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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories of soap days gone by


by Lar



"I’d like to call this meeting to order. We need the reading and approval of the minutes." Kay commanded. She held her head up high as Joanne Watson read the minutes from last week. Being Student Council President for her senior year was something she always dreamed about, and had finally happened.

"I need a motion to approve." Kay said once Joanne had finished reading. Heather Slayer, a freshman and president of her class, raised her hand and motioned, and Jennifer Sullivan, another senior seconded the motion.

"All in favor?" A tired, dragged out I answered in response. Kay repeated the process with the treasurer’s report before moving to more important matters.

"Motion carries. Now to old business. The trophy cases are in. If you haven’t seen them, check them out. They are really great, and hopefully will be filled soon." Kay smiled at the room, especially at each basketball player.

"Prom is coming up." Kay stated. "How are the committees doing?" "Decorations came in two weeks ago. We plan on setting up the day of the dance." Jessica Randle stated.

"Great. Refreshments?" Kay asked.

"Fine. Everything will be fine." Becky Blance replied.

"Okay, how about the photographer and DJ?"

"Fine on both accounts. They’ll be there an hour early." Stephanie Sancez stated.

"Everything’s fine with the food." Annie Bear adds.

"Alright. Things are progressing nicely. Kevin, how are things coming with the chaperones?" Kay questioned.

"I’ve been able to contact everyone but the King and Queen from ten years ago. The school lost the records." Kevin shakes his head.

"Ten years ago." Kay mused, thinking back. "I think I know who that is."

"Really?" Annie asked.

"Yep. It was Luis and Beth. Their twenty-eight. That would make them eighteen ten years ago." Kay replied.

"So can you talk to them? It’s tradition for them to be here." Kevin anxiously asked.

"No problem. They should be fine with it. I think we may also get a few more chaperones outta the deal to." Kay stated.

"How do you figure?" Becky asked.

"Well, they’re no longer together, so they’ll each be bringing their own dates." Kay nodded her head.

"Oh." And other remarks of realization were uttered throughout the room.

"What about the other tradition?" Stephanie asked, a wicked smile appearing on her face. Kay looked mortified, she knew what they were talking about, and had been hoping that they’d forget that tradition.

"Yeah, you know, the one where the President of Student Council sings. Have you been thinking about what song you’re gonna sing?" Nick Copernicus, an obnoxious sophomore teased.

"We really don’t have to carry out every tradition." Kay meekly remarked. "Oh yes we do. You had better be thinking." Joanne commented. "Alright. I will. Any other old business?" Kay asked, irritated. "Then we need a motion."

"I move to approve old business." Becky moved.

"I second." Nick stated, sneering at Kay.

"All in favor?" Kay sighed.

"I." The group, now more awaken, replied.

"Any new business?" No one responded to Kay’s question. "Fine, we need a motion to adjourn."

"I move to adjourn." Danielle Vela moved.

"I second." Randy Taylor stated.

"All in favor?" Kay asked, the sound of chairs moving against the floor and talking amongst friends her answer. "See you next week." She called out, staying after to collect her notes and tidy up a bit.

After the room was straightened up, she left it and ventured out into the hall. Her senior year was nothing like what she expected. She had always thought that the senior year was the one to go totally loose and not care anymore. But instead she found herself constantly worrying about her advanced placement classes, whatever sport she was participating in, and her role in the musical. She felt as though she had no time for herself. It was as if her life was a series of being busy.

The hall was packed with teens, most kissing one another or flirting. It seemed that the traffic in the hall was at a dead stop, and she had to bit her lip from cussing at people to move out of her way. As she neared her AP biology class, another sickening sight besides the cow brains waiting inside faced her. Her cousin Charity and Miguel, Charity’s boyfriend and Kay’s long time best friend and crush, were making out near the door.

Kay, disgusted by the sight, moved as far away from them as she could and entered the room. The feelings that lingered for Miguel were starting to fade with each passing day.





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