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GWTW:Passions Style










Disclaimer: I have no rights to either Gone With The Wind or Passions. I don’t know anybody, I have no ties. I’m just using this for my own enjoyment.

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories of soap days gone by


Gone With The Wind: Passions Style
by Lar


Chapter Two

. . . The Next Day . . .

"Here are the scripts." Mrs. Hablar said as she passed out an inch thick paper booklet to each student.

"What do you want us to read for auditions?" Caroline Preston, a medium height, blond with blue eyes, asked.

"If you are auditioning for Scarlett, you will read with a person auditioning for Rhett on page 30...um...34." Mrs. Hablar supplied. She walked around the U shaped desk formation and studied the students reading over the scripts.

"Do we need to wear or prepare anything special?" Rachel Willinski questioned.

"No. Just show up. Auditions are tomorrow evening, and I’m giving you today to read over the scripts." Mrs. Hablar responded, finally sitting at her desk.

The students around the room began to huddle with each other and read over the scripts. A few lines could be heard around the room, and Kay sneered each time she heard someone say Scarlett’s lines.

"Like that whine little brat even has a chance." Kay murmured.

"Who?" Simone questioned.

"Jessica Remer. She’s over there, reading Scarlett’s ‘I’ll think about it tomorrow’ line with no heart or feeling."

"Kay, you need to get over yourself. What if you don’t get the part?" Simone prompted.

"I won’t think about that now, I’ll think about that tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day." Kay responded with perfect ease. She stressed the right word in each sentence, and topped it off with a almost accurate southern drawl.

"Alright show-off. So you can do the part. But what about Miguel. How can you be sure that he’ll get the part of Rhett?"

"I just am. Who else is going to do it?" Kay spat.

"Reese." Simone shrugged.

"Reese, ha! Don’t make me laugh. He may have changed appearance wise, but he is no Rhett. Rhett is slick, and, well, Reese isn’t. Plus, I’ve never seen Reese act, but if he acts anything like the way he is, he definitely won’t get the part." Kay scoffed.

"Why are you always so hard on him Kay?" Simone questioned.

"Simone, I’ve really been trying, but it’s not easy. He just brings that part of me out." Kay explained. "I just can’t explain it."

"Maybe you’re jealous." Simone pondered.

"Jealous! Why would I be jealous?" Kay demanded.

"Ms. Bennett! I gave you this time to read over the script. I do not believe that phrase is in the script." Mrs. Hablar barked from the front.

"Sorry Mrs. Hablar." Kay droned.

"As I was saying." Simone whispered, "You could be jealous because he is smarter than you."

"So. I wouldn’t be jealous of that." Kay sneered in a whisper.

"Whatever. I don’t know. But you shouldn’t be so hard on him. He is your boyfriend."

"Don’t remind me." Kay sighed.

"Ms. Bennett!" Mrs. Hablar said.

"Sorry Mrs. Hablar. It won’t happen again." Kay apologized, burying her face in the script.

"Okay, auditions will be very simple. You’ve all filled out that form. When you hear the character you’re auditioning for, come up and stand on stage. We’ll be looking for correct pairing. Afterwards, will call people up one by one to read with another person. Any questions?" Mrs. Hablar asked the students, who were scattered in the front section of the auditorium. The school had been lucky when the county passed the bond issue, and granted them funding for the new auditorium. It was considered one of the best in the state. The acoustics were fabulous, and the stage was something to make the Palace theater drool.

"First up is Scarlett." Mrs. Hablar stated, stepping off the stage as the girls stepped on. Kay stood in the middle, her head held high, a big smile on her face. Others stood around her, but none of them looked the part. They either didn’t carry themselves with enough dignity, or were too lanky or short.

"Alright, stay in your spots. Anyone for Rhett, please come to the stage." Mrs. Hablar announced. She sat back down next to Mr. Linger and Ms. Halaway, who were helping to decide parts.

A small group of boys entered the stage, two of them being Miguel and Reese. Standing tall, either of them could’ve played the immortal character.

"Well, here’s a tough question. Which guy looks better with Kay, Reese or Miguel? That’s a no brainer, Reese." Simone pondered to herself.

"Thank you. You may return to your seat now." Mrs. Hablar dismissed them. What sounded like a herd of elephants echoed through the auditorium as the students left the stage.

"I got it." Kay said as she took her seat next to Simone.

"You did. You looked great up there." Simone confirmed.

"What about Miguel? I couldn’t really see him from where I was standing." Kay inquired.

"He looked good. Both him and Reese. It’ll be a tough call." Simone commented.

"Reese was up there too?" Whined Kay.

"Yes. You didn’t know he was auditioning for that part?"

"No." Kay replied, shaking her head slowly.

"Well, he did. It’s a toss up." Simone said.

"Miguel’ll get it. I know he will."





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