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Disclaimer: I donít know them, I definitely donít own them, and suing me would do no good!

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories of soap days gone by


by Lar


Chapter Four

"Hi Reese." Kay smiled at her lab partner in the biology room. He wore a medium green sweeter and khaki pants, and wore them well he did. He no longer hid his beautiful blue eyes behind glasses, but instead had gone to contacts.

Reese smiled brightly at his lab partner as she sat down. It had been a little under nine months since they broke up, but he still held the same feelings for her.

"You ready for the exam?" He heard himself ask.

"Uh, no. Am I ever ready? Iím gonna fail it." Kay sighed.

"Oh you know you wonít. You just say that as reverse psychology." Reese rolled his eyes at her comment.

"Yeah, but it works, donít it. When I tell myself Iím gonna fail, I usually get Aís. And Lord knows I need an A." Kay replied.

"Alright, whatever works for you." Reese said with a light laugh that made Kayís heart stop for some reason unbeknownst to her.

"Good morning class." Mr. Leering said as he entered the class. All eyes watched him as he walked over to his desk and began to take roll. All eyes except Reeseís. His were glued to the profile of Kay. She was still as beautiful as a rainbow. He watched as a light smile appeared on her face.

The feeling of being watched wasnít new to Kay. She knew Reese watched her everyday in AP biology, but she was used to it. After the way she had treated him last year, the least she could do is be nice to him, and let him stare without being embarrassed by her.

Mr. Leering instructed them to pull out their books, and she complied. Flipping open to the proper page, she leaned over to Reese and informed him to do the same. A light blush came onto his face, and she laughed inside on how cute he was when he blushed. But she couldnít think of how handsome, or cute, or funny, or smart, or how she wanted him as a boyfriend again. No, she had too much going on as it was. She had to concentrate, and having a boyfriend would take away from that concentration.

The class went by slowly the rest of the hour, and by the time Mr. Leering had quit reviewing, there were only a few minutes before the bell was to ring. Turning towards Reese, Kay opened her mouth to make conversation, but found him doing so instead.

"Um, Kay, I was thinking. And if you totally donít want to go with me, I understand, but I was wondering. I was wondering if you have a date for prom yet? Or can I be it?" A hope shown in Reeseís eyes that Kay never knew was there, and her heart beated wildly at his question.

"Well Reese, Iíd really like that, but-" Kay trailed off.

"But, you already have plans. I completely understand-"

"Reese, God didnít let me finish. Itís not that I have plans, I donít. Itís just with being Student Council President, I have certain obligations. I have to be about a half an hour early. I really donít want to make you wait like that. So how about this. Iíll eat dinner with you, and save a few dances. Is that okay?" Kay questioned, hoping heíd be okay with her compromise.

"Yes, thatís fine. Iím sorry I cut you off." Reese apologized.

"Really Reese, you donít have to apologize. I cut you off all the time." God I sound like an idiot, Kay thought.

The loud, brazen ringing of the bell cut their conversation short, and both stood up, anxious to get to their next classes.

"Iíll call you to work out details." Kay called out as she walked in the opposite direction from him. Reese smiled to himself and headed to his next class, thoughts of the prom coming up racing through his brain.

Beth sighed and smiled as she glanced around the almost deserted Book Cafe. The lunch hour rush had officially ended, and she could finally relax. Taking her apron off and hanging it on the hook that Hank had put in when they were teens, she walked into her office and closed the door. She crossed over to her desk and sat down, leaning her feet up against the backing of the desk. Sitting up, she grabbed at a picture that sat on her desk, and lovingly stroked the manís cheek.

"Oh Hank. Can I really ask you? Do I have enough guts?" She mumbled aloud.

"Of course you do." A voice called out in response, and startled Beth. She set the picture down and glanced up at the person invading her office.

"Luis." She said in realization. He had heard her, heard what she said. About Hank.

"Beth." Luis said, mocking her. He watched as she let a fearful look creep upon her beautiful face, and rolled his eyes. "Oh please Beth. Donít think you just let it slip out now. Iíve known for a while."

"What?" Beth asked, astonished.

"Hank was always your weak spot. Even when we were dating. Hank could do or say something, and boom, Luis is no longer in the room. Not to Beth anyway. And you really never realized it."

"I didnít. Iím sorry Luis. I guess that was some of the reasons for our fights." Beth said woefully.

"Yes. But donít trip about it. Just ask him. I bet you a latte that heíll say yes." Luis smiled his signature smile as Beth thought it over.

"Deal." Beth smiled, reaching out to shake his hand. Their hands met, and while she expected to feel something, she was surprised to find nothing. Just the way it felt to shake a friends hand.

"So, can I get some coffee to go? Iím still supposed to be on patrol." Luis commented.

"You have to come and get coffee on my break." Beth teased, leading the way back into the main room.

"Well, yeah. Otherwise you wouldíve spent all day picking up the phone and setting it back down. We canít have that, now can we?"

Beth reached over the counter and slapped Luis hard on the shoulder.

"Hey! What was that for?" Luis exclaimed.

"For being an ass." Beth smirked.

"Oh, one of these days, youíre gonna get it." Luis playfully warned.

"Here is your coffee. Go, get back to your job." Beth commanded, handing him a Styrofoam cup.

"Why do I get the feeling youíre kicking me out?" Luis smiled.

"Because I am." Beth returned.

"You mean I canít stay and listen to your phone call?" Luis asked innocently.

"Donít you have some grandma to give a ticket for jay walking to?" Beth retorted.

"Alright, alright, Iím going. Good luck with your call! I know heíll say yes!" Luis hollered out as he exited. Beth watched him leave. Shaking her head, she walked back to her office and sat down. She paused a moment, before picking up the phone and dialing that all to familiar number.

"Oh God. What am I doing?" She mumbled into the receiver as the phone rang.





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