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Donít Think Iím Not









































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Donít Think Iím Not
by Lar

Chapter 38

"A-hem. It looks like someoneís up and well." A voice said from the door way, breaking them apart.

"Hello Luis and Sheridan." Hank muttered.

"Hi to you too!" Luis commented as Sheridan walked away from him and over to Gwen. She threw her arms around her friend and allowed the tears to escape freely.

"Sheridan, honey." Gwen sighed.

"Oh Gwen, itís so great to see you!" Sheridan squealed.

"You too. And by the way, Hank said I looked sexy in my hospital gown." Gwen commented, causing Sheridan to intake a breath quickly.

"You heard me?"

"Every word. Itís amazing how much I remember." Gwen smiled as Sheridan backed up and looked her directly in the eyes.

"You know how worried every one of us were?" Sheridan asked.

"Iím guessing pretty worried. Thatís what everyone said." Gwen answered.

"Itís great to see youíre so peppy Gwen." Luis said. "I swear, something wouldíve happened, Hank would be insane!"

"He already is!" Gwen joked. Hank put on a hurt expression, to which Gwen replied, "Oh come here baby." And pulled him into a passionate kiss.

"Gag me." Luis muttered.

"Hey! You were like that with Sheridan donít forget!" Hank commented.

"Whatever man, whatever."

"We saw your parents on our way in, what happened?" Sheridan asked.

"Basically I told them they canít run my life, and the doctor said they were affecting my health, so they canít come around me for a while." Gwen shrugged.

"Really? Thatís...Well..Wow." Sheridan stuttered.

"Wowís right. I just couldnít put up with their feelings when itís necessary or convenient. That doesnít work for me." Gwen replied.

"I guess not." Luis commented.

"Címon buddy, letís go get some coffee, and leave the girls to talk." Hank stated, getting up from the bed and walking towards Luis. "Weíll be back later." He called as they left the room.

"What was that all about?" Sheridan asked once the boys left.

"With Hank, who knows!" Gwen replied. "So, tell me whatís been going on with you and Luis."

"Not much. Iíve been so worried about you, but heís a real God send. Helped me to keep my wits together." Sheridan smiled, remembering some of their late night conversations.

"Thatís great Sheridan! Isnít love wonderful?" Gwen gleefully responded.

"Yes it is. By the way, I heard you and Hank admitted your feelings for each other. All I can say girl is itís about time!" Laughed Sheridan.

"What are you talking about?" Gwen asked, perplexity on her face.

"When we went out to The Blue Note, and you and Hank danced, I called it. I could tell you two were in love." Sheridan replied.

"Oh really?" Gwen asked.

"Yep. And I wish you all the luck. Hankís a wonderful man."

"Donít I know it." Gwen smiled.

"So Hank. Whatís up?" Luis asked as they sat at the cafeteria table, sipping their coffee.

"Nothing really, I just wanted to give the girls time to talk." Hank shook his head.

"You told her, didnít you?" Luis asked, a smile creeping onto his face.

"Yes." Hank said, reminiscing about it.

"Itís great isnít it? Being with the woman you love." Luis commented.

"Itís like a rush that wonít end." Hank admitted.

"We need to get together as soon as she gets outta here. Another double date." Luis suggested.

"I think sheíd like that. When she was on the freighter, she mentioned how she didnít think anyone would come for her. I think she thought no one cared for her. I intend to prove her wrong each and everyday."

"I donít know, something about rich families. None of their members seem to ever feel loved. Itís the same with Sher. Sheís never really experienced love either." Luis commented.

"Well then, to spending our lives to their happiness." Hank smiled, raising his Styrofoam coffee cup to his best friends.

"I can whole heartily agree with that!" Luis replied.

Gwen and Hank left the hospital a few days later, with strict doctorís instructions. Despite the limitations, they managed to find every reason to be with each other and snuggle. Adriana stopped by daily and briefed Gwen on the process of the trial. Everything was going smoothly after a few brief bumps in the road. Wagner had stuck to his guns, and was about to testify when he was killed. But to the dismay of the defense, the judge allowed the deposition to be played.

Hank had doubled the security on Gwen. He never left her side, setting up his office at home. Finally the day came where the jury was ready to read the verdict. They had deliberated for two days, and finally reached a conclusion. Gwen had cleared it with Hank and was able to come and watch the verdict being read. She sat right behind Adriana, who was dressed in a tasteful red skirt and jacket. Her hair was twisted up on her head and held in place with a large black claw. Her glasses were up on her head, and she scanned her papers before the reading.

"All rise." The bailiff called out. The entire courtroom stood up, and watched as Judge Bair walked it. The jury soon entered from the room to the side. After they filed in, the courtroom sat, and waited.

"Mr. foreman, has the jury reached a verdict?" Judge Bair asked.

"We have your Honor." The tall man replied. The bailiff walked over, took the paper from the man and took it to the judge. She read it over and handed it back to the bailiff. He slowly walked back to the foreman and gave him the verdict back.

"Mr. foreman, on the sole count of the indictment, murder in the first degree, how do you find?" Judge Bair asked.

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