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Jumpin’ Jumpin’







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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories of soap days gone by


Jumpin’ Jumpin’
by Lar


(Authors Note: This takes place BEFORE Sheridan told Luis what she heard that night on the wharf, and Luis is no longer her body guard, the Drug Cartel has been caught!)

"Hey, hey, hey all you cats and kittens. This is Rick James here at 105.7 Har-mo-ny, and I have a party announcement for you! This Saturday, at the Harmony Youth Center, be prepared to get down and dance! The theme for this far out party is Destiny Child’s song, Jumpin’ Jumpin’, which means, Ladies leave you man at home, and fellas leave your girl at her friends. No dates people, it’s a stag party. Starts at 7:30, and rad DJ Chad Harris will be spinnin’ the coolest tunes! So make sure you don’t miss this killer party!"

"Perfect. Theresa, you really know how to plan a party." Ivy said, sipping her tea.

"Thank you Mrs. Crane- I mean Ivy, but it was Sheridan and your idea. I just helped it along." Theresa shrugged, sitting down next to Ivy. "I do really like the stag idea, though. It gives it character, and makes it different from normal parties."

"Yeah, I love that song, and thought it’d be awesome to make it really happen. Did I mention Ivy that my friend Adriana is coming for it. She’s taking her vacation this weekend, and wanted to come spend time up here. Isn’t that fabulous?" Sheridan commented.

"Oh how delightful. Maybe she’ll finally meet someone." Ivy replied. "I don’t know. She turned me down when I said I’d set her up with someone. Didn’t give me any reason, just turned me down." Sheridan retorted. "Oh well. I can’t believe it’s only two days away. What are you wearing?" "I was thinking of this cream outfit. It’s semi-skin tight, you’ll like it." Ivy answered.

"I’m wearing black pants and a pink tube top. I just hope I get outta the house before Luis sees me." Theresa said, laughing lightly at her last comment.

"Oh yeah. He’d never let you go out dressed like that." Sheridan remarked. "I think I’ll wear my short red dress. You know, the one that dips down in the front. It’s a good party dress."

"Well, whatever we wear, we’ll all look fabulous." Ivy smiled.





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