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Jumpin’ Jumpin’







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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories of soap days gone by


Jumpin’ Jumpin’
by Lar


"Listen girls, Ivy wanted me to tell you that you’re welcome to stay at the mansion tonight. We’ll probably be doing girl talk all evening." Sheridan smiled.

"Thanks Sheridan. We’ll tell ya later. C’mon Whit. My favorite song just came on, and I want to dance." Theresa said, pulling her best friend to the floor.

"Twelve o’clock, two hot guys staring." Adriana smiled, pulling on Sheridan’s arm.

"Oh, that’s Hank and Luis." Sheridan laughed at Adriana’s enthusiasm.

"Which one’s which?"

"The short one is Hank, and Luis is the tall one."

"Okay, short and cute is Hank. Tall and sexy is Luis. Which one do you want?"

"Want!? What are you talking about?"

"I’m gonna go request a slow song, who do you want to dance with?"


"Fine, I’ll let you have the sexy one, he’s too tall for me anyways. Be right back."

Adriana smiled as she skipped over to the DJ’s table. "Hey, would fifty bucks buy the next song?" She asked Chad, flashing her sexiest smile.

"Sure, lady. What’d ya have in mind?"

"Um, how ‘bout Sisqo’s Incomplete?" Adriana asked, knowing that song would do the trick.

"Sure lady. Coming right up. Any dedications?"

"Nah, not right now, maybe later. Thanks." Adriana laid the bill on the table, walked back to Sheridan, grabbed her arm, and proceeded to the area where Luis and Hank were standing. The slow music started as she neared them.

"Hey sexy, wanna dance?" She asked in a deep, inviting tone.

"Um, I-" Luis started.

"Not you. What’d ya say tiger?" Adriana asked Hank, leaving Luis stunned. He couldn’t believe she chose Hank over him.

"You bet." Hank said, leading her out to the dance floor and leaving Sheridan and Luis to themselves.

"That was great Agent Bennett. I don’t think Luis has ever gotten turned down for me." Hank said as they started to dance. "By the way, nice choice of song."

"Thanks. You didn’t honestly think I’d pick dancing with him over my husband do you?" Adriana joked. "Although you really weren’t accurate when you described him, Agent Bennett. The bureau looks down on that. He’s way more sexier than you and Sheridan both make him out to be."

"Well, excuse me, but I didn’t want my wife to leave me for him! Anyways, this isn’t work, now is it? As for recreation, how’s operation Hook-Up coming?" Hank asked, spinning her.

"They’ll be together by the end of the night. You can bank on that. I paid that DJ fifty bucks, he’ll play all the songs I want." Adriana sighed, and watched the tense conversation between her best friend, and Hank’s. "She still thinks he used her. I planted a lot of ideas about what could’ve happened, but, I don’t know if she’ll except them. Ivy knows something, I saw it in her eyes. She knows something about Luis and Sheridan."

"Yeah, well let’s hope she gets over it soon. Maybe then they’ll be as happy as us." Hank said, gently kissing her cheek.

"I’ve missed you so much. I’m trying to get a transfer to Harmony." Adriana remarked, leaning her forehead against his.

"They’re gonna start to get suspicious if we act too close." Hank warned.

"I know. Sheridan want’s me to spend the night at the mansion, but I think I’ll sneak out after they’re asleep. Are you still at the B & B?"

"Yeah, same room number too. The song’s ending, let’s go over to our friends." Adriana nodded. She took his hand and walked over with him to Luis and Sheridan.

"Hi guys." Hank addressed.

"Hi Hank. Adriana, I need to speak with you." Sheridan said, pulling her friend away from the boys. "What do you think you’re doing? That song was so, so-"

"Appropriate. Please, I saw you two sneaking glances at each other. And don’t you dare tell me I’m wrong." Adriana gave her a warning glance before continuing. "Hey, they’re playing a really good song. I’m gonna go dance with Hank. I suggest you do the same, you’re dressed for it." Adriana left her friend and walked back to the boys, who looked like they were in a heated conversation. "Hey tiger. I’m in the mood to get down, care ta join me?"

"Hell yes! Let’s go! Luis, remember what I said, ‘kay?" Hank reminded before leading Adriana out to the dance floor again. ‘Love Shack’ was playing, and it was their favorite song. "What’d ya say to her?"

"Just that she shouldn’t deny her feelings, and that she really needs to dance. What’d you say to him?"

"Pretty much the same thing. He should live for now, not in the past."

"I gotta an idea honey. Why don’t you dance with Sheridan, and I’ll dance with Luis. It’ll make them jealous." Adriana suggested.

