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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories of soap days gone by


by Lar


Chapter Seven

"Really Hank? You think I look good?" Beth excitedly asked.

"Absolutely. You may just win prom queen." Hank teased. Beth crossed the room and slapped him lightly on the arm.

"You are..." She couldn’t think of the words to describe him. Well, actually she could, but they were more along the lines of handsome, gorgeous, funny, intelligent, sexy, and perfect.

"I know, I know, I’m to perfect for words. You’re not the first that I’ve left speechless." Hank cockily remarked, provoking another slap on the arm from Beth. Not that he minded. She was touching him, and that was pleasure and torture wrapped into one.

"Cocky. That’s the perfect word. Arrogant, full of yourself, self-" Beth rambled.

"I think we get it honey. Are you all set? Can we go?" Hank asked, anxious to cut her off.

"Yes. Just let me get my shawl." She said, leading the way to the front hall area. She opened her closet and pulled out a raspberry colored shawl that matched her raspberry colored dress. He stopped a minute to admire her outfit. It hung on her every curve, and trailed to the floor. The back was low cut, and strings criss-crossed to give it an added flare. Maroon shoes matched her outfit, and he sighed. She was perfect.

"Here, let me help you with that." He said, coming back to present time. He carefully set the shawl on her, and watched as she smiled at him.

"All ready." Hank stuck out his elbow and she eagerly accepted it. Together they walked out to his car.

"Kay you look stunning." Sam whispered into his daughter’s ear.

"Thanks dad." Kay smiled back at him.

"You do dear." Grace commented.

"Thank you both. Mom, you did wonderful on my hair. Maybe you were a hair stylist back in Boston." Kay said as she hugged her mother.

"Maybe." Grace lightly laughed, wiping away the tears that had fallen from her eyes.

"Well guys, I gotta go. I’ll see you later." Kay said as she grabbed her black mesh wrap.

"Two a.m. and not a minute later missy." Sam warned.

"Will you be waiting up for me too, dad?" Kay asked, obviously annoyed.

"If I have to. Don’t forget I can have every cop on the force looking for you in a matter of minutes." Sam pointed out.

"I’ll be home at two, don’t freak out." Kay relented.

"Okay. Now, give me a hug." Sam begged. Kay rolled her eyes and walked to him, enveloping him in a loving hug.

"I love you dad." Kay whispered.

"I love you too. And don’t worry, you’ll do fine." Sam answered.

"See you guys!" Kay said, releasing Sam and walking out the door.

"She’s all grown up!" Sam whined.

"Oh Sam, stop it." Grace playfully stated. "Once Charity leaves, we have the house to ourselves." She reminded.

"Is Miguel here yet? He’s late!" Sam stated.

Kay pulled into the second parking space in front of the hall and exited her car. Upon entering, she spotted Chad setting up the DJ’s booth, and the photographer setting up as well. Waiters were hurrying around getting the tables set up and the cooks could barely be heard from the kitchen.

"Everything looks in working order. All that’s missing are the chaperones." Kay said to herself. She walked around the room, examining everything and fixing little details.

"Kay." A feminine voice called out from across the room, and Kay gracefully walked over to the lady and the man standing next to her.

"Mrs. Frost, Mr. Frost. Right on time. Thanks for doing this." Kay greeted.

"Kay, you look amazing. And you are much welcome." The middle-aged woman said in response.

"Thank you. The students shouldn’t be arriving for another half hour, so feel free to do whatever you want. When all the chaperones arrive we’ll have a brief meeting and I’ll explain a few things. So until then, enjoy yourself. Chad’s doing sound checks and you may get a drink if you’d like." Kay smiled.

"Alright. You just holler when you want to have that meeting. Bye dear."

"Bye Mrs. Frost, Mr. Frost." Kay turned around and witnessed a few more chaperones entering, and repeated her entire speech to them.

Luis and Sheridan were the last pair of chaperones to arrive, and when they finally did, Kay called the other chaperones to meet at a table.

"Most regular things apply. We want this to be clean, watch the punch, try to keep things orderly. If things do happen to get out of hand, remind them that we have an officer here, and my father is only a button away." Kay said, nodding at Luis and holding up her cell phone. "Try to spread yourselves out around. We want to keep an eye on everyone, especially with what happened with last year."

"What are the times?" Mr. Bracket asked.

"Excuse me?" Kay said, not quiet understanding what he meant.

"When are they allowed to leave and enter?" Mr. Bracket clarified.

"That’s a good question. Doors are open until nine, after that no one is let in. They can leave anytime after that." Kay answered. The table looked pleased with her answers, and she pushed her chair back to stand up.

"The students should be arriving shortly. Please enjoy yourself tonight. This doesn’t have to be a drag if you don’t make it out to be." Kay said before leaving the table.





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