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GWTW:Passions Style










Disclaimer: I have no rights to either Gone With The Wind or Passions. I donít know anybody, I have no ties. Iím just using this for my own enjoyment.

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories of soap days gone by


Gone With The Wind: Passions Style
by Lar


Chapter Eight

Reese looked at her with shock and amazement. Could she really have just asked what he thought she did? Did she really want a second chance, for them?

After a moment of hesitation, Reese leaned down and engulfed her into a romantic, passionate kiss. Kay was surprised by the kiss, but quickly regained herself. She opened her mouth and depended the kiss.

Exploring her mouth had never felt so right to Reese. It was like they were meant to do this. Finally running out of breath, the broke apart and stared at each other.

"Wow." Reese said.

"If you kiss me like that on stage, Scarlett wonít be able to say her next line."

"Iíll make a mental note of that. But I canít control Rhett." Reese smiled, playing off the character banter.

"Why donít you come over tomorrow, and weíll rehearse. I know I can use some work on my sincerity, and, other things." Kay mumbled.

"Noon okay?"

"How Ďbout ten?" Kay suggested.

"Ten it is."

"Good night Reese." Kay stated, stumbling backwards a bit before opening her car and entering.

"Good night my sweet Kay." Reese whispered. He stood completely still watching her pull out of the parking lot. After her tail lights disappeared in the distance, he strode back to his car and went home.

Kay rummaged through her CD collection as she drove and pulled out her soundtrack to
South Pacific. Putting it in her CD player, she pushed it to number nine and waited for her song to start. She had always loved the musical. She used to watch it with her grandma when she was alive. Her grandma had actually given her the CD before she passed away, and Kay treasured it.

Lightly she began to sing along with the song that described her exact feelings at the moment.

"I expect every one of my crowd to make fun of my proud protestations in faith and romance. And theyíll say Iím naive as a babe to believe any fable I hear from a person in pants."

She paused for a moment to let the part that she didnít know pass before starting up again.

"Iím not ashamed to reveal, the world famous feeling, I feel.
Iím as corny as Kansas in August.
Iím as normal as blueberry pie.
No more a smart little girl with no heart, I have found me a wonderful guy.
I am in a conventional dither, with a conventional star in my eye.
And you will note thereís a lump in my throat, when I speak of that wonderful guy.
Iím as trite and as gay as a daisy in May, a cliche coming true.
Iím bromidic and bright as a moon, happy night, pouring light on the dew.
Iím as corny as Kansas in August, high as a flag on the forth of July.
If youíll excuse an expression I use, Iím in love, Iím in love, Iím in love,
Iím in love, Iím in love with a wonderful guy."

The song went into an instrumental just as Kay pulled in her driveway, and she shut her car down. As she entered the house, she hummed the song lightly to herself, and thought of all the feelings Reese had awakened in her.

"Hey Reese." Kay greeted as she opened her front door and let him in.

"Hi. Iím not to early?" Reese asked. He had tried to wait until 9:50 to leave his house, but he still left at 9:30.

"Early? Nah." Kay dismissed, noting that he was later than what she would have liked. "Come on up to my room. The living roomís always so busy." Kay said, leading the way up the stairs. Reese followed.

Once they entered the room, Kay plopped down on her bed and stared up into Reeseís eyes. She could get lost in his green-gray eyes. Or were they emerald? Damn, they kept changing. But she liked that. It attracted her eyes.

"Have a seat. Are you hungry or anything?"

Of course Iím hungry, but not for food. Reese thought. "No." He said, managing to find his voice. "So, what scene would you like to practice?"

"Um. The Ďfrankly my dear scene.í I always have a problem with that. I can never chalk up the emotions." Kay admitted.

"Well, weíll work on that." Letís just start from where I start packing. Iíll use your dresser as props, okay?" Reese suggested.

"Sure." Kay said, trying to think of her first line.

"Okay, whenever youíre ready."

"What are you doing?" Kay asked.

"Iím leaving you my dear." Reese said, opening the drawer. He blushed profusely when he looked inside to see her underwear and other lingerie.

"Um." Reese stammered.

"Yeah." Kay stated, rushing over and shutting the drawer quickly. "Use the second drawer."

Reese and Kay looked at each other, both blushing feverishly, before falling onto her bed laughing.

"Thatís the most embarrassing thing-"

"Youíre telling me!" Kay cracked up.

Reese stopped laughing and watched her. A bright smile adorned her face, and her eyes were lit up and bright. Brushing a stray strand of hair off her face, he leaned in and kissed her soulfully, letting himself get lost in the feelings she brought out in him.





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