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Donít Think Iím Not









































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Donít Think Iím Not
by Lar

Chapter 35

Hank felt his breath become caught in his throat. Was he dreaming, or was she really looking back at him, a smile on her face.

"Gwen." He breathed. Gwen looked at him and nodded. Overwhelmed by emotions, he jumped out of his seat and enveloped her in a hug. She returned his hug and took in the feeling of being in his arms.

"Thank God, how long have you been awake?" He asked, sitting back down and staring at her intently.

"Long enough to see you toss and turn. You moved in that chair more than we did in bed." She chuckled lightly, even though her voice was still hoarse.

"Itís good to see you still have your sense of humor." Hank smiled.

"Is that another thing you love about me?" Gwen smiled, happiness reflecting from her eyes.

"You heard me?" Hank said, astonished.

"Every word." Gwen replied. Hank looked at her with amazement. "Get over here and give me a kiss, Iíve missed your lips." She commanded. Hank did as she requested and took her in for a emotional, but gentle, kiss.

"Iíve missed that too. Are you okay? Did I hurt you?" Hank asked. Gwen looked up at him with love.

"You could never hurt me." She replied. "Hank, will you please tell me the whole story." She asked. Hank sighed heavily and sat down. "I know it will be hard, but please, for me."

Hank ran his hand through his hair and looked up towards the ceiling. He exhaled and looked at Gwen. "Sam was always put on a pedestal, and I was always compared to him. So when Sam became a police officer, my father pushed for me to do the same. But I didnít want to be like Sam.

"So after high school I left home, with what money I had. I got on a boat and went to Europe. At first it was all good, but then I met up with some men, who promised me money, lots of it, if I did some jobs for them.

"The jobs were simple, running guns across boarders at first, but then I got into the drugs. That brought in more money. Back then I thought success was measured by how much money you had, so I made lots of it, and spent lots of it. I came home every once and a while, spending money left and right. No one caught on, or at least they didnít mention it to me.

"When I went back to Europe, it was the same job. I did it for a while, until something happened, and I killed a man." Hankís voice broke as tears started to pour down his face. "I didnít want to, but there was no choice. So I did it, then I got out of the business. I returned home, and then the stuff with Roger happened.

"When I went fed, Lonovich heard. These guys donít take to kindly to former members turning fed. I know how they operate, so Iím a threat. They saw I was happy with you, so they set it up so that Iíd die trying to save you. You almost died because of me." Hank stuttered.

"No Hank." Gwen shook her head and took his hand in hers. "They wouldíve killed me anyway. I knew information that can and will put Lonovich behind jail. It wasnít your fault." Gwen said. She looked into Hankís eyes and opened her arms. Hank willingly came to her hug, and they clang to each other.

When they finally broke apart, Hank stated, "That reminds me, Adriana was here earlier. She was really happy that youíre okay. The freighter is now in custody, so they should be able to have the case go as planned." Hank stated.

"I know, she told me. Plus I get three weeks paid vacation. Sheridan said this outfit did nothing for me, Theresa said she valued our misled friendship, which I find odd, and Sheridan said my parents gave you a hard time." Gwen explained what she heard while in the comma.

"You sure heard a lot." Hank mused.

"I only covered the interesting part." Gwen smiled.

"Sheridan was wrong, you look totally sexy in that hospital gown." Hank raised his eyebrows.

"Iím sure the doctors have some rule about that, Hank. After all I was just shot." Gwen giggled. "Seriously Hank, what did my parents say?"

"Very little in a lot of words. Just that Iím not good for you, and youíll be returning to their house when youíre outta here." Hank explained.

"Like hell I will!" Gwen exclaimed.

"Gwen, donít strain yourself." Hank warned, fear creeping in his eyes.

"You worry to much Hank." Gwen shook her head in slight amusement.

"Only when it comes to you, babe." Hank replied with a cocky smile. They continued to smile at each other until a nurse entered the room and shrieked.

"What?" Hank asked.

"Sheís awake! Why didnít you tell anyone? Iím going to go get Doctor Sweetman." The nurse said in a hurry. She left the room as quickly as she had entered, causing the couple to laugh.

"I see everything appears to be well." Doctor Sweetman commented from the door.

"Doctor Sweetman." Hank smiled. She entered and went over to Gwen.

"Hank, could you please wait outside, I need to examine Gwen." Doctor Sweetman asked. Hank looked at the two women and nodded. He left and went towards the cafeteria.

"Gwen, I need to talk to you." Doctor Sweetman said once Hank left the room.

"Yes." Gwen answered nervously.

"Itís nothing horrible." Doctor Sweetman reassured her with a smile, while sitting down on the side of the bed. "Youíre making a very good recovery. I can even venture to say that youíll be out of here within a matter of days."

"Well thatís a relief." Gwen stated.

"Yes. But even though youíll be released early, I want you to take it easy. No extraneous activities, donít work, and definitely no shouting or negative atmosphere."

"So basically no sex, no work, and stay away from my parents." Gwen summed up.

"Exactly." Doctor Sweetman replied with a chuckle.

"Can you kindly explain that to my parents? Iíll probably have to do it also, but it may help if a doctor does it." Gwen asked.

"No problem. Just take care of yourself."

"Thatís what Hank is for. To take care of me." Gwen smiled.

"Well, itís good that you have someone to take care of you. Iíll go tell him that he can come back in, but I want you to get as much rest as you can. Okay?"

"Will do. Thank you doctor." Gwen stated.

"It was my pleasure. Please donít be coming back to Harmony Memorial any time soon." Doctor Sweetman replied, tagging on her famous sarcastic line.

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