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Jumpiní Jumpiní







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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories of soap days gone by


Jumpiní Jumpiní
by Lar


"Will ya look at that!" Adriana exclaimed, directing the attention of her husband to the couple dancing in the center of the room.

"You did it honey. This is the first step." Hank smiled.

"We did it. Theyíll be in each otherís arms all night."

"Letís hope so, Ďcause I expect you to be in mine later tonight."

"Alright Agent Bennett." Adriana smiled wickedly. "Do you think tonight we should drop the bomb on them and reveal everything?"

"Why not, the case is over. Iím no longer undercover."

"Iím so happy too. I was snooping around in D.C., and saw something of a promotion for Hank Bennett. I didnít want to tell you Ďtil later, but-" She leaned in close, "Iím in the arms on the new director of the New England Branch of the FBI."

"REALLY?" Hank yelled. The people dancing near him gave him annoyed glances, but he didnít care. He swept Adriana up in his arms. "I canít believe it. I love you so much, you and your nosy ways."

"I know you do. I canít wait to see their faces when we-" Adriana giggled.

"Itíll be priceless. Címon, letís finish our dance. I want to hold the one I love." Hank whispered, quickly catching Adrianaís mouth in a slow long kiss, that didnít go unnoticed by Luis or Sheridan.

"YOUR WHAT?!" Luis and Sheridan yelled simultaneously. They were walking along the beach, each couple hand in hand.

"Iím in the FBI, and weíre married." Hank said, spacing each word out as if he was talking to a first grader.

"Adriana! Why didnít you tell me?" Sheridan questioned, surprise written all over her face.

"I wanted it to be a surprise. Nah, actually, I wasnít at liberty to discuss it, as it might have created problems for Hank, when he was working undercover. But now thatís over. He wonít ever have to work undercover again. Ainít that right honey?" Adriana said, putting her arms around Hankís waist.

"Yup. Youíre looking at the new Director of Operations for the New England region. I guess that means something." Hank shrugged, and watched Luisís face drop.

"Hank! Thatís wonderful!" Sheridan exclaimed.

"That means youíre my superior! But you never were good in school or nothing." A shocked Luis proclaimed.

"So." Hank said, discuss dripping in his voice. "Iíve changed a lot since high school. And I pulled some strings with my dad to get me into training. I handled the rest from there."

"Oh, well congratulations. Iím glad youíre doing something." Luis said, not meaning it to come out the way it did.

"Iíve always done things! Just not for a long time! Youíre comparing old me to new me!" Hank yelled.

"Heís right Sweetie. Just let him be. Be happy for him." Sheridan remarked. Adriana gave Luis a nasty look for his behavior.

"I didnít mean it the way it sounded. I meant Iím glad your doing something long term." Luis replied.

"Hey, no hard feelings, I was just jerkiní your chain." Hank smiled. "So, is it official? Are you two a couple or what?" Adriana impatiently asked. Luis and Sheridan nervously eyed each other.

"Um, I really-"

"Yeah we just-"

"Sure." Luis finally said, letting out a sigh and waiting for Sheridan to blow up at his assumption.

"God itís about time." Adriana announced.

"Yeah." Sheridan admitted, smiling. A wave of relief washed over Luis, and he gripped her hand tighter.

"Looks like a new beginning for all of us." Hank smiled.

"I couldnít have said it better myself." Adriana commented, pulling Hank in for a kiss.





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