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Don’t Think I’m Not









































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Don’t Think I’m Not
by Lar

Chapter 32

Hank slipped out of sight, and walked to the roof of the hospital. He stood up there, in the cold night air, and looked at the stars. Hundreds of them lined the deep blue sky. Hank sighed heavily, and walked towards the edge. He leaned his elbows on it and propped up his head. His eyes journeyed heavenward, and he began to talk.

"God, please let her wake up. I know I’ve done a lot of wrong in my life, but don’t take it out on her. She doesn’t have a cruel bone in her body, at least not anymore. Please, I’m begging you. We love each other, even though she doesn’t know I love her, yet. Don’t let her go without living. She’s really just now enjoying life." Hank felt a tear slip down his cheek, and quickly brushed it away. "Please." He whispered.

"Hank? You up here?" Luis called. Hank turned around, and came face to face with a panicked Luis.

"Yeah. You worry to much, I wasn’t going to kill myself." Hank scoffed, knowing by the look on his friend’s face what he was thinking.

"You’re my best friend, I’ll always worry about you." Luis admitted. Hank smiled weakly and turned around, resuming his position. Luis came along side him and mimicked what he did. "Adriana showed up." Luis stated.

"Really?" Hank asked, no emotion coming through his voice.

"Yes. She’s down there talking with the doctor and the Hotchkisses. I think they’re trying to blame her too."

"That’s not right. I’m to blame, not her. Where do they get off?" Hank angrily asked.

"Don’t trip about it, she’s holding her own. I talked to Sheridan, she’s gonna try to get you in later tonight." Luis looked at Hank, who stared out into the night.

"I appreciate it. I know that they’d rather die then let me see her." Hank mumbled.

"But, it doesn’t matter what they want. Gwen will want you there." Luis stated.

"She said she loved me before they shot her. I never got a chance to really reply, it all happened so fast. I saw my opportunity, and took it. I didn’t get a chance to say anything." Hank admitted.

"You love her, don’t you?" Luis asked, watching Hank’s facial expressions.

After a labored sigh, Hank said, "Yeah, with all my heart." Luis nodded. The door opened behind them, and they both turned their heads to see Sam coming up to them. He leaned his back against the ledge and looked at the two men next to him. Why did it seem like only yesterday they were the annoying nine year olds who bothered him so.

"I talked to the doctor. She convinced the Hotchkisses to go home for the night. They almost jumped at the idea of sleeping in their bed rather the waiting room chairs." Sam snickered.

"Oh yeah, they
really care about her." Hank sarcastically replied.

"But this is good, now Sher won’t have to sneak you in to see her." Luis stated.

"I guess." Hank shrugged.

"Adriana want’s to talk to you." Sam stated, looking at his brother.

"Well, then, let’s not keep her waiting." Hank rolled his eyes and led the way back down the stair.

Ethan and Theresa entered the dimly lighted hospital room together. Doctor Sweetman had given the okay after the Hotchkisses left.

Theresa gasped and put her hand up to her mouth at the site of Gwen. She seemed so small in the huge bed, with the machines buzzing and beeping all around her. Releasing Ethan’s hand, she walked over to the chair on the left side of Gwen’s bed and sat down in it.

Ethan remained frozen in his stances. His former fiancée, and best friend, was laying in that hospital bed, fighting for her life. She looked so helpless, not the fearless, ‘do it myself’ Gwen he always knew. Shaking his head, he walked over and stood behind Theresa, gently resting his hands on her shoulders.

Theresa looked up at him and noticed the tears pooling in his eyes. She could feel the tears in her own, but decided to ignore them. Slowly she reached over and took Gwen’s hand. She squeezed it gently before talking.

"Gwen. I know you and me aren’t the best of friends, but we were once. And even though I was friends with you for the wrong reason, I really liked being your friend. You are a great person. Fight Gwen, don’t give up. Everyone needs you and misses you so much." Theresa said, letting a few tears escape her eyes. She got up and took Ethan’s hand. She carefully moved him over to where she was sitting and placed Gwen’s hand in his own. She smiled weakly before turning and leaving. She knew he needed to say things to Gwen, without herself being in the way.

Ethan watched as Theresa left the room. ‘Did that woman have a selfish bone in her body?’ He wondered. Turning his attention back to Gwen, he watched as her chest moved up and down.

"Gwen, I’m so sorry. You are such a wonderful person. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I never wanted that. I just, I." He raised his free hand to wipe away fallen tears. "You wouldn’t have been happy with me. We would’ve turned out like our parents. But I think you know that. And I think you’ve found happiness." His thoughts drifted to Hank, who was suffering out in the corridor. He gave Gwen’s hand a comforting squeeze before standing up and walking towards the door. He stopped in the doorway and glanced back at her one more time. "Come back Gwen." He stated quietly before leaving.

"Adriana?" Hank called out as he entered the waiting area. Adriana looked up from where she was sitting when she heard her name being called. Excusing herself from Sheridan, she got up and walked towards Hank. Upon approaching him, she pulled him in for a gentle, comforting hug.

"She’ll be okay, she just has too." Adriana commented while breaking apart. Hank smiled wearily. Gwen had always had such high praise for her boss, and now he could see why. Somehow you could believe anything she said.

"I hope so. I’m going to see her later." Hank replied.

"Me too. Hank, did you find out anything? Did you recover the documents?" Adriana asked.

"I didn’t personally, but the boat is now in police custody. We’ll give you anything we find." Hank offered.

"That’ll be great. I’m going to go talk to Wagner tomorrow morning and explain that Lonovich’s kidnapping failed. Maybe he’ll cooperate with us again." Adriana smiled. She noticed the two that left earlier to see Gwen come back, and made excuses to go see her.

Hank watched Adriana leave, and thought. ‘She said Gwen’d be alright. For some reason, I believe she will.’ Hank smiled lightly, and sat down next to Sheridan, who grabbed his hand and gave it a comforting squeeze. ‘Gwen has to wake up, and see everyone that’s here for her.’

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