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Donít Think Iím Not









































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Donít Think Iím Not
by Lar

Chapter 37

"Father." Gwen said, her voice dipping in pitch as Jonathan entered with Rebecca right behind him. A scowl covered his face, and he rolled his eyes when he saw Hank.

"Gwendolyn. Iím glad youíre awake. We have some things to discuss." Jonathan said, standing at the foot of her bed. Rebecca walked around to the right side of the bed, the opposite where Hank was standing.

"You sure sound glad to see me." Gwen skeptically replied.

"You are to come home immediately and will no longer be working at that hell hole called the District Attorneyís office." Jonathan continued. Hank felt the angry boil up inside him, but pushed aside when Gwen touched his arm. He looked down at he and nodded as she mouthed "let me handle this".

"No father. I will not." Gwen replied. Jonathanís mouth dropped open and he stared at her in disbelief. His eyes sifted from her to Hank, and that familiar scowl appeared again on his face.

"This is because of him." He sneered.

"Partly, but-"

"Gwen you can do so much better than this lower class rebound." Rebecca interrupted.

"Mother, Father, get this into your heads, I love him! Itís not a rebound, itís love. Something Iím sure is unfamiliar to you." Gwen scoffed.

"Gwen, I forbid it!" Jonathan roared.

"I donít give a damn what you forbid, Jonathan. You disowned me, and donít deny it. You cut my money off, cut off contact, hell, you just came here probably for good PR." Gwen replied, her temper growing more with every sentence.

"Do you really believe weíd do that?" Rebecca asked quietly.

"Yes Mother, I do. Youíve never shown me any real affection. Hank has, my new friends have. I like living on my own. I like my life right now." Gwen admitted.

"Well, I donít care what you like! Youíre coming home! Itíll be a cold day in hell before I let you ruin the familyís name because youíre happy!" Jonathan bellowed.

"Excuse me." Doctor Sweetman stated from the door.

"Iíll be the laughing stock of the business world. Gwen youíre the only child weíve got, so youíll do as I say!" Jonathan continued.

"Excuse me!" Doctor Sweetman yelled from the door. Jonathan turned around and came face to face with the feisty little brunette. She couldnít have been more then 5í3", but she held herself well, and looked straight into the eyes of Jonathan.

"What is it doctor?" Jonathan heatedly asked.

"I came to check on my patient and talk to her family, which I presume is you." Doctor Sweetman replied, not masking the bitterness in her voice.

"Alright Doctor." Jonathan said, stepping out of the way. Doctor Sweetman walked over to Gwenís left bed side and took her blood pressure. Just as she expected, it was high, and not healthy.

"This is just what I feared." Doctor Sweetman stated.

"What? Whatís wrong?" Rebecca frantically asked.

"Her blood pressure is really high. Itís dangerously high. She shouldnít be this hyper. What are you thinking by yelling at her? Are you trying to kill her?" Doctor Sweetman asked, looking directly into Jonathanís eyes.

"No...I just...I -"

"I could careless what you want, she needs to be kept calm. Until you can manage to control your temper and NOT yell at her, Iím afraid you shouldnít be around her. Itís too much of a health hazard for her."

"But sheís my daughter! I have a right!" Jonathan yelled.

"Actually, since sheís over 18, you donít. Please leave before you cause her to go into cardiac arrest!" Doctor Sweetman commanded. Jonathan looked at the faces around the room, each of them glaring at him. Grunting he left the room, defeated.

"Iím sorry honey." Rebecca said to her daughter.

"Mother, youíre just as bad as him. Sure you donít yell, but you do worse things. Please leave until you can accept me the way I am, and accept my relationship with Hank." Gwen said in a calm voice.

"Honey, please." Rebecca begged.

"Mrs. Hotchkiss, please respect your daughterís wishes. For her health." Doctor Sweetman stated. Rebecca left the room in a hurry, tears streaming down her face because of the rejection.

Gwen blew out a breath of air and smiled at Hank and Doctor Sweetman. "Thank you Doctor. That was easier than I thought."

"Well, you said a lot of things thatís been pent up for a long time." Hank commented.

"Really Gwen, it wasnít a problem, considering your blood pressure was rather high. Please stay away from them." Doctor Sweetman replied.

"Donít worry, at least while Iím Ďnot wellí I will! Although, being not well could last for a long time." Gwen replied with a chuckle.

"Okay. Iíll be back later to check on you." Doctor Sweetman smiled as she left the room.

"Baby, you did great. You faced your parents with bravery that would have Luis jealous." Hank replied, sitting down on the bed.

"Luis, huh? Well, thatís not saying much. How about you? Did I make you jealous with my bravery?" Gwen replied, sitting up a little more so his arm could go behind her.

"Babe, youíd make Bruce Willis jealous!" Hank stated, capturing her lips for a sensuous kiss.

"A-hem. It looks like someoneís up and well." A voice said from the door way, breaking them apart.

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