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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories of soap days gone by


by Lar


Chapter Two

Kay pulled up to the Police Station and walked inside, receiving greetings from officers. She walked past Luisí desk and paused, waiting for him to look up from the crossword he was doing.

"Is it really that boring around here?" Kay finally asked, grabbing his attention.

"Kay, what are you doing here? Samís out on patrol." Luis answered, surprise in his face as he put his crossword down and sat up. Kay smiled at him and lightly shook her head, allowing a few spindles of hair to fall across her face. She pushed them back and sat down in the chair across from Luisí desk.

"Actually, Iím here to see you. Itís on official matters." Kay stated.

"Official matters?" Luis questioned.

"Student Council and Prom. I donít know if you remember, but tradition calls for-" "The king and queen of ten years past to chaperone the dance. I remember." Luis sighed.

"So then you know that you should be there." Kay stated.

"Yes. Iíll talk to Beth. Weíll both be there." Luis responded.

"Great. That would be awesome if youíd talk to her. Save me a trip. Just tell her Iíll get back to her with times. Also, she and her date get free tickets, and Uncle Hankíll be there. Pass that along to her." Kay smiled, standing up.

"Her and her date? I donít understand." Luis said, confusion masking his handsome face.

"Men." Kay mumbled, "You and her donít have to come together. Actually if you both bring a date itíd mean more chaperones. You understand now?" "Yes. Thatís great. I thought Iíd have to go with Beth. Not that thatís bad, but well.."

"I understand. Iíll get back to both of you with times, okay?"

"Yeah. Great." Luis mumbled.

"Thanks for doing this Luis. Itís great when we can hold up traditions."

"Yeah. Speaking of traditions, are you doing a song?"

"God. Iím never going to get outta doing that, am I?" Kay asked.

"Nope. Itís tradition." Luis smirked.

"Good bye Luis. Iíll see you later." Kay said, ending their conversation.

"Bye Kay." Luis stated, watching her disappear. Kay vaguely heard him as she continued through the dull looking Police Station. As she rounded the final desk and headed towards the door, she crashed into a large male body.

"Sorry." She muttered, backing away and pulling the strands of hair that had fallen forward behind her ears.

"You should be. This is my station." Sam stated, smiling wide.

"Dad." Kay said, rolling her eyes. "Could you be any cornier?"

"Hey, Iím not corny!" Sam replied, sounding hurt.

"Bull, you are too corny."

"Fine. What are you doing here?" Sam questioned.

"I had to ask Luis something." Kay answered.


"Have you always been this nosey?" Kay laughed lightly.

"When it comes to my children, yes." Sam replied. "So, what did you have to ask him?"

"I had to ask him if heíd stick to tradition and chaperone the prom. You know, the king and queen from ten years ago are supposed to chaperone." Kay reminded him.

"Oh yeah. I remember that one. Well, do you need any more? Your mother and I would be happy to do it." Sam offered.

"No." Kay quickly rejected. "I mean, I think weíre fine. We have enough."

"Well, two more couldnít hurt." Sam explained.

"Dad, really, itís fine. You two should stay at home." Kay shook her head.

"Why do I get the feeling you donít want me there?"

"Itís not me, itís the student body. The Police Chief is the last person they want at their dance. You understand. Itís nothing personal." Kay grabbed his hand as she spoke.

"Oh. I still think I should be there. Not as Police Chief, but as a father."

"Dad, itís okay. Uncle Hank is gonna chaperone." Kay insists.

"Hank? But heís not a good role model. Heíd let you get away with everything." Sam stated.

"Dad! You are just awful! Uncle Hank has changed a lot. When he was watching us that one time, he wouldnít even let me go over to Miguelís house after nine oíclock. Nine oíclock! You and mom let me out later than that!"


"Dad, trust me. Please trust me. Iím a senior now. You donít need to watch me like a hawk. I can take care of myself." Kay pleaded.

Sam sucked in a deep breath, and let it out. "Alright, if-"

"Thank you so much dad!" Kay looped her arms around his neck and squealed before he could finish his sentence.

"No problem. Iíd do anything for my girls." Sam whispered into his daughterís ear.

"I know dad. Thatís what makes you the best." Kay said, releasing him. "I still got things to do, so Iíll see you tonight at home." "Alright." Sam sighed.

"Bye dad, love ya!" Kay called out as she exited the station.

"Oh, my babyís growing up." Sam said to himself.

"And sheís still got you wrapped around her finger." OíReilly joked.

"Get back to work!" Sam barked, before heading to his office.





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