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Don’t Think I’m Not









































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Don’t Think I’m Not
by Lar

Chapter 17

Gwen awoke the next morning at six o’clock. She crashed her head back against the pillows and prayed for sleep. She laid in her bed for twenty more minutes before giving up on sleep and sleepily walking into the bathroom. Turning towards the shower, she grabbed the hot water handle and turned it on full blast. Stepping back from the shower, she undressed and laid her clothes down on the sink counter. She turned to the shower and entered, and immediately let out a scream.

Hank awoke to the scream, and ran to where it was coming from. It was Gwen, he knew it. He also knew she was in trouble. Running into the bathroom, he slipped on a puddle of water Gwen had left when she exited the shower hastily, and landed on his back. Hank blinked a few times, and finally was able to make the dizziness go away. When he did, shock couldn’t even describe the look on his face as he realized Gwen was standing over him in just a towel.

Quickly he got to his feet. "I’m sorry Gwen. I heard you scream and thought something was wrong." He apologized profusely.

"Well, something was wrong." Gwen cryptically answered, prompting a confused look from Hank. "The water was burning hot." Gwen answered.

"Oh." Hank sighed, relieved that it wasn’t something more dangerous. An awkward silence plagued the air for a few moments following, until Hank spoke again. "Um, well, I’ll let you get back to your shower. See you later." Hank retreated from the bathroom, and Gwen watched as he left.

‘Well, now I’ll be needing a cold shower.’ She thought as seeing only in his plaid boxers. She turned the dials and got in, enjoying her shower.

Hank silently cursed at himself as he reentered his room and plopped down on the bed. How was he supposed to know that she was getting in the shower? He thought something had happened to her. After all, she was supposed to take gun management lessons from him today. Shaking his head, he pushed himself off the bed, and grabbed some clothes. He’d shower later, he decided.

Exiting the room, he walked past her bedroom door and paused. After a moment of thinking, he continued his journey to the kitchen. Entering the barren kitchen, he walked to the coffee machine and started it. Coffee’s what he needed, good, strong, coffee.

Hank sat down at the table, and gingerly sipped the steaming liquid. Lost in his own thoughts, he didn’t notice Gwen’s presence until she sat down in front of him, a steaming cup of coffee in her hand.

"Thanks for coming to my rescue." Gwen smiled.

"Yeah." Hank mumbled.

"It was an honest mistake. I should’ve been more careful." Gwen stated.

"Yeah." Hank took another sip from his cup. "So, are you ready to head down to mini-headquarters?" Hank stood, and walked over to the sink.

"You bet! I want to get this over with as soon as possible." Gwen smiled and copied Hank’s behavior.

"Good. It shouldn’t take more than half the day." Hank smiled, leaving the room and venturing into the living room. Gwen was right behind him.

"Shall we take my car or yours?" Hank asked as he walked to the front hall closet and pulled out his and her coat. Motioning for her to turn around, he slipped her coat on over her shoulders.

"Let’s take yours. I don’t know the way." Gwen answered.

"Alright." Hank smiled, slipping on his coat and opening the door. Gwen walked around him and out the door. Hank quickly followed, and together they left for ‘mini-headquarters’.

Hank pulled the car into ‘mini-headquarters’. It was the old police station building, before Harmony had aloud a new one to be built. Made completely out of bricks, it wasn’t hideous, but wasn’t easy on the eyes either. Tall vines climbed the wall, and surrounded the windows. It was a tall building, considering it was only one story, but in it were plenty of offices, a basement for working out and shooting practice, and a new variety of top notch equipment care of the federal government.

Hank and Gwen exited the car and walked up to the building. Hank opened the door and followed Gwen in. Once inside, he took her coat and led the way to his office. He opened the door to his office and walked over to his already cluttered desk. He used another key and opened the top left drawer. Gwen watched as he pulled out two 9 mm handguns.

"Ready?" He asked, shoving the clip into each one and nodding to the door. Gwen’s eyes glanced around the room before settling on his and nodding. "Then let’s go." Hank walked past her and led the way to the flight of basement stairs.

Once at the bottom they glanced around in the dark until Hank switched the light on. He walked over to a table that contained a box, and pulled out eye goggles and head phones.

"Take these and go sit over there by the booth." Hank stated, handing her the equipment and one of the guns. Carefully she walked over the designated area and awaited her instructor.

"Okay." Hank said, appearing in front of her. "The first thing I should teach you is about the safety. See, it’s that little button right there." Hank pointed on her gun. "Always make sure it’s pushed over to the right." Gwen watched as his hands tried to push the button further right than it already was.

"Alright, that seems easy enough." Gwen smiled.

"Good. Shooting is not much harder. You unlock the safety, aim, and fire. Be prepared, the gun will have a slight kick." Hank stated. "Put your head phones and goggles on. I’ll demonstrate." Hank walked over to one of the five booths and followed his instructions to the T. Gwen watched in awe as the he fired the gun and it hit the target squarely in the chest.

Smiling, Hank returned to her. "Now, you won’t be that good you’re first try, but you’ll get there."

"Oh yeah, buster? Well, can I give it a try?" Gwen cockily replied. Hank stepped back and waved his arm forward, bending slightly at the waist. Gwen made her way over to his unoccupied both and stood, her feet together, her arms slightly bent, and her head perfectly straight. After going through her mental check list, she looked at the target, and pulled the trigger. The kick of the gun nearly knocked her off her feet, and she stumbled backwards. Regaining he composure, she ignored Hank’s laughter and looked at the target. Glaring at it, she made a metal note that there was not one bullet hole in it.

"Gwen, this is why you need to let me finish my instructions. First of all, you need to spread your feet, so you have support. Your arms should be perfectly straight. And your head should be slightly tilted forward." Hank walked over to her and helped position her in the correct stance.

"Okay." Gwen fumed.

"Now try." Hank prodded, stepping away from her and watching. Gwen did exactly as she was told, and fired the gun.

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