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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories of soap days gone by


by Lar


Chapter Five

Kay sighed and shut her biology book again. She just wasnít in the mood to study. Not with what had transpired earlier that afternoon. Hopping off the bed, she walked to her walk in closet and opened in. Reaching out her hand, she touched the soft material of her prom dress that was staring back at her. It was sheer black, with sparkles glittering off it. It ran to the floor, even in her closet, and a overlap of material hung where the top of the dress was. Thin spaghetti straps advanced from the front of the dress and connected to the back, which was low cut and had ties holding it together.

It was the dress of Kayís dreams, and she couldnít believe it was in her closet. She ran her hand down the material once more before backing out of her closet and closing the door.

With her shoulders hunched, she walked back to the bed, but stopped herself before sitting down. Sighing, she walked out of the room and down the stairs into the kitchen. Her mother looked up from the stove and smiled brightly.

"Kay, how are you?" Grace asked.

"Fine mom." Kay answered, seating herself at the kitchen table.

"Arenít you supposed to be studying?"

"Yes, but I just canít. Iím not in the mood. Iíll study before class tomorrow."

"Okay, if youíre sure." Grace answered.

"Iím positive. Donít worry, I know this stuff." Kay reaffirmed. "What are we having for dinner?"

"Tacos. French fries, the like." Grace answered, continuing to prepare for dinner.

"Uncle Hank coming over, huh." Kay muttered.

"Like he would ever miss his favorite meal." Grace retorted.

"We really need to teach him how to cook." Kay rolled her eyes.

"Thatís what he needs a woman for. If he was near a stove, he might burn his place down."

"True." Kay answered. "But still, he either eats here or out. Thatís not right."

"He knows how to make a few things."

"Sandwiches. Thatís hardly a meal."

"Thatís your uncle for you." Grace laughed lightly.

"Mine ears are burning." Hank stated as he entered the kitchen.

"Rightfully so." Kay teased.

"And how are the two favorite women in my life?" Hank asked, ignoring Kayís remark.

"Fine. Kay informed me youíre chaperoning the prom." Grace replied.

"Yes. Donít worry, Iíll keep a good eye on her and Charity."

"Actually, I wasnít even going to mention that, I was just going to warn you that Samíll give you a lecture about it." Grace smiled at her brother-in-law.

"The one thing about dinner tonight I was not looking forward to." Hank remarked, seating himself at the table across from Kay.

"You seem oddly happy." Kay commented.

"Kay!" Grace exclaimed, embarrassed by her daughterís behavior.

"Well itís true!" Kay defended. Hank chuckled lightly.

"Yes, itís true, I am oddly happy." Hank admitted.

"Why? Did ya get a new camera or something?" Kay asked.

"No. Itís better than a camera. Iíll let ya guess, it has something to do with your prom."

"Oh boy, thatís a tuffy! Oh! I got it! You found your tux, and it still fits." Kay remarked.

"No." Hank denied, rolling his eyes.

"Hmm, I donít know, you asked a girl to go with you and she said yes." Kay shrugged.

"Thatís correct miss detective. Well, sort of." Hank answered, he face lit up in a big smile.

"Sort of? How can that be sort of right?" Kay inquired.

"I didnít ask her, she asked me." Hank replied.

"She asked you? Well then that means sheís a chaperone. But thereís only one single female chaperone." Kay thought aloud.

"Uh huh." Hank encouraged.

"Beth? Why in the world would Beth ask you?" Kay wondered.

"Hey, I happen to be a great guy, thank you very much." Hank replied, acting hurt.

"I still donít get it." Kay rolled her eyes.

"She asked me as a friend to go with her." Hank spelled it out for her.

"I think thatís wonderful. You two will have a marvelous time. And Sam will be happy to hear youíre going together." Grace interjected.

"Yeah I bet he feels he can depend more on her than on me." Hank joked.

"Damn straight!" Sam said, entering the room.

"Hi honey." Grace smiled, leaning over to kiss him.

"Hi." Sam answered back. "So Beth asked you to the prom. I was wondering when you two would finally go out."

"Sam, itís not a date." Hank denied.

"Sure itís not." Sam sarcastically replied.

"Wait a minute. Youíve been waiting for them to go out? Dad, what have you not been telling me?" Kay asked, a smile lighting her face.

"Youíre too young." Sam stated.

"Iím eighteen. Legally Iím an adult. And dad, I know about how the world works." Kay informed him. "And Iím hurt."

"Why?" Hank asked.

"Heís been holding out on me. You know how bad I couldíve teased you about this?" Kay asked, an evil smile spreading over her face.

"You just had to open your big mouth, didnít you Sam?" Hank growled.





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