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GWTW:Passions Style










Disclaimer: I have no rights to either Gone With The Wind or Passions. I donít know anybody, I have no ties. Iím just using this for my own enjoyment.

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories of soap days gone by


Gone With The Wind: Passions Style
by Lar


Chapter Three

"Alright, first up we have Katie Smith and Don Johnson reading for Scarlett and Rhett." Mrs. Hablar announced tot he crowd. The two students made their way up to the stage, and began to read the designated lines.

"Oh come on!" Kay whispered to Simone. "As if either one of them had a chance."

"Kay, get off it. If you have that attitude, you may not get the part." Simone hissed back.

"Okay, jeez."

"Next up, Kay Bennett and Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald." Mrs. Hablar announced.

"This is it Simone. Now theyíll all see how perfect me and Miguel would be." "Whatever Kay. Just get up there and act." Simone rolled her eyes and watched as Kay jogged up to the stage. Taking her place she waited for Miguel to start his line.

He whistled, and right on cue, a shocked look came upon Kayís face. "Has the war started?" Miguel asked, sounding like he was asking a two year old.

"You sir, should have made your presence known." Kay replied, using her perfect southern accent.

"In the middle of that love scene. That wouldnít have been very tactful." Miguel said, flubbing his line up a bit, but recovering. Kay paused and waited for him to continue. "Oh! Donít worry, your secret is safe with me."

"Sir you are no gentleman." Kay remarked, turning away from him.

"And you miss are no lady. Donít think I hold that against you." Kay looked at him and nodded his head for him to continue. She couldnít believe how bad he was doing. This wasnít like him at all. "Ladies have never held any charm with me."

"First you take a low, common advantage of me. Then you insult me!" Kay showed anger and stared down Miguel. If you didnít know any better, you wouldíve thought she was Scarlett OíHara.

"Thatís enough. Thank you both." Mrs. Hablar said, interrupting the stare between the two. Kay broke out of character and practically skipped down the stairs to where Simone was sitting.

"How was I?" She excitedly asked.

"What Scarlett? You need confirmation?"

"Címon Simone, knock it off." Kay sneered.

"You did great. Unless Vivian Leigh shows up herself, youíve got the part."

"Well then, letís just sit back and watch the otherís try." Kay said, leaning back into the seat a little more. Charity and Reese were now up on stage. Kay watched the two of them intently. While Reese was doing marvelous, even better than Miguel, Charity was too sweet. Her lines came off fake, and boring. It was like listening to a five year old..

"Alright. Missy Lorence and Dustin Juvino, youíre up next." Mrs. Hablar called out. Couples walked up on stage one by one. Each reading their lines to the best extent, but none comparing with Kay. Next they had the people auditioning for Ashley and Melanie come up to stage. Kay watched as a few people were called up, and was surprised when Charity and Miguel were called. What was even more surprising was how well they read their lines. It was as if they were Ashley and Melanie. The thought scared Kay.

Simone entered stage when they called for Mammy, and was a shoe-in to get Mammy, as the other girls stumbled their lines, and didnít get into character. The audition continued on until all important parts were called for.

"Thank you all for coming. Cast list will be posted on Monday. Enjoy your weekend."

The auditorium filled with a light buzz as the students grabbed their things and began to exit. Simone and Kay exited quickly and waited for Miguel, Charity, and Reese to join them. They had earlier talked about going to Book Cafe after the audition.

"Hey guys." Kay excitedly said as the trio exited the auditorium.

"Hi Kay. You did great." Reese commented, and stepped over to her side.

"Thanks, Reese." Kay dejectedly replied.

"Címon, letís go. Iím hungry." Miguel remarked.

"And Iím Kay, nice to meet ya." Kay joked.

"Funny." Miguel sarcastically replied.

"I know I am." Kay said as they began to walk down the corridor. She brushed up against Miguel along the way, and showed him a bashful smile when he noticed. But bashful she wasnít, it was all an act. ĎIf he wants goody-goody, then Iíll give him goody-goody.í Kay thought.

"Reese, you did good. I never knew you had it in you." Simone commented as she and Reese walked a few paces behind the group.

"Well, my mom loves the movie, so I grew up watching it. Plus, if I acted in the play, I donít have to do that character report for Mrs. To Talk." Reese replied.

"I hear ya." Simone nodded.

"Kay did great auditioning." Reese whimsically said.

"I swear she was made to play Scarlett." Simone agreed.

"Well then, I hope Mrs. Hablar can do something right."

"You mean casting?"

"Yep. Maybe if weíre cast together, then weíll get closer." Reese said.

"Itís a possibility."

"Well, itís my last straw. If this doesnít bring us together, than Iím going to dump her."

"Dump her!" Simone heatedly whispered.

"Kayís tough, sheíll be able to handle it. I just hope it doesnít come to that. I really like her." Reese remarked sadly.

"I still donít get it." Simone stated, "why would you dump her?"

Reese sighed heavily, and glanced up at the trio in front of him. Charity and Miguel were walking hand in hand, and Kay was on Miguelís left, intently listening to the conversation.

"You see how Miguel and Charity are?" Reese asked Simone.

"Yeah?" Simone replied as they headed out the doors and into the parking lot. The night had become colder than it was earlier, but it was still considered warm for a March evening.

"Thatís how we should be. But weíre not. If we canít get to that point, than whatís the point of being together?" Reese asked.

"I donít know." Simone replied, taking in his words.

"I hope this play does it for us. ĎCause I donít think I can take much more." Reese stated.





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