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Donít Think Iím Not









































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Donít Think Iím Not
by Lar

Chapter 25

Gwen struggled to release her hands from the tight restraint of the rope. She fought back the tears that threatened to spill, and chanted to herself, ĎHank will come, Hank will come.í. She fought again with the rope and finally gave up.

ĎItís not use, Iíll never get outta this. God, how could I be so stupid? I should have ran away from the car!í She thought, leaning back against the chairís back and closing her eyes. Almost instantaneously, Hankís face appeared in her mind. His deep brown eyes, scattered brown hair, and cocky smile all appeared to her.

A loud noise brought her back to reality, and she peered into the darkness of the room, hoping to see someone. Finally he appeared out of the shadows. He wore a black leather jacket and black jeans. His black hair was slicked back, and he looked to be about thirty or forty.

"Ah, I see youíre awake Ms. Hotchkiss." He stated, his rough, New York accent, penetrating his sentence. Gwen coward at his glare, and he smiled lightly. "Iím sorry about the ropes, but they are necessary."

"Why am I here?" Gwen nervously asked.

"Please, youíre smart, you shouldíve figured that out." Gwen gave him a blank stare. "The tape and transcript."

"But why would I matter, the clerk has a copy as well." Gwen stated quietly.

"Had. She had a copy." He said, holding up another transcript. Gwen shook her head.

"Whatís gonna happen to me?" She asked quietly, hoping heíd have a heart.

"Thatís for me to know, and you to find out." He answered cryptically. "Iíve gotta go. Iíll see you later, sweetie-pie." He exited much in the same way he had entered, without a trace.

Gwen let a single tear slip down her cheek. Hank would come for her, but would anyone else even notice she was missing? Definitely not her mother or father. They had disowned her, so why would they care? Sheridan and Luis might, but they were so wrapped up in themselves. Ethan wouldnít care, unless it had something to do with his precious Theresa. Maybe Adriana, but sheíd have her hands full now with the case. So that left Hank, and only Hank. ĎGod let him come.í

Hank marched into the police station, past every desk, and straight into his brotherís office. Sam sat up when Hank entered and set down his crossword.

"Whatís up Hank?" Sam cautiously asked, noting his brothers angered face.

"I need every spare police man youíve got." Hank demanded, leaning on his hands which were placed on the front of Samís desk.

"Why?" Sam asked.

"Donít ask why, just do it!" Hank barked.

"Brother, calm down. Whatís got your drawers in a twist?" Sam inquired.

"Dammit Sam! I donít have time to dick around! Gwenís gone missing!" Hank yelled.

"Youíre upset because your girlfriend left you? Did you try her parents house?" Sam skeptically remarked. Hank, enraged by his brotherís behavior, grabbed Sam by his collar and pulled him to Hankís face.

"People have been threatening Gwen because of this case sheís on. Now dammit, theyíve kidnapped her, and youíve got the balls to make light of it. You are despicable excuse for a man Sam, you really are. Now get me the damn men!" Hank barked, narrowing his eyebrows.

"Alright." Sam said, running out of breath. Hank pushed him away, and Samís hands immediately went to his neck. "Iím sorry man, I didnít know."

"Well now you do." Hank replied.

"Youíve got any man you need." Sam said, coming around from his desk and stepping out of his office. Hank stayed back and listened as Sam explained that they were under orders from Hank. Sam reappeared and said, "All yours. You need my help?"

"It would be appreciated." Hank stated, walking past Sam and shouting out orders. Sam felt a pride come over himself as he watched his former screwed up brother take charge. What he wouldnít give for their father to be there at that moment.

"Okay guys, letís review where we stand." Adriana said to the other attorneys in the meeting room. Jackets and ties were shed, and papers covered the long oak table in the center of the room.

"Gwenís missing, along with all copies of the deposition. The judge wonít grant a mistrial or continuance because the witness is still alive. And Lonovich wonít bargain. So we go to trial." Adriana announced. "Keith, I want you to talk to Wagner tomorrow. Make sure heís still saying the same thing. Okay? Alright everybody, go home and get some sleep. I want updates tomorrow on everything youíve been working on. Good night everybody."

Salutations were mumbled as the lawyers, all accept Keith and Adriana, left the meeting room. Sighing, Adriana sunk into the large chair that was behind her.

"Sheíll be okay. Itíll all work out." Keith reassured. He walked around and started giving her a shoulder massage.

"God I hope so. This is the first time an attorney has been kidnapped, Keith." Adriana sighed aloud.

"I know. But I trust this Hank fellow. He seemed competent." Keith stated.

"Iím worried about Wagner. Once he finds out the transcripts have gone missing, he may change his tune. We canít have that happen. If he starts saying something different, are case is gone." Adriana admitted.

"Then the best we can do is to threaten him if he doesnít comply, and hope Gwen returns soon." Keith remarked.

"When you see Wagner tomorrow, explain to him that heís dead if he talks, and dead if he doesnít. Either the state or Lonovich will kill him." Adriana stood up and began to gather her things. "Iím gonna go home and soak in my bath. Maybe Justiníll give me a back rub. Thanks Keith. Iíll see you tomorrow." Adriana called as she left the meeting room, praying that nothing else happened.

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