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Don’t Think I’m Not









































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Don’t Think I’m Not
by Lar

Chapter 23

Gwen rushed into the condo. Hastily she took off her coat and placed it, along with the briefcase she brought in, in the hall closet. She stopped and listened to the quietness of the house. ‘No one’s home.’ She thought. Instinctively, she grabbed her gun from her purse and walked into the living room. She listened for a minute before turning on the lights. ‘Coast clear.’ She thought, leaving the room and repeating the procedure in the kitchen, and finally the bedroom. Once safe in her room. She changed into her comfortable pajama pants and tank top. She walked over through the bathroom into Hank’s room.

Glancing around, she checked to make sure no one was there before opening one of Hank’s drawers and grabbing a sweatshirt from it. Running back into her room, she grabbed the gun from her dresser top and placed in on her night stand. She hopped into bed and hugged her arms around herself. ‘It’s okay, I’ll just tell Hank when he comes home. I’ve got my gun right here, and I can use it.’ She repeated in her head. Sighing, she snuggled down in her bed and turned the television on. She flipped endlessly through the channels until she fell asleep, exhausted from the day and night’s events.

Hank entered his home and found it completely shut down. He didn’t know if Gwen was home or not until he set his jacket in the closet. Rubbing his face he entered and exited the dark living room. Upon entering the kitchen, he paused in front of the open refrigerator and pulled out an apple. He took a bit of it and proceeded to walk past Gwen’s cracked door. A soft sound was coming from her room, and he could tell that the television was on. ‘I should turn it off.’ He thought, entering the room. Surprise and fear pulsed through his veins the moment he entered and made a noise, prompting Gwen to sit up, grab her gun, and point it at him.

"Gwen. It’s me, Hank." Hank whispered, hoping to calm her enough to put the gun down. ‘Why the hell is she sleeping with her gun next to her?’

"Oh Hank." Gwen cried, putting the gun down and rushing to him. She enveloped him in a big hug which he reciprocated.

"What’s wrong?" Hank asked soothingly.

"This man called me. He said awful things." Gwen sobbed into his chest.

"Honey, what’d he say?" Hank asked.

"He said that, that I should watch my back. We just amended the charges against Lonovich to first degree murder." Gwen explained.

"Gwen you did the right thing." Hank said, walking her back to her bed and helping her in it. He couldn’t help but notice she was wearing one of his sweatshirts, and a sense of pride came over him. He tucked her in and sat down next to her. "It was probably one of Lonovich’s goons. Did he call you here or on your cell?"


"Okay, tomorrow, get rid of it. Get a totally new one. If anything’s gonna happen, it won’t until the trial starts. Until then, don’t go anywhere ‘cept here and the office, unless me or someone else is with you. Keep your gun on you at all times, okay sweetie?"

"Yes Hank. I won’t really have to go anywhere. Most of my work this week is in the office. Oh God, I almost forgot. I promised Sheridan that we would chaperone a dance this weekend at the Youth Center." Gwen said.

"We can still do that. With Luis there, there’ll be more people watching you." Hank smiled.

"You sure?" Gwen nervously asked.

"Yes. Let me go change and I’ll come right back, okay?" He asked, getting up from the bed.

"Alright." She smiled lightly.

Hank was almost to the door when he stopped and called back, "It’s a good thing I didn’t by a new bed, I really haven’t slept in it that often."

"You’re lucky I’m insecure right now or you’d be sleeping there tonight." Gwen huffed half-hearted.

"I’ll be back." Hank said in his best ‘Terminator’ impersonation. Gwen smiled lightly at his behavior. ‘If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry.’ She thought.

Hank awoke the next morning, holding on to Gwen for dear life. When she had told him about her call last night, he took the calm and rational approach to it. But in reality, he was scared for her. From personal experience, he knew what Lonovich’s people were capable of. He knew that they would do something to her. But he also knew the way they operate. They weren’t going to do anything until the trial started, that way the prosecution could call a mistrial. Still, the thought of her with them made Hank shutter. He strengthened his hold around her waist and heard her lightly moan. She began to stir, which made him loosen his grip.

"Thank you for staying with me." She stated before turning over to face him.

"My pleasure." Hank said, moving a stray brown hair off her face.

"What time is it?" She asked, unable to read her clock.

"Six. I know, we both need to get up." Hank commented.

"Unfortunately so. Hey, I’ll brighten your day, we can take a shower together!" Gwen said, hoping to easy the mood.

"Sounds wonderful. You go get it started, I’ll be in in a minute."

"Don’t take to long tiger, or they’ll be no hot water left." Gwen smiled, slipping out of bed and walking through the darkness to the door. Hank watched as she closed the door and a light crept through the cracks. Every word she spoke to him touched his soul, and he couldn’t explain the feeling that came over him when they touched. But exploring feelings would have to wait until she was no longer in danger.

Hank got up and put on a happy face. He wanted to enjoy the morning before he gave her a strict speech of the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ when in danger. He sighed, and entered the bathroom.

Gwen entered her office quickly, her goal getting from point A, her house, to point B, the office. Hank’s talk had scared her, as it was intended, and she was not going to risk it. She busied herself with her computer and didn’t notice Adriana’s presence until she spoke.

"My, aren’t we busy as a bee? How’d the depo go?" She chuckled.

"Fine. I’m suggesting we amend the charges to first degree murder. Here’s the transcript of the deposition." Gwen said, handing Adriana the transcript. "I need it back later though. I want to review it."

"Can do. Will you go down to the courthouse and talk to the judge? And did you talk with Lonovich and his lawyers yesterday, and tell them of our plans?" Adriana asked, flipping through the transcript.

"Yes, I talked to Osmond. Um, would you mind sending Keith to talk to the judge?" Gwen asked.

"No, that’s not a problem. Why though?" Adriana asked, pushing her glasses off her face and into her loose blond hair that framed her face.

"I got a threatening phone call last night. Hank, the FBI agent, told me just to go where necessary." Gwen explained.

"Understandable. Completely understandable. I’ve had threats on myself. I’ll give this to Keith and send him down to the courthouse. When you need it, go and get it from him, okay?" Adriana asked.

"Yes. Thanks Adriana." Gwen smiled.

"Don’t thank me, you just watch yourself. And if you feel in danger, don’t come in. I’d rather have you alive and at home, then coming here and in danger." Adriana stated, disappearing into her office. Gwen nodded her head, and began to work again.

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