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Don’t Think I’m Not









































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Don’t Think I’m Not
by Lar

Chapter 19

Hank and Gwen walked past the kitchen hand-in-hand and stopped in front of Gwen’s door.

"I guess this could be considered walking you to your door." Hank joked, turning so he was facing her.

"Well, yeah." Gwen replied, looking up into his chocolate brown eyes. A sparkle was in them that she had never noticed. Her eyes slipped away from his eyes and glanced at his lips. After lingering for a few moments she glanced up at his eyes again.

Without warning, his lips began to descend onto hers. Feeling it was taking to long for their lips to meet, Gwen leaned up and quickened the pace of the kiss. It started out slow, but speed rushed into it, and Gwen found herself wanting more. She parted her lips and waited for his tongue to enter. When she felt it, she took control and shot hers into his mouth. The surprise on his face dissolved as he began to get used to her kissing. He began to move her backwards, until she was leaning against her door. His hands rubbed her shoulders and arms, while her hands rested on her chest.

Breaking for a moment to breathe, Hank murmured her name. Gwen smiled seductively, and took her left hand off his chest. He didn’t even notice what she was doing until he faintly heard the door to her bedroom open.

"Gwen?" He breathlessly asked.

"Hank, make love to me. I don’t want to spend another night alone. Please." Gwen begged, wrapping her arms around Hank’s neck and looking directly into his eyes.

"You don’t have to ask me twice." Hank answered, capturing her lips for another steamy kiss. He slowly walked her back, crashing into some furniture along the way. Finally he found the bed and laid her down upon it. Gwen quickly eased into sitting position while Hank rid himself of his shirt. He tossed it across the room and returned to kissing her. His kissing traveled down to her neck area, and his hands found the bottom of her shirt. Pausing only to remove her shirt, he continued kissing her body.

Gwen’s hands found their way to his broad back and she ran her nails along the muscles. Her hands continued to travel the contours of his back until the rested on the edge of his pants. Seductively she moved her hands around his body until they were back in front of him. She fiddled with the button, and finally popped it open. He moaned as he felt her fingers pull the zipper down, and prayed that she’d hurry up. Hank stood and pulled Gwen up with him. She in turn, slithered down and pulled his pants off, leaving him with just his boxers on. As she returned up, she found his hungry mouth waiting.

Hank broke apart the kiss and smiled, now it was his turn. His hands found her pants, and unbuttoned them quickly. He pushed Gwen back down on the bed so that her hips were left of and gently pulled off her pants. She scooted up on the bed and rested against the pillows in only her bra and panties. Hank smiled as he crawled along the bed and met her eyes. Their lips fused together and Gwen couldn’t help but think of how different it was then when she was with Ethan. Ethan wasn’t sensual, wasn’t thoughtful, or gentle. Ethan was purely physical, no emotion what-so-ever. Gwen sighed deeply as she felt Hank’s hand move around her back an undo her bra clasp. Quickly he discarded the silk material and began ravishing her breasts.

Gwen moaned and basked in the feeling before moving her hands down his body and settling on the elastic waist of his boxers. Slowly she began to push them down, until they were completely off. She felt her heartbeat quicken with anticipation as she felt him touch her. She looked up into his eyes and saw something she’d never seen before. Something that told her this was right, that he was right. She sighed and closed her eyes, letting him move his hands along her body as his mouth recaptured hers. She didn’t even realize he had removed her panties until she saw his arm throw something off to the side.

"Hank." She mumbled as she slid down lower on the bed. Tonight was going to be perfect. She could just sense it.

Gwen awoke the next morning with two strong arms wrapped around her. She sighed in content until she glanced at her clock. Cursing under her breath, she turned over and gently toyed with Hank’s hair.

"Hank baby, wake up." She whispered in his ear. A smile played across his face as his eyes fluttered open.

"Good morning Gwen." He said, sitting up on his elbow.

"Yes, you too. I hated to wake you, but I gotta go to work-"

"Enough said, so do I." Hank kissed her forehead gently. "How about we share a shower, you know, to save water and time." Hank suggested, lifting his eyebrows.

"Okay, but I doubt it’ll save either." Gwen smirked, throwing the covers off her. She walked over to her closet and began searching for the right outfit. Surprise masked her face as she felt his arms slip around her.

"I just wanted to say, last night was wonderful." Hank whispered.

"I agree." Gwen replied, pulling out her maroon skirt and business jacket. "Hank, why don’t you go start the shower while I finish picking out the rest of my clothes."

"Alright. See ya in a few." He replied, hustling off to the bathroom. Gwen trotted over to her dresser and picked out a white tee-shirt, panties, and a bra. She set her day’s outfit on her untidy bed and walked into her bathroom, for what she knew would be her longest shower ever.

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