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A Problem Like Maria






















Disclaimer: I donít own them, I donít know them, donít sue me, I have no money!

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories of soap days gone by


A Problem Like Maria
by Lar


Chapter Fourteen

"Good-bye mother. Bye Theresa." I say as they leave the room. They smile and wave back, disappearing beyond the door.

"Bye, see you later." Tony comments. He sits down in the vacant seat our mother once occupied.

"So." I say, looking him over.

"So." He replies, mimicking me.

"Howíd father get down here?" I ask.

"He took a taxi." Tony sighs, rubbing the back of his neck with his right hand.

"You werenít too hard on him, were you? He had no idea they were here."

"No, I wasnít too hard on him. I just explained that he had to be careful. Someone could see him and recognize him. And if Clovac found out he was in America, it wouldnít be good." He looks down at the ground, before allowing his eyes to reconnect with mine.

"I know this is hard on both of you, but youíre doing the right thing. You gotta think of his safety. The trialís almost over, then you can scream the truth from the top of Mt. McKinley. Just wait Ďtil Vincent Clovac is away. Heís the last to go." I say, reaching out and touching his shoulder.

"Now I know why youíre such a great actress. You have a way of persuading people. Thanks for keeping my head on straight." Tony warmly smiles at me.

"She misses him so much. Itís in her eyes. That same loneliness that was there since he left." I comment.

"Motherís tough. Once this trial ends, weíll all be reunited." Tony interjects. I nod, and glance around the room, running my fingers through my hair.

"Theresaís sure something." I say, changing the subject.

"Yes she is. Itís good to see that Luis didnít crush her spirit and dreams."

"Tony, I donít know. Maybe we should go easy on Luis. For motherís sake." I suggest, half-heartily believing it.

"I donít know if-"

"Hello Maria. How are you today?" Doctor McManus cut Tony off.

"Hi. Iím fine. Ready to get outta here." I comment as he looks over the chart.

"Well, I hope tomorrow will be soon enough." He smiles.

"Really? Tomorrow? I can leave tomorrow?" I excitedly ramble.

"Yes. If you promise to take it easy." Doctor McManus laughs lightly.

"This is easy for her." Tony sarcastically interjects.

"Donít listen to him, heís experiencing jet lag." I inform the doctor, turning to Tony to stick out my tongue at him.

"Itís understandable. I have siblings too." He smiles at both of us.

"Thank you for everything doctor." I smile warmly.

"Hey, no problem. Itís my job. Iíll check up on you later, you take it easy." He calls as he exits the room.

"Well that surely is wonderful news."

"Father!" I shout, as my father walks into the room, making the comment.

"Darling. You are excited. Calm down, unless you want to stay here longer." Father laughs.

"How can I not be excited?" I ask, my voice perky and up beat. I watch as my father sits down, a distant look on his face. "Iím sorry father." I mumble.

"Itís okay. You have every right to be happy." He mutters.

"I promise father, as soon as the case is over, weíll be reunited." Tony sighs.

"I know son. I know."

"Hey babe." Hank says, entering.

"Hey yourself. Iíve got great news. Plenty of it actually." I smile broadly.

"Whatís up?" Hank eased himself into the chair.

"Well, I reconciled with my mother. That took a lot, but I finally did it." I say, pride filling my voice.

"Thatís wonderful. Iím so proud of you." Hank comments. "What else?"

"Well, tomorrow you wonít be visiting me here." I cryptically answer.

"What?" Hank asks, not understanding.

"Iím being released." I say nonchalantly.

"Really? That is wonderful! Iím so happy for you!" Hank envelopes me into a big hug.

"Iím so happy for us. No more being discrete for fear of being caught. Not that I really fear that." I whisper into his ear.

"You donít fear being caught, huh? Well then, letís test that shall we." He says before kissing me feverishly. I sigh and melt into him. "Oh yeah, you being release is good news. Too bad schools ending in a few days."

"Whyís that?" I ask.

"We could really show those horny bastards in Sex Ed. how itís done." Hank says suggestively, raising his eyebrows.





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