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Don’t Think I’m Not









































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Don’t Think I’m Not
by Lar

Chapter 31

Hank rose to his feet and shook off his trance as he heard the yelling. Luis and Sam walked to him and stood next to him, waiting for the man with the bellowing voice to appear.

A minute later, a short man appeared from around the corner, Rebecca Hotchkiss following him. He had slick gray hair and a small, upturned nose. His stomach filled in his pants, and he walked quickly to where the three men were standing. His blue eyes pierced through his squinted eyes. He stopped right in front of them and looked them over from head to toe.

"Which one of you are Hank Bennett?" He demanded, his voice rough and uninviting.

"I am." Hank answered quietly.

"I hold you personally responsible. Our daughter would not be in there right now if you hadn’t slacked off." He barked. Hank looked at the man he assumed was Jonathan Hotchkiss and silently agreed, but for different reasons.

"I hold myself responsible too." Hank whispered.

"Listen, Hank did everything he could. He had every available agent and police man working on this." Luis defended. Jonathan glared over at him, but turned his attention back to the man that was looking down at his shoes.

"Well, this won’t happen again. As soon as she makes through this, she’s moving back in with us." Jonathan stated angrily.

"I don’t think she wants that." Hank said, remembering every time Gwen had told him how much she hated that house.

"It doesn’t matter what she wants, it’s what’s best for her." Jonathan snapped.

"It’s what you think is best for her. She was perfectly happy living on her own. You’ve never really cared what’s best for her. You tried to marry her to a man that wasn’t in love with her, then fired her when she refused to try anymore." Hank replied, standing firm in his defense.

"Your that man she’s living with, aren’t you?" Rebecca snapped.

"Yes." Hank stated.

"Ugh, I can’t believe Gwen lives with such lower class people." Rebecca complained to her husband. Hank looked at Sam and Luis, and rolled his eyes. He turned back to Rebecca and Jonathan.

"I’m sorry that you’ll have to stop living off our daughter, but
you are not what she needs." Jonathan replied.

"I think she should be able to decide that for herself." Hank said through a clenched jaw.

"Actually-" Jonathan started, but stopped when he noticed a doctor approaching.

"Hello, I’m Doctor Sweetman." She stated, her face expressionless.

"We’re here!" Sheridan yelled out as she, Ethan, and Theresa raced across the hospital corridor. They stopped in front of the small crowd, panting slightly.

"Sorry, we just got here." Ethan explained.

"It’s okay Ethan, Gwen needs all the support she can get." Rebecca smiled, noting how he came racing.

"Let’s listen to the doctor." Jonathan reminded, turning his and the groups attention to the doctor waiting patiently in the background.

"Gwen’s suffered a damaging gunshot wound. The bullet punctured her left lung, but luckily missed her heart. We were able to repair the damage, but she fell into a coma."

Gasps were heard from the group, and Hank sank down into the nearest chair. Luis came up to him and placed his hands on Hank’s shoulders, giving them a reassuring squeeze.

"The next 24 hours are critical." The doctor stated, looking over the group.

"Can we see her?" Rebecca asked.

"One at a time. Please talk to her, it helps, and sometimes they can hear." Doctor Sweetman smiled lightly.

"Thank you doctor." Sheridan said. The doctor nodded and left the area. Rebecca and Jonathan immediately headed off in the direction of Gwen’s room, leaving the group behind. Sheridan sank into the chair next to Hank, and Theresa and Ethan sat across from her.

Hank leaned on his left hand, lost in a trance once again. Sheridan watched him for a few minutes, before getting up and pulling Luis to the side.

"How’s Hank taking this?" She whispered, glancing back at Hank who was in the same position.

"Not good. Before you came, he had a argument with Gwen’s parents." Luis whispered back.

"God, I feel so bad for him." Sheridan stated.

"I don’t think Gwen’s parents will let him in to see her. I just have this feeling that they won’t. Sher, they like you, you need to get him in to see her if you can." Luis commented.

"I don’t know if I can." Sheridan nervously replied.

"Not right away, later." Luis said, kissing her forehead.

"Alright, I’ll try." Sheridan nodded, and grabbed his hand. They walked back over to the group, and she sat back down in her spot.

"Someone needs to call Adriana." Hank stated, startling the group.

"I’ll do it." Sam cleared his throat. Hank stayed in the same position as Sam left and made the phone call.

He couldn’t stop thinking of his conversation with Gwen’s parents. It replayed over and over in his head. The doctor’s words also plagued his thoughts. Would she wake up? Would he ever get to tell her he loves her?

Adriana nearly dropped the phone as she heard the news. She promised to be there within minutes and hung up. Throwing the covers off her bed, she got up started to get ready to leave.

"Who was that honey?" Adriana’s husband, Justin, asked, sitting up in bed.

"News about Gwen. She was shot, and is in a coma. I’m going to the hospital." Adriana replied, slipping into her pants.

"Do you want me to go with you?" Justin asked.

"No, you’ve got work at four. I’ll be fine." Adriana replied, throwing her night shirt on and slipping on another shirt.

"But do you need me for emotional support?" Justin inquired.

"No. I’ll be tough. I’ll see you when you arrive at the hospital later. I love you." Adriana stated, walking next to him and kissing him.

"If you need me, call. I love you too." Justin replied as she walked out the room. He laid back and listened as the car started a few moments later. He always admired his wife’s strength and ability to not fall apart.

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