"It’ll make me jealous." Hank laughed. "Okay, next song, if you want."

"Yeah. Don’t worry, Luis could be the sexiest man on earth, and he still wouldn’t compare to you." Adriana assured.

"Thanks hon, but that still doesn’t make me feel better about this idea." Hank sighed. Adriana gave him a warning glance. "Okay, let’s do it." They danced the rest of the song, each provocatively.

~ Meanwhile ~

"I can’t believe she’s dancing like that. They’re total strangers!" Sheridan exclaimed to Luis.

"I know. Hank’s acting like they’ve been going out for months or something." Luis commented. Sheridan found herself longing to dance with him. His witty remarks, his great features, everything about him got to her. The song quickly ended, and another song, ‘Too Close’, came on. Hank and Adriana walked towards them, both wearing sly smiles. Sheridan gave Luis a worried look, she knew Ria was up to no good.

"Partner switch. Luis, you wanna dance?" Adriana asked. Sheridan’s mouth fell open. She was shocked. Here Adriana was, asking Luis to dance, when earlier she was pushing Sheridan to dance with him.

"Umm, sure I guess." Luis replied, stuttering. Adriana winked at him, and then pulled him out onto the dance floor.

"Listen dude, what’s goin’ on between you and Sheridan?" Adriana asked, while dancing. She saw Hank and Sheridan dancing very closely near by, and moved in closer to Luis. She felt him tense up immediately at the closeness.

"Nothing, why do you ask?"

"I just want to make sure the guy my friend likes has no ulterior motive."

"What would make you think that?" Luis inquired.

"Oh, nothing, I just know how she got hurt in the past, I wouldn’t want that to happen again."

"She really likes me?"

"Don’t let her know I told you, but yeah. She was crushed too. When she thought she heard you say some things a while back."

"What things?"

"Just that you were using her. But I told her not to believe it. Probably foul play."

"That’s why she slapped me!?"

"Yup. But, she’s putting it behind her, I suggest you do the same. But don’t ever let her think you’re using her. ‘Kay?"

"Um, I guess. But shouldn’t I talk to her?"

"No! That wouldn’t be good. If you denied it, she’d be more inclined to believe it. Just let her think she misheard you."

"Okay. If your sure." Luis mumbled.

"I’m positive." They danced the rest of the song in silence. A slow song, ‘I Wanna Be With You’ by Mandy Moore, followed. Adriana stepped up close to Luis, and began to slow dance. But even in heals, the height difference made it awkward. Hank and Sheridan likewise did the same. Adriana positioned herself so Luis would be watching Sheridan most of the time. He again was tensing up, and she knew it was because of Sheridan and Hank dancing.

"What was up with you and Hank?" He asked, trying to create small talk.

"Nothing." Adriana stuttered, remembering how they were dancing and acting around each other. That was how they acted back in D.C., but everyone back there knew they were married. Here it was different, but they forgot to act different.

"Sure didn’t seem like nothing to me. You guys were dancing pretty provocatively. If I didn’t know better I’d say you two knew each other."

"Um, I always dance like that when I’m really into a guy." Adriana squeaked.

"Sure." Luis said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. They danced the rest of the song in silence. Once the song ended, the DJ began to play another slow song. Luis and Adriana continued to dance, until someone tapped Luis on the shoulder. He turned around and came face to face with Hank.

"Mind if I cut in?" Hank asked, a smile spreading on his face. Sheridan was standing close behind him, listening intently to what he was saying.

"Um , sure-" Luis managed to say before Hank whisked Adriana away. Luis and Sheridan watched as they began to dance. Slowly Luis turned around and bumped into Sheridan. He hadn’t realized she was that close. He smiled weakly as he remembered what Adriana had told him. ‘She thought I was using her.’ He didn’t know whether to be angry or sad for her at that notion. He looked at her, and mentally groaned. She knew what to wear, her dress was so revealing, that it turned him on.

"Luis. LUIS!" Sheridan raised her voice. Luis snapped out of his trance and looked into her eyes, which hypnotized him. "Where were you?"

"Just thinking." He answered, which caused her to give him a ‘go on’ look. "About, um, about Hank and Adriana." He said, satisfied with his answer. Sheridan rolled her eyes, not about to buy that lame excuse.

"Well, are we just gonna stand here in the middle of the dance floor?" an annoyed Sheridan asked.

"Um, no." Luis replied, sweeping her up in his arms. She sighed at the feeling of being in his arms again. He hadn’t held her in a long time, and it felt good, and right, to both of them.





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