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Donít Think Iím Not









































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Donít Think Iím Not
by Lar

Chapter 20

"Gwen!" Adriana lit up as Gwen entered her office.

"Well, something good mustíve happened." Gwen smiled as she walked to the front of Adrianaís desk.

"You are correct as usual. Wagner has agreed to testify! Isnít that wonderful. Now all we gotta do is wait for that FBI agent to arrest Lonovich. I still donít see why itís gotta wait until this afternoon." Adriana huffed. "Oh, Iím sorry, I forgot you took lessons from him yesterday. Howíd it go?"

"Fine. He said I was a pretty good shot." Gwen smiled, thinking of how well her day was.

"Great. Iím glad youíre comfortable with it." Adriana smiled a warm, genuine smile. "Today you need to begin working on the case against Lonovich. Research his past, and see if we have anyone thatís worked with him. Itíll take a lot to bring this guy down. And talk to Keith about getting some warrants to search some warehouses down by the river. Lentz mentioned that he couldnít get into them and thought there was something in them. Okay sweetie?"

"Sure. Iíll get right on it." Gwen smiled and began walking into her office.

"Oh, and Gwen?"


"Weíll probably have his arraignment tomorrow." Adriana stated.

"Alright." Gwen smiled and continued her way into her office. She sat down in front of her new computer and began to search the main computer for any mention of Vincent Lonovich.

Hank sat at his desk reviewing the profile for the new agents when a knock interrupted his reading.

"Come in." He stated and smiled as his brother Sam walked in. "Sam, what a pleasant surprise."

"Hi bro. Just came to see how youíre doing." Sam said, seating himself in one of the chairs sitting in front of Hankís desk.

"Oh fine. Waiting for these new agents to get here so they can go arrest some guy." Hank laughed.

"I bet itís great to side step receiving orders and giving them." Sam smirked.

"Hell yeah!" Hank laughed.

"So Luis said youíre seeing Gwen Hotchkiss. I knew you were living with her, but do you really think itís wise to see her? Especially after that break up with Ethan?"

"Is this what youíre visitís about? Sam, Iím a big boy now. Look, Iíve go my own job, Iíve stopped living off you, and if need be, I can order you to do something. I donít need your warnings." Hank scoffed. "After all, you were the one that warned Luis about loving Sheridan, and look how happy they are."

"Yeah, but that wonít last for long. Not if Alistar and Julian have anything to do with it." Sam defended.

"Uh huh, but Gwen isnít related to the Cranes." Hank argued.

"Alright. This isnít the reason I came at all. I really came to invite you to dinner. The girls really miss you." Sam sighed.

"When?" Hank asked.

"Tonight." Sam replied like it was common knowledge.

"Tonight." Hank said, sucking in a breath. "I donít think Iíll be able to come. Iíve gotta oversee this arrest tonight. Itís federal. Plus the new agents are coming, so I gotta make sure the night agents know how to handle everything. Some other time." Hank nodded.

"If you say so." Sam sighed. "I guess Iíll see ya around. I gotta get back to the station. Good luck bro." Sam stuck his hand out and Hank grabbed it and him, pulling him into a hug.

"Thanks. Iíll be seeing ya." Hank smiled and watched as his brother walked out the door. He returned to his desk and began reviewing files again.

Hank returned to their condo around eleven oíclock, and practically ran to Gwenís room, where muffled sobs were coming from. He opened the door and looked inside. Sure enough, there she was, rolled up on her bed.

"Gwen honey, whatís wrong?" Hank asked, crossing the room and sitting down besides her. He placed his arms gently around her shoulders and tuned her so she was leaning up against him.

"I....I didnít think heíd be so....so heartless..." She sobbed against his chest.

"Who honey? Who was heartless?" Hank gently prodded.

"My father. He cancelled my credit cards. Iíve had them since I was fifteen." She sat up and wiped her tears away. "It was so embarrassing. I was trying to pay for something, and every one of my cards didnít work."

"Oh honey, donít worry. Youíll getíem back soon." Hank soothed. "When does your paycheck come?" Hank asked, wiping away a freshly fallen tear.

"Friday." She answered.

"Okay, on Friday, weíll cash your check and youíll be fine. I bet you in no time thereíll be millions of offers in the mail for you." Hank quietly said.

"Really?" Gwen asked, hope blossoming in her eyes.

"Really." Hank stated. "Hey, I finally arrested that guy today." Hank said, changing the subject.

"I bet he wasnít really happy." Gwen smiled.

"Furious. I put two of the more experienced guys on for tonight. Plus I called the police station and ordered back up." Hank laughed. "You would believe my brotherís attitude when I ordered some of his officers over. He was totally embarrassed to be bossed around by his younger brother."

"So you had a good day. I did up until this evening." Gwen sighed. Hank scooted closer to her and hugged her tightly. He closed his eyes and permitted himself to mentally unwind. "Are you hungry?" Gwen asked, bringing him back.

"Well, now that you mention it, I am." Hank smiled.

"Well then, letís go get you something to eat." Gwen said, getting off the bed and pulling him along with her. "You may need your strength tonight."

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