happens to us... life is never fair." She deduced. "We all have to risk it, right?" Ethan questioned her flatly. "Yes... " She solemnly responded. "Then, letís live for today... " He finished with his breakfast and helped her clear the table. "Ethan, thank you." She showed her gratitude toward him. "You are most certainly welcome." After assisting her with the dishes. Ethan went upstairs to go change as Theresa stands in the kitchen considering the options she has to take. "Ethan doesnít remember a thing. I canít take advantage of this situation because I donít know how delicate this is. Iíll take it slow and try not to get my hopes up for anything." She told herself. "After all, it wonít be long before Ethan will remember and forget about me." She soughed and went upstairs to change.

Later on, Theresa gave Ethan a tour of this secluded island she has lived in three years ago. "Wow, Theresa. I see why you love this place. Itís amazing." He said in total awe. "Yes, itís a scenery, isnít it?" She beamed. "Yes." He said in a trance. "Ethan, are you ok?" She looked at him, worried. "Theresa, Iím fine. Itís just you have been so nice to me in two days. How can I ever repay you?" He wondered. "Ethan, donít worry about it... what you need is your rest and hopefully get your memory back." She reminded him. "What happens if I donít want to remember?" Ethan interrogated. "Ethan, you canít be like that?" She replied while blushing. "And why not?" He teased. "Because at some point in time, youíll want your life back." She honestly responded. "Yea... " He mumbled. I donít want to remember. I want to be with her. Sheís the one for me. I know it. He thought. I will do all that I can to get her to come to me. I want her to open up to me. I want to know who was this guy that





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