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Don’t Think I’m Not









































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Don’t Think I’m Not
by Lar

Chapter 29

Hank crept down the hall, trying every door. Most of them were unlocked, except the last one at the end of the hall. He knocked lightly, hoping if she was on there, she’d here him. He waited for what like seemed like hours. Finally, the door cracked open. Hank placed his gun in both hands, and slowly inched to door open until it was all the way. He surveyed the room, his eyes finally settling on her. Tears streamed down her eyes, her make-up was smeared, her clothes wrinkled, bags under her eyes, her hair disorderly. Hank had never seen her more beautiful.

"Gwen." He breathed.

"Hank." She cried. Her eyes connected with his, but then darted towards the corner. Hank looked over to where she was looking, and gasped.

"Sully." He growled, as the dark haired man came out from the shadows.

"Bennett. Long time, no see. And look, you’ve gone fed. I never would’ve thought you’d do it." Sully mockingly clapped his hands together. Hank stood there, watching his every move. "I must say Bennett, you should really watch your girl closer next time. Oh, I forgot, there won’t be a next time."

"Sully, do what ever the hell you want to me, just let her go." Hank growled.

"Sorry, no can do. This comes directly from the boss. I can’t disobey orders." Sully said, lifting his eye brows.

"Bullsh*t." Hank spat.

"You know, you always were trouble. But since I’m a nice guy, I’ll let you say good-bye to your girlfriend. Then you can watch her die." Sully said, walking past Hank and taking the gun away from him. He slammed the door shut behind him, and left Hank and Gwen to their privacy.

Hank immediately rushed over to Gwen, and hugged her for dear life. He backed away and captured her lips, savoring the sweet flavor of them.

"I’m so sorry Gwen. I’ll get us out of this, I promise." Hank stated upon breaking apart.

"I thought no one would come." Gwen confessed, sobbing a bit.

"We searched high and low, even in different countries. Who would’ve thought Sully would use a boat, he gets sea sick." Hank said, trying to make her feel better.

"You know him." Gwen sobbed.

"Yes. I used to work with him." Hank confessed. He began to study the ground, waiting for her to speak.

"You worked for Lonovich?!" Gwen said, raising her hand to her mouth.

"Yes." Hank muttered.

"Why didn’t you tell me sooner?" Gwen asked.

"I was ashamed of it. We were just starting out, I didn’t, well, I wasn-"

"Save it. We can talk about it later. Right now, we need to get outta here." Gwen said, regaining her composure.

"Um, sure." Hank said in disbelief. He looked up into her eyes and found reassurance.

"Hank, you did tell someone where you were going, right?" Gwen asked, and watched as Hank bit his lip and looked down again. "Hank!" She exclaimed.

"Well, I just figured it out, and-"

"And thought you could save me all by yourself? God Hank!" Gwen stomped around the small room, thinking.

"Gwen, don’t worry. I’ll get you outta this." Hank reassured.

"Hank, I don’t want to be the only one coming outta this." Gwen admitted.

"Listen Gwen, when they take us to where ever, just try to stay outta the way. If you see a break, go for it. Okay?" Hank stated, grabbing her gently by the shoulders and looking into her eyes.

"Yes." Gwen whispered, frightened by the look in his eyes. Silence settled as they looked into each other’s eyes, searching for something, anything. Slowly Hank’s head started to descend onto hers, and captured her lips. The kiss was as sweet as before, but Hank used his tongue, fearful that it would be the last time he’d ever kiss her. ‘Get her outta here, that’s the goal.’ He told himself as he enjoyed the kiss. A small moan escaped her lips, but was swallowed by his.

"Isn’t that just precious." Sully sneered from the doorway. Gwen and Hank broke apart and glared at him. Five men dressed in dark clothing walked around him and entered the room, pointing guns at the two. "It’s time to go now." Sully stated, before leaving. Hank and Gwen walked to where the men pushed him, which happened to be a large cargo bay in the hull of the freighter. The men pushed Hank and Gwen to the middle of the room, never taking their guns away from them as they circled around them.

"Get over on the left side Bennett." Sully barked. Hank looked in his eyes, but stood firm, until a gun was cocked and pointed directly at Gwen. Hank jumped over to the left side when this happened. "Any last words Miss Hotchkiss?" Sully asked as the rest of the men cocked there guns.

Gwen looked around at the men, then at Hank. "Um, I...I...I love you Hank." She stuttered, letting a single tear escape. Hank stood speechless. ‘She loves me. Why? What did I do?’

"Touching. I wish I could say you’d be reunited in heaven, but I’m afraid Hank’s most likely going to hell. Boys." Sully said. They hesitated for a moment, and Hank took this as his cue. He dove at Gwen and knocked her to the floor. Three gun shots rang out, but landed in the hull of the freighter. Hank stood up quickly and attacked the nearest man next to him. After a swift kick to the chest, the man fell down and released his gun. Hank dove for the gun as Gwen ran off to a corner, watching the action. Hank fire three times, each time hitting a man.

Finally there were only three men left, Hank, Sully, and one more, Todd. Hank watched as Todd’s eyes wandered, and shot him squarely in the leg. He turned his gun back to Sully, just as Sully turned his gun to Gwen.

"Drop it Sully, that is if you value your pathetic life." Hank yelled.

"Calling me names is not going to get your girlfriend off. Shoot me, but others will follow." Sully yelled back, pulling back the hammer on his gun. Hank looked at Gwen.

A single shot rang out, followed by another.

Sam and Luis boarded the boat just as the shots rang. Fear and panic over took them, as they raced around the boat, trying to figure out where it came from. An open stairwell gave them a clue, and they descended to find out who had been shot.

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