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A Problem Like Maria






















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories of soap days gone by


A Problem Like Maria
by Lar


Chapter Ten

"Thatís three times youíve said Hankís name. Is there something going on? How many times has he seen you?" Tony asks, and I freeze. Can I tell them? Will they blow a gasket?

I clear my throat, "well, itís actually kinda funny. You see, Hankís been a real friend, visiting me twice since Iíve been in the hospital. Heís a great friend." I say, a blush creeping unto my face.

"Uh huh. Are you sure heís not more than a friend?" Father asks bluntly.

"Father!" I shout, surprised that heíd actually ask me.

"Daughter," He says, mocking my tone of voice, " you canít hide your feelings from me. Youíre my daughter. Itís that simple. Plus, you do the same thing your mother used to do when I questioned her about her feelings."

"What? Iím not doing anything." I deny.

"You know, if you continue to wrap your hair around your finger itíll eventually fall off." Tony comments.

"How come I have to have the perceptive people be closest to me?" I ask the ceiling.

"Just lucky I guess." Tony replies in a wishy-washy tone.

"Donít flatter yourself." I bluntly say, rolling my eyes.

"Enough you two. Stop bickering." Father calls out, a hint of amusement on his face.

"Sorry Father. It just happened." I meekly reply.

"Oh youíre far from innocent, Maria! So stop the act!" Tony yells out. Turning my head towards him, I stick my tongue out at him, causing him to crack up.

"See, I still get to ya." I comment, my voice rising slightly. "You two must be exhausted. You know where the old Miller field was?"

"Yes." Father comments.

"Take your car out there. Holiday Inn built a hotel there. Go get some sleep, and visit me in the morning." I say, pushing my fatherís arm gently.

"Alright, you donít have to twist my arm." Father laughs, causing me to smile.

"Good night Father, Tony." I state.

"Good night Sis. See you tomorrow." Tony replies before walking out.

"Take it easy and get some rest." Father states, pointing his finger at me.

"Yes sir! See you tomorrow father." I sigh and watch as he walks out. My true family had come. Pulling the covers up, I mentally prepare myself for the night.

"Hi." I say, watching Hank casually walk into my room at 7:30. He sat down and gave me a passionate kiss.

"Hey. Thought Iíd stop by before I go to work." Hank remarks.

"You work? Iíd never wouldíve figured." I joke around.

"Hey, letís not pick on the Hankster."

"Oh please, you still do that?" I skeptically asked.


"Refer to yourself in third person."

"Habit I guess." Hank shrugged his shoulders.

"So, where do you work?"

"Student teacher."

"Are you serious?" I ask, my eyes widening.

"Yes. When I was Europe, I got 3/4 of my college degree. I just need to do some student teaching, finish a few classes, and bingo, I got my degree."

"So, Mr. Bennett, what do you plan to teach?" I ask as he moves to sit on my bed. I hug him and let my hands roam his chest.

"Mmm, health." He mumbles in a moan.

"Health! Are you serious? You gotta teach high schoolers sex ed. and such? Too funny!" I say, laughing hysterically.

"Hey, can you tell me who else is better for the job?" Hank defends.

"Oh, no one, definitely you. Especially with your rep in high school, all the boys will look up to you!" I laugh.

"Thatís right babe. Finally the Hankster will get some respect."

"Babe is it now? Well, if youíre really gonna be a teacher, one suggestion." I say, my laughter dying down.

"What?" Hank asks, raising his eye brows.

"Donít refer to yourself as the Hankster."





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