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A Problem Like Maria






















Disclaimer: I donít own them, I donít know them, donít sue me, I have no money!

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories of soap days gone by


A Problem Like Maria
by Lar


Chapter Eighteen

"Good night everyone. Remember what we talked about." I call out as my family leaves. I watch them walk down the hall, still in a daze remembering all that had happened. I shut the door and walk back in the room stopping to sink down into the couch. Father and Tony each sat in chairs, exhausted from the day.

"Well, that went better than I expected." Tony comments.

"Youíre just saying that because Luis was speechless." I roll my eyes.

"Yes. Iíll admit it." Tony concedes.

"Tony stop it. Youíd better learn to get along with your brother because I think weíll be staying here a while." Father commands.

"Father, you canít seriously-"

"What? Iím I just supposed to pop in and out of my familyís lives while we wait the rest of this out? I donít think so! Iíve already been kept away from them for twelve years. Isnít that long enough?"

"Yes father. Youíre right." Tony sighs.

"Iím going to bed." Father mutters, standing up and stretching. I stand up an hug him.

"Good night father. I love you." I whisper into his ear.

"I love you too. Youíve had a busy day. And you just got out of that hospital. Tomorrow you should rest some more." Father says.

"Iíll try." I half-heartily promise.

"Thatís my girl. Good night." He walks away from me and through the door.

"I think Iíll join him." Tony states, standing.

"Tony, you did good today. Iím proud of you. I think you really showed Luis. Just try harder. For everyoneís sake. Look at me, Iím trying, and I have more of a reason to be mad at him." I say enveloping him into a hug.

"I know. Itís hard. Iíll try." Tony whispers, returning my hug. He lets go and steps back.

"Good night. Fatherís right too." Tony adds.

"About what?" I ask, puzzled.

"Please take it easy. You shouldnít have had all this excitement today. You just were released from the hospital."

"Oh God. You two will never let up! I bet youíre as bad as Luis." I say, knowing that will tick him off.

"Okay, now Iím really going to bed. I donít need that kind of abuse." Tony furrows his brow.

"Good night brother." I say sweetly.

"Good night sister." He mimics my voice and leaves the room. I shut the door behind him and walk over to my bedroom in the back room. Sighing I pull out my laptop and plug the modem into the wall. Will Jess and Jules ever be surprised to hear about my day.

A knock on the door startles me from my typing, and I jump off of my stomach and off the bed. Running my hand through my hair, I walk out of my room and through the living room to the door. I check the peep hole and smile as I see who is on the other side of the door. Rushing to open the door, I open it and look at the person standing in the hall.

"Hey." I say.

"Hey yourself." He states.

"Come in." I invite.

"Thanks. I hope Iím not to late. I was grading the last of the exams. Thought Iíd stop by here before heading to the B&B." Hank says, throwing his leather jacket onto the couch.

"Oh, believe me, I donít mind." I say, blushing a bit at my comment. His eyebrows rise, and quickly he pulls me to him. Staring up into his eyes, I feel my knees shake as I wait for his lips to descend to mine. The kiss is full of emotion, both of us letting out our stressful days on one another, I guess.

"That was too good to be true." He says as we part.

"Oh please donít say that. Iíd like to believe it to be true." I say in response, in a voice I donít recognize as my own.

"Okay. It wasnít too good to be true." Hank corrects.

"There. Perfect." I remark.

"You look so cute right now." Hank mutters, pulling me close to him again. I look down and examine my purple, blue, and white plaid pajama pants and Old Navy shirt.

"You think my pajamas are cute?" I ask, a smile forming again on my lips.

"Oh yeah. Very cute, and sexy, and.." He trails off, letting his lips meet mine again. Another fiery kiss engulfs us, and I try to tell myself to slow down, to no avail. We break apart for air moments later, both of us panting.

"I know. We need to slow down. But itís like I canít tell myself too." Hank admits.

"Iím having the same feelings." I admit.

"I donít know what to say or do."

"Neither do I. Letís just let this take us to where it does." I state.

"I can agree to that."


"Okay. You got anything to drink?" He asks.

"Yes, thereís a mini bar over there." I say, pointing. "Grab yourself something then come meet me in my room. I just have to finish some things up." I head off the bedroom, stealing one more glance at him before I enter. Rushing over to my open laptop, I sit down and finish my letter.

I canít really say much more on that subject. It looks as though my family may be becoming normal, and yes that is possible. I gotta go, I promise Iíll write more later, but Hankís here.

OMG! Youíll never believe the steamy kisses we just had out in the living room. Iíll write more about them later. I promise. GTG!

Luv Ya!

I hit send and wait for confirmation before snapping shut my laptop and unplugging it. I put it away and turn around, looking straight into the desire filled brown eyes I was beginning to know so well.





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