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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories of soap days gone by


by Lar


Chapter Ten

"Thanks for voting me to be King. I wear this crown proudly. Let’s try to enjoy the rest of the night, and make it memorable." Miguel briefly said, taking a step back from the podium and allowing Chantelle past.

"Well, what can I say. It’s always been a dream of mine to be prom queen. I really appreciate it, even though I wish my boyfriend was the king with me." Chantelle said, placing emphasis on the word ‘boyfriend’. "But that’s life. As Miguel said, enjoy your evening, and don’t forget to stick around long enough to hear our own student council president carry on the tradition of singing a song!" Chantelle added, winking at Kay.

Kay’s face flashed red, with a mixture of anger and embarrassment. Now she definitely had to do it. She was sort of hoping that people would forget about it. But that didn’t happen. Not with Chantelle pushing it in her face.

Chantelle and Miguel made their way down the stairs and to the center of the dance floor. Chad began a song, and Miguel pulled Chantelle in to dance. Chantelle, with disgust on her face, sighed and continued to dance to ‘Shape Of My Heart’ by the Backstreet Boys.

A light buzz, or mostly light laughter, engulfed the room. Chantelle was barely touching Miguel, and while Miguel tried to spin her, it went unsuccessful, and she nearly fell. As soon as the song ended, the couple broke apart, and Chantelle nearly ran back to John.

"That was interesting." Kay commented, who had slipped back next to Reese.

"You can say that again. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Miguel more uncomfortable." Reese said back to her. The beginning chords of ‘My Everything’ played, and Reese looked into Kay’s eyes. Without even speaking, he lead her out to the dance floor and closed the space in-between them.

"I saw the look on your face when Chantelle mentioned your song. Don’t worry, you’ll do fine." Reese supportively said.

"What makes you so sure?" Kay questioned, looking up into his eyes. She could almost see his soul through his emerald green eyes.

"Kay, I doubt you can fail at anything. When you get up there, you’ll knock that smug look off Chantelle’s face."

"That’ll be worth it." Kay commented, blushing a little at his comment.

"What are you singing?"

"Don’t Speak, by No Doubt." Kay replied.

"Good song. Any particular reason why?" Reese questioned. A deep look came over Kay’s face, and Reese noticed her sudden silence.

"It’s a good-bye song." Kay quietly commented.

"To Miguel." Kay looked up sharply at Reese’s comment, and inhaled. "I’ve known for a while now Kay, don’t look so shocked."


"Along with my glasses went my blinders. I saw the looks you gave Miguel at the beginning of the year."

"That was then. I was so convinced last year and at the beginning of this year that I loved him. That we were meant to be together. But one day, I saw him groping Charity in the hallway and I asked myself, is that what I wanted?"

"And it wasn’t?" Reese asked, a glint of hope apparent in his voice.

"No, at least not from him. He does everything for Charity. And I need my space. It just wouldn’t work. Plus, I realized how stupid he is. Or, well, he just isn’t what I always dreamed he would be." Kay admitted.

"Kay, you’re aloud to change your mind, and I’m glad you did. At one time you would’ve hated to hear this, but I cannot see you and Miguel as a couple. It would be too awkward." Reese nodded his head as he spoke.

"You’re right." Kay said. "I can only really see myself with one guy."

"Oh really?" Reese questioned, his throat suddenly becoming dry. "Reese, just shut up and kiss me." Kay said, leaning up as Reese leaned down. He captured her lips in a sweet, chaste kiss.

"Okay everyone. It’s time for da President’s song. Put ya hands togetha for Kay Bennett." Chad announced, breaking apart the kiss.





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