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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories of soap days gone by


by Lar


Chapter Nine

Heading out to the dance floor, Kay smiled as a familiar song played. She had bought the Coyote Ugly CD three days after seeing the movie, and fell in love with it. She knew all the songs by heart. She gently slid into Reeseís waiting arms, enjoying the warmth that was coming off of him. She leaned her head on the crook of his shoulder and took in the sense of his cologne.

Reese smiled from ear to ear. Kay, his Kay was dancing with him. In his arms. At Prom. Could life get any better, he wondered. He took in the sent of her hair, and couldíve sworn he was in heaven.

The song came to an end and "Baby Got Back" began to play.

"So Reese, you ready to dance?" Kay asked.

"Oh yeah." Reese answered as he began moving to the music. Kay was surprised at how well he danced, she dared to venture that he was even better than Miguel. She let her body unwind and began to seductively move to the music.

Reese moved up close to her and wrapped his arms from around the back of her. "If I didnít get a chance to tell you later, this is the best night of my life." He whispered into her ear.

"Youíre really sweet." Kay said back.


The night progressed for each couple. Beth and Hank found each other turned on by the other, but unwilling to do anything about it. And Kay was starting to see the great guy she took for granted. By the middle of the night, both couples were inseparable.

Glancing at the clock above the door, Kay sighed aloud.

"Iím sorry Reese, but I have to leave for a few minutes." Kay excused.

"Huh?" Reese asked.

"Itís almost time to announce the King and Queen, and I need to go talk to Simone and Alison, and get Beth and Luis." Kay explained.

"Oh. Okay."

"Iíll be back soon." Kay said, leaning up and kissing his cheek. Reese watched her disappear into the crowd before raising his hand to touch his cheek. Dropping his hand, he walked back to the table and sat down. He was right. He was having the best time.

Kay walked into the side room and over to the table where Simone and Alison sat.

"All counted?" She asked the two girls.

"Yep. It was a close one, but Chantelle Roberts and Miguel won." Simone confirmed.

"Wow. Chantelleís gonna be pissed about that one. Too funny. Thanks guys. Now get out there and enjoy the dance." Kay smiled. She took the official form from Alison and flashed a genuine smile, before exiting the room.

With her head held high, she walked across the crowded dance room and to where Luis and Sheridan were dancing.

"Hey you two. Sheridan, would you mind if I steal Luis away for a while? Official business." Kay asked smiling.

"As long as you promise to give him back." Sheridan said, standing behind Luis with her arms around his waist. Her head was perched on his shoulder and she was smiling from ear to ear.

"Iíll try to get him back to you in one piece. What the student body does, well, I canít be held accountable for." Kay teased.

"Iíll see you in a few." Luis said to Sheridan, spinning her around him and kissing her on the mouth.

"Okay. No bad examples." Kay commented.

"Oh please. Weíve seen worse from your peers." Luis remarked.

"Címon Luis, follow me." Kay said, ignoring the comment.

"Jeez. I canít believe Iím taking orders from a high schooler." Luis mumbled as the moved through the crowd.

"Watch it Luis, or Iíll talk to my dad. He is your boss, you know." Kay joked.

"Me? I didnít say anything." Luis teased.

"Sure. Go wait by that ramp over there, okay? Iím gonna go pry Beth away from my uncle." Kay said, starting to head in their direction.

"Good luck!" Luis hollered out.

Kay smiled as she approached her uncle and Beth. The were dancing with each other, close, but not too close.

"Uncle Hank, I really hate to tell you this, but I need to steal Beth." Kay said, tapping him on his shoulder.

"What?" Hank asked, his face a mixture of shock, confusion, and disappointment.

"Time to announce the winners. I need the queen. You could substitute, but I donít think Luis would really like that." Kay joked.

"Funny. Go on Beth, before I kill my niece." Hank remarked, taking her hand and guiding her towards Kay.

"Iíll be back." Beth pushed a strand of her curly raven hair behind her ear as she began to walk away. Hank watched her, and swore he felt his heart break.

A few moments later, Luis, Kay, and Beth appeared on the raised floor of the hall. Standing behind the podium, Kay nodded at Chad, who lowered the volume of the music.

"Hello everyone. Itís time we announce this years prom king and queen. To do the honors, is Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, and Beth Wallace, King and Queen of 1992." Kay said. Applause filled the room as Luis and Beth stepped up to the podium. Kay handed them the envelope and stepped back.

"Wow. I feel important. Kinda like the Oscars." Luis joked, to which a light laughter from the crowd followed. Sheridan smiled with pride as she watched Luis up on stage.

"Well then, may we have the envelope please." Beth continued the joke. Hank watched as her slender hands opened the envelope, and pulled out the papers.

"Your 2002 prom king is...Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald." Beth announced, and loud clapping filled the room. Miguel leaned over and kissed Charity on the cheek, before jogging up the stairs to receive his crown. Beth gently placed it on his head, and smiled at him. Moving to the left, Miguel shook his brotherís hand, and reflected the same radiant smile that Luis wore.

Beth nudged Luis, and he walked up to the podium. "And your prom queen is...Chantelle Roberts."

Another round of applause filled the room as Chantelle marched up to the podium. A fake smile dominated her face, and the room could tell she was displeased. Luis gently crowned her, and stepped back, pulling Chantelle lightly along with him. Miguel stepped up to the podium, and prepared to give his speech.





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