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Don’t Think I’m Not









































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Don’t Think I’m Not
by Lar

Chapter 15

Hank lie awake in his bed, unable to sleep. ‘I didn’t want to lie to her, but I had to. It wasn’t a choice. If she knew about my past, well, it could get her in trouble. She already in a dangerous job. The less people that know, the better.’ He rolled over, and remembered the day. The kiss at breakfast, telling stories of their lives to each other on the couch. More kissing, and Luis and Sheridan stopping by. ‘What had ever possessed Sher to become so different?’ Hank wondered, remembering the way she was constantly cracking jokes and playing practical jokes on people. The funniest had to be when she pretended to be hurt, and made Luis carry her all over the place. Then she had made him wait on her hand and foot, even Gwen fell for it. But not Hank, he saw right through her, and stayed in the background, until she surprised everyone by jumping off the couch and plowing into Luis, causing him to fall to the ground. ‘She’s like a child.’ Hank thought.

‘Boy did I ever learn about Gwen tonight. The poor kid, she had to spend most of her life in boarding school. And then return home to her family who cared more about their name and money then her or her feelings. And then of course there was Ethan. She had never betrayed him, never even thought of another man, and he crushed her for a teenager. Yes, she has had a rough life, but from the looks of things, she’s enjoying being on her own.’

"Well, she’s not all alone, she has me." Hank said in a yawn. He laid back against his pillow, and closed his eyes. Almost immediately an image of Gwen popped into his mind. And it stayed there, well into his dreams.

Gwen sat in her office, reading over some details of a brief, when suddenly a knock came at the door.

"Come in!" She cried, not looking up from her briefs.

"Still working hard?" His voice called. Gwen looked up, and gazed into the loving eyes of Hank Bennett.

"Who isn’t?" Gwen joked. Hank lightly smiled, before taking a seat across from her desk. "So, what’s going on?"

"Oh, nothing much. The FBI just assigned me a new position." Hank meekly replied.

"Really? Well, what is it?" Gwen inquired.

"I’m supposed to kill you." Hank replied.

"What?!" Gwen blinked hard. Did he really just say what she thought.

"Yes Gwen. I’m sorry." Hank said, standing and pulling out a long revolver. He pointed it straight at her face.

"But Hank! We were just starting something!" Gwen cried, tears pouring down her face.

"I know. I’m sorry." Hank stated, tears pooling in his eyes. He pulled the trigger and -

Gwen shot out of her bed. ‘What the hell? Why was I dreaming that?’ She asked herself, panting. Quickly she wiped the tears from her face, and buried her head in her pillow. ‘Just a lot of pressure. That’s all. You’re imagining things because of the case you’re working on.’

Suddenly Gwen sat up. Sleep was no longer on her mind. Clumsily she stood and walked out of her room. When she reached the kitchen, she flipped on the light and shielded her eyes from the light. After adjusting, she walked over to the stove and turned on the tea kettle. Slowly she sat at the table and stared off into space, zoning out.

She didn’t come back to reality until a hand touched her shoulder. She wiped her head around and met Hank’s concerned stare.

"Are you okay? The tea kettle is screaming it’s head off. What’s wrong?" Hank asked, kneeling down in front of her. Almost immediately, she leapt from her chair and embraced him in a tight hug.

"Gwen, what’s wrong?" Hank soothingly asked her.

"Oh God, I had the most horrible dream. And I was still thinking about it." Gwen sobbed, the dream coming back into her memory.

"Oh Gwen. It was just a dream." Hank calmly stated.

"But it was so real." Gwen backed away and sat up in her chair. She wiped away a new tear that had fallen onto her cheek.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Hank asked, standing and turning to the tea kettle. He grabbed the coffee mug on the counter and poured the steaming water into it.

"It was just awful. So vivid." Gwen muttered. Hank handed her the cup and sat down across from her. Gwen stared up from her mug and into his eyes. "Promise me you’ll never hurt me." She whispered.

"God! How could you think that? I care a lot about you!" Hank defended.

"Just promise me." Gwen begged.

"Gwen, what did you dream?" Hank nicely demanded.

"You came into my office as I was working. Then you told me the FBI told you to kill me. You pulled out your gun, and, and, shot me!" Gwen sobbed.

Hank inhaled sharply. "Gwen, the government, or God himself could order me to harm you, and I wouldn’t touch a fiber on your head." Hank reassured.

"Promise?" Gwen asked, hope filling her watery eyes.

"Promise." Hank took her hand in his and squeezed it gently. "C’mon, let’s get you in bed." Hank stood and helped her up from her seat. He walked her into her room, and tucked her in. Planting a sweet kiss on her forehead, he smiled and turned out the light. Quietly he tip-toed out of her room and walked back to his own, hoping things he had done in his past wouldn’t cause him to break that promise to her.

Adriana reviewed the new facts that Gwen had just handed her. It was a clear connection, one that no judge would throw out.

"Nice work Gwen." Adriana smiled. "No jury in the world wouldn’t convict Lonovich for accessory to murder."

"Glad you think so. When I stumbled upon it, I couldn’t believe it. Who would’ve thought the defendant would incriminate his boss?" Gwen smiled. It was there in black and white, the only question was, how could they have missed it so many times. It was obvious, the lawyers were looking for words like ‘boss’ or ‘Lonovich’ or ‘Vincent’. Gwen picked the deposition up again and read the portion.

Any idiot should realize that the FBI would tape the conversations. He was read his rights, there for, he shouldn’t have spoken when he was in the interrogation room.
Lonny’s lawyer better be damn good. Was what the defendant mumbled. It was barely audible, but the sound technician had been able to clear the static and increase the volume enough to make out the saying.

"So, charge him with accomplice to murder, until we can get him for murder. Talk to Wagner, and explain what we have him saying. Once he realizes Lonovich will kill him anyway, he may be willing to cooperate. Promise him a lessened sentence in maximum security." Adriana stated, bringing Gwen back from her thoughts.

"Okay." Gwen replied.

"You talk to Wagner, I’ll have Keith bring up the charges." Adriana stood and walked around her desk and to Gwen’s side. "Also, this case is going to get big. Normally I don’t have to do this with an attorney’s first case, but it’s necessary. When you get finished filing the charge, go home and prepare for tomorrow."

"What happens tomorrow?" Gwen inquired as they exited Adriana’s office.

"Tomorrow you’ll go to the FBI’s new headquarters and learn how to handle a gun. We’ll get you a concealed weapons permit and a gun. It’ll be waiting for you when you come back Wednesday." Adriana explained.

"A gun!" Gwen exclaimed.

"Yes. You’ll need it. These people can be very dangerous