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Jumpin’ Jumpin’







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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories of soap days gone by


Jumpin’ Jumpin’
by Lar


"Girls, I must say, we look absolutely fabulous." Ivy said, admiring the girls primping in her bedroom.

"Ivy, you’re too nice." Adriana said, putting on finishing touches involving make-up. She wore a short navy blue dress, that was similar to Sheridan’s, except it had string tie up by the bust.

"Thank you so much for letting us get ready over here." Theresa said, motioning to both her and Whitney. "I don’t think Luis would’ve let me outta my room, let alone the house."

"You do know he’ll see you at the party don’t you?" Sheridan asked, blotting on lipstick.

"Yeah, but he won’t do nothin’ about it. He’ll just grumble and get that look across his face." Theresa replied.

"I’m ready. Ivy, you’re right. We look marvelous." Adriana said, imitating Billy Crystal’s famous Saturday Night Live skit. The girls busted out laughing.

"There! Are we ready?" Sheridan questioned, putting her lipstick in her bag. The girls nodded in response. "Okay. The limo should be waiting, let’s go!" They grabbed their bags quickly and hurried down the stairs.

"Wow, it’s eight, and hardly anyone’s here." Hank commented as he and Luis entered the redecorated Youth Center.

"I don’t see Theresa anywhere." Luis stormed.

"Hey, her and Whitney are probably running late, doing girl things." Hank said, trying to calm his friend down.

"Yeah, but I didn’t even get to see what she’s wearing. It could be really bad, Hank" Luis said, looking Hank in the eyes.

"Hey, isn’t that your brother? I swear he lives at Sam and Grace’s." Hank said, trying to change the subject.

"It’s not working Hank. You can’t change the subject using the other sibling excuse."

"Hey, it was worth a try. Look, there they are now." Hank said pointing towards the punch bowl, where sure enough, Theresa and Whitney stood.

"Look at what she is wearing!!" Luis said, anger flaring in his eyes.

"It’s not that bad. You’re over reacting. Look at what-" Hank cut himself off when he noticed who came to stand next to Theresa and Whitney. Luis also was taken aback by the other two girls who came to stand next to Theresa and Whitney.





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