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GWTW:Passions Style










Disclaimer: I have no rights to either Gone With The Wind or Passions. I donít know anybody, I have no ties. Iím just using this for my own enjoyment.

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories of soap days gone by


Gone With The Wind: Passions Style
by Lar


Chapter Seven

Kay sneaked around from the back entrance and peered forward. Not seeing anyone, she continued onto the stage.

"Come in Mrs. Butler." Reese said. Kay widened her eyes for a moment, before allowing a scowl to mask her face. She entered to center stage and noticed Reese sitting alone at a table. A sifter was placed on it, as well as one glass.

"Come here." Reese barked, motioning with his hand. Reese got up and walked to her, bowing from the waist down before leading her to the table and pulling out a chair for her.

"Sit down." He barked again. "Thereís no reason why you shouldnít have your night cap, even if I am here." Reese reached across the table and grabbed the sifter and glass.

"I didnít want a drink. I heard a noise-" Kay said, being cut off.

"You heard nothing of the kind. You wouldnít have come down if you thought I was here. You must need a drink badly." Reese slurred, pouring the coke posing as brandy for Kay and handing it to her.

"I do not."

"Take it. Donít give yourself airs. I know you drink on the quiet and I know how much you drink. You think I care if you like your brandy?"

Kay looked at the glass for a moment before taking it in her hands and downing it. She cringed and stood up.

"Youíre drunk and Iím going to bed." She stated.

"Iím very drunk, but I intend getting still drunker before the evening is over. But youíre not going to bed, not yet. Sit down." He said, shoving her back into her seat. "So she stood by ya, did she? How does it feel to have the woman youíve wronged cloak your sins for you?" Reese gruffly asked, sitting down. "Youíre wondering if she knows all about you and Ashley. Youíre wondering if she did it just to save her face. Youíre thinking sheís a fool for doing it, even if it did save your hide."

"I will not listení"

"Yes, youíll listen. Ms. Mellyís a fool, but not the kind you think. Itís just that thereís too much honor in her to ever conceive of dishonor in anyone she loves. And she loves you. Now just why she does, Iím sure I donít know."

"If you werenít so drunk and insulting Iíd explain everything. As it is though-" Kay said, standing up. Reese stood up with her and towered over her.

"You get outta that chair one more time." Reese warned. "Of course the comic figure in all this is the long suffering Mr. Wilkes. Mr. Wilkes, who canít be mentally faithful to his wife, but wonít be unfaithful to her technically. Why doesnít he make up his mind?"

"Rhett, you-" Kay said, standing up from her chair. Reese pushed her back down and walked around behind her, hunching over her.

"Observe my hands, my dear. I could tear you to pieces with them. And Iíd do it if itíd take Ashley outta your mind forever. But it wouldnít. So Iíll remove him from you mind forever this way. Iíll put my hands so, one on each side of your head. And Iíll smash your skull between them like a walnut."

"Take your hands off me you drunken fool." Kay commanded after a moment hesitation. Reese chuckled and moved away from her, saying, " You know Iíve always admired your spirit my dear, never more than now when youíre cornered."

"Iím not cornered, and youíll never corner me Rhett Butler or frighten me. Youíve lived in dirt so long you canít understand anything else. And youíre jealous of something you canít understand. Good night." Kay said, crossing the stage slowly. Reese paused for a moment before following after her. He jerked her by her arm so sheíd face him and pressed his body up to hers.

"Itís not that easy Scarlett." Reese said before kissing her passionately. "Youíve turned me out while youíve chased Ashley Wilkes, while youíve dreamed of Ashley Wilkes. Well, this is one night youíre not turning me out." Reese said, picking her up and walking off stage. Cheers came from the rest of the cast as they sat in the audience watching.

"Okay everyone. Great job. Reese, Kay, come out here, weíre going to talk about what we can improve." Mrs. Hablar stated. The students congregated to the stage and sat in a big circle.

"Iím really proud of you all. Youíve improved immensely, and the performance next week is going to be great. Just a few notes. Missy, you were early on your entrance, so work on timing. And Mike, you need to act a bit more angrier. You just found out that some Negroes attacked your wife. Don, wonderful tonight, I really believed you were a doctor. And of course, our leads. You both did outstanding. I was in awe. A few words, you missed a few lines, not important, but just remember them next time. Nice save on scene five Kay. Alright, thatís all I have to say. No practice until Monday, so enjoy your weekend."

The students began to move around and Kay went back stage to retrieve her water and script that she left back stage earlier. As she was about to leave, Reese came up behind her and cleared his throat.

"Oh, Reese. You scared me." Kay said in shock as she looked at him.

"I wanted to talk to you."

"Really? Okay." Kay said. "I was just leaving, you wanna walk with me to my car?"

"Sure." Reese replied. They walked down the corridor in silence until Kay said, "You wanted to talk, talk."

"Oh, sorry. You did great tonight. Every practice you get better. And I canít imagine anyone else as Scarlett. Youíre perfect, and Iím so glad weíre working together."

"Oh Reese." Kay squealed, tears coming to her eyes. In all her life, she couldnít remember a sweeter complement.

"Itís true." Reese said, as he held open the door and walked out into the parking lot with her. They reached her car and Kay walked over to him, placing a kiss on his cheek.

"Reese, youíve been nothing but sweet to me, and Iím afraid Iíve been a complete jerk."

"No, Kay-"

"Reese, let me finish. I couldíve been so much nicer to you, but I choose not to be. I was stupid, and I want you to forgive me, and please give me a better chance. I can be a better girlfriend, I know I can." She paused before her voice cracked, and looked him in the eyes, "I donít want to loose you like Scarlett lost Rhett. Please tell me you forgive me. Please say youíll give me another chance."





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