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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories of soap days gone by


by Lar


Chapter Three

"Beth! Wait up!" Kay called out as she watched the woman she needed to talk to disappear into the backroom. When Beth didn’t respond, Kay followed her and entered the backroom.

"Hey, Beth, I needed to talk to you about something." Kay stated, causing Beth to jump a bit at the voice.

"Oh, hi Kay. Sorry, you just scared me." Beth explained, turning around. Her raven hair moving back and forth over her shoulders. Kay stared into the beautiful green eyes of the woman in front of her, and could see why she was named prom queen.

"Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that, but I needed to talk to you about something." Kay explained.

"Prom?" Beth asked.

"How’d you know?" Kay asked, surprise evident in her voice.

"Hank called me and told me to be on the look out for you." Beth answered, grabbing a bag and exiting the backroom.

"So then he filled you in on all the details?" Kay questioned.

"Vaguely. Just about the ten years ago thing. Then his timer went off." Beth said with a giggle.

"Okay, well then, here’s the full scope. We need the king and queen from ten years ago to chaperone, it’s tradition. You both can bring whoever you want as a date, meaning you don’t have to come together. Or you can come alone. Your choice. I’ll have to get back to you with times, but everything else should be okay. It’s formal. Oh, and Uncle Hank’s going. I conned him into it instead of my dad."

"I’m sure Hank really liked the formal idea." Beth mused.

"He wasn’t to happy with it." Kay laughed.

"Hey miss! Can we get a refill over here?" A customer from across the room shouted.

"Hey, I gotta get back to these people." Beth sighed loudly.

"I understand. As I said, I’ll get back to you with dates and times. Thanks for doing this Beth." Kay said.

"No problem. See you later Kay." Beth called out as she walked behind the counter.

Kay watched her grab a coffee pot and cross the room before turning around and leaving. She got into her car and drove off towards her house.

Sitting back down at her computer desk, Kay pulled out her big biology folder and began reviewing her notes. The teacher was planning a big test with in the next few days, and Kay wanted to be ready. She subconsciously flipped on her radio, and began studying her notes. The words of the song blurred together as she found herself engrossed in DNA replication.

An hour later, she paused for a mind break and clicked on to the internet. After the computer finally dialed up, her home screen appeared, and Kay quickly typed in her e-mail provider. She typed in her screen name and password with ease, and waited for the computer to tell her what new mail she has.

A new letter from
bennetingermany appeared on the screen, and Kay clicked on it. Tapping her fingers on the desk, she began to read the letter.

Hey Kay!
What a surprise to hear from you! It’s been a week. I know, I know, you’re busy. Still, I like hearing from my Sis. I’m great, thanks for asking. The host family also says hello. Glad to hear everything at home is okay too!

So great about you finally getting over Miguel. I know I always gave you a hard time about him, but there was a reason for that. I never thought he was good enough for you. And he isn’t. Glad you finally came to your senses!

How’d Beth and Luis respond to the chaperone thing? Good luck with that. Hey, they’re better than mom and dad. They’re definitely younger too!

Oh the song thing(grimacing for you). You’ll do good, you have a good voice. Just make sure that you have plenty of H2O before you go on. Helps the voice. Hey, I thought of a song! With all this Miguel stuff going on, you should sing "Don’t Speak"! You know, by No Doubt! It was a big hit a couple of years ago, you used to sing it all around the house, and thought I hate to admit it, you sang it well.

That would be a great song if you’re really over Miguel like you said. Think about it, if not, please let me know what you chose. I so wish I could be there. But I will be back for your graduation! I can’t believe you’re a senior. Lucky bum!

Well, I gotta go. TTYL!
Luv Always

Kay smiled while reading her sister’s letter. Jess always did have good ideas, she mused. Looking away from the computer screen, she scanned her extensive CD collection, finally stopping on ‘Tragic Kingdom’ the CD with "Don’t Speak" on it. She leaned over and pulled it from the stand. Opening the case, she popped the CD into the stereo, and flipped the button from radio to CD player. She waited until the song came on, and closed her eyes as the bands music took over her room.

She mindlessly walked over to her bed and laid down, letting herself escape into Gwen Stephani’s words. When the song finally ended, she walked back over to the computer and began typing furiously.

Hey Jess!
Great idea! I just finished listening to the song, and you’re right, it’s perfect. I knew you’d come up with a good song. I can’t really talk much, I have to study for Bio, but I promise to write later, and tell you about my hectic day. Yeah, like you need that.

Luv ya!

She read over her e-mail and hit the send button, waiting for it to be whisked away.

Once finally out of the program, she shut down her computer so not to be tempted, and began reviewing her biology notes. Leaning up to her stereo, she clicked back to the song, and hit repeat, playing the song endlessly into the night.





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