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Don’t Think I’m Not









































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Don’t Think I’m Not
by Lar

Chapter 26

"Search every warehouse on the wharf. I don’t want no place not searched." Hank shouted at the officers.

"Hank, we need a warrant." Sam interjected.

"No, we don’t." Hank stated before hollering at the officers, "Don’t exactly search, just keep your eyes and ears open for anything suspicious."


"Sam, save it." Hank cut off, starting to walk down the wharf.

"Hank? Where are you going?" Sam hollered after him.

"To find Gwen." Hank muttered, continuing his journey. Before long he was down on the older part of the wharf. Abandoned building were on his left, each one looking suspicious. Hank sneaked up to each window, hoping beyond hope that he’d hear voices, or more importantly, her voice.

As he reached the last building, he felt his heart leap into his throat. This was it, she had to be here. He pulled out his gun, and crouched down besides the only way into the place, the door. He listened for any noise, and heard none. Taking a chance, he tried the door knob, but found it locked. Kicking it open, he walked inside and began searching. A small card table sat in the corner, with three old folding chairs surrounding it. Carefully he walked around it and into the back room. An ancient cot was pushed up against the north east wall, another card table was stationed along the opposite wall. Hank backed out of the room, a little discouraged.

Upon backing out, his back smashed into another back, and Hank whipped around, pointing his gun at the man. He dropped his gun and smiled wearily at the man he recognized as Luis.

"What the hell are you doing here?" He asked.

"Sam called, said you had gone off the deep end trying to find Gwen." Luis whispered.

"Sam’s an ass." Hank replied, walking over towards the only other room in the place. He opened it and pointed his gun in. After waiting a minute, he and Luis entered, and found the place barren.

"I’m sorry." Luis offered. Hank looked like a child who had lost their dog, completely broken.

"So am I." Hank muttered. Where was Gwen? If the people who he thought kidnapped her did, then she’d be on the wharf.

"Will find her." Luis muttered, hoping he could make it come true. Not just for Hank’s sake, but for Sheridan’s as well. She was completely heartbroken when she received the news of what happened to Gwen.

"I know. C’mon. There’s gotta be a place we missed." Hank stated, re-determined. He led the way out the door and back onto the wharf. The walked back, failing to notice the large freighter drifting out in the harbor.

Gwen watched at the two men entered. One stood in front of her, pointing a gun while the other one went around to the back of the chair and started to untie the ropes. Suddenly the man from earlier appeared.

"Looks like that friend of yours isn’t coming. We’re taking you so you can sleep tonight." The man explained. "See, we’re not inhuman."

Gwen stared at him as she felt the ropes loosen. She rubbed her wrists as the ropes came undone and stood when the man behind her grabbed her elbow. He looked at her and smiled weakly. Short blond hair hung loosely on his face, and understanding green eyes peered at her. They led her through the small hallway. The steady rocking of the boat and her reuse of her legs left her wobbly. The blond man steadied her as they walked into a small room. All that was in the room were a pair of bunkbeds along the left wall.

"Sorry it’s not the Ritz." The raven haired man from earlier that day remarked. "But you’ll deal with it." He nodded at the blond man, who led Gwen in. He smiled at her before turning around and leaving. Gwen listened as they locked the door. She looked around the room. A barren overhead bulb hung above her, the only light in the room for there was no windows.

She sighed as she walked over to the bed. Pulling down the thin blanket that covered the bed, she slipped in and hugged her knees. ‘God, where’s Hank? Is he not coming? Does no one care?’ She thought to herself, allowing the tears to fall. ‘Hank please come.’ She begged silently.

Reluctantly Hank walked into their condo. They had searched Harmony and Castleton inside and out, finding nothing. Luis and Sam had practically walked him to bed. Hank walked through their house, noting the emptiness that radiated from it. He walked past the kitchen and into her room. He looked around at her things. Her cute dresser, the way his and her clothes were flung around the place, and felt tears in his eyes. ‘Why did I let them talk me into stopping! I should be looking for her. If anything were to happen to her, I’d, I’d have no reason to live.’ He stated as he shed all of his clothes except his boxers and entered her bed. He gripped her pillow and took in the perfume on it. Her perfume. Would he ever find her?

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