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GWTW:Passions Style










Disclaimer: I have no rights to either Gone With The Wind or Passions. I don’t know anybody, I have no ties. I’m just using this for my own enjoyment.

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories of soap days gone by


Gone With The Wind: Passions Style
by Lar


Chapter Five

Kay walked into the auditorium right after school and found students already on stage having fun. Immediately she spotted Simone and went to talk with her.

"Miguel here yet?" Kay asked.

"No." Simone bluntly stated.

"Jeez, sorry to push a button." Kay retorted.

"Kay, do you realize that you only talk about Miguel any more. Never about school, or me, or anything. Just Miguel."

"Not true. I talk about other things."

"Oh yeah, you getting the part of Scarlett. You need to expand your topics." Simone remarked.

"Sorry. Did you have a bad day or something?" Kay asked.

"Kinda. It’s just been a blah day. And I’m so sick of hearing Miguel’s name, that it set me off."

"Okay, I won’t mention it again. You wanna go sit on stage?" Kay timidly asked.

"Sure. Why not." Simone sucked in a deep breath and let it out before following her friend up to the stage. It wasn’t like her to blow up, and she really didn’t want to. But Kay brought it on herself.

Simone hopped up on the edge of the stage, next to Kay, and let her feet dangle.

"You ready?" Simone asked.

"Yeah. It’s just a read through. I’ll do fine." Kay sighed.

"I know you will. I watched the movie over the weekend. They shortened the play up a lot. There’s hardly any war scenes." Simone commented.

"Yeah. It’d be kinda hard to recreate the Civil War on stage. We already have to do a lot of scenes." Kay commented.

"Well, they are changing some things."

"Yeah. I don’t week for Charles in my room, but in the living room, that resembles the Wilkes’ drawling room." Kay laughed lightly.

"Alright people. Let’s start. Everyone gather round in a circle, and we’ll do this. Anticipate your lines, and try to do your best acting without props. Those won’t come until later." Mrs. Hablar announce. The students formed a circle, and waited for Mrs. Hablar to start them.

"Lights rise, we see Scarlett O’Hara and the Tarleton Twins sitting on the porch of Tara." Mrs. Hablar announced.

"What do we care if we were expelled from college Scarlett, the wars gonna start any day now, so we’d of left college anyhow." Grisham, playing Brent, said, attempting a southern accent. He sat about half way across the circle from Kay and Simone.

"War! Isn’t it exciting Scarlett? Ya know those fool Yankees actually want a war!" Dustin, who played Stuart, remarked, who sat between Jessica Remer and Annie Cole.

"We’ll show’em!" Grisham stated.

"Fiddle-dee-dee. War, war, war. This war talk is spoiling all the fun at every party this spring. I get so bored I can scream. Besides, there isn’t going to be any war." Kay said, her southern accent almost perfect.

"Not going to be any war?!" Grisham exclaimed.

"Why honey, don’t you want there to be a war?" Dustin questioned.

"If either of you boys say ‘war’ once again, I’ll go in the house and slam the door." Kay remarked.

"But Scarlett, honey-"

"Don’t you want us to have a war?" Dustin stated, cutting Grisham off and receiving a glare.

"Wait a minute Scarlett."

"Scarlett please."

"Well, but remember, I warned you." Kay smiled, getting used to her character.

"I’ve got an idea. We’ll talk about the barbecue the Wilkes’ are giving over at Twelve Oaks." Grisham suggested, also getting into character.

"That’s a good idea." Dustin replied. "You’re eating barbecue with us, aren’t ya Scarlett?"

"Why, I haven’t thought about that yet, I’ll think about that tomorrow." Kay replied.

"And all your waltz’s. First Brent, then me, then Brent, then me, and so on." Grisham stated.

"Promise?" Dustin asked.

"I’d just love to." Kay stated. Dustin whooped and Grisham cheered as the script said, and the crowd burst into giggles. "If only, if only I didn’t have every one of them taken already." Kay continued.

"But honey, you can’t do that to us." Grisham remarked.

"How ‘bout if we tell you a secret?" Dustin suggested.

"Secret? Who ‘bout?" Kay anxiously asked.

"Alright, that’s enough of that part. I think we’ll skip forward to another scene, but not until after a break. Five minutes everyone. Then meet back here." Mrs. Hablar said, and the students practically ran from the auditorium.

"Kay! You’re doing great!" Reese hollered out as he ran to catch up with her and Simone.

"Thanks Reese." Kay said, pleased that someone noticed her acting.

"Yeah. I didn’t know if I should call you Kay or Scarlett." Reese said between pants.

"Well, I’m outta character right now, so you should probably call me Kay." Kay suggested. They continued to walk through the empty school hall until they reached the vending machines. Kay pulled out a dollar bill and entered it into the machine. She pressed the button for a water, and waited for one to come out.

"I wonder what scene we’re going to do next?" Simone questioned aloud.

"Probably something that involves more cast members." Reese remarked.

"The Barbecue." Kay and Simone sighed at the same time.





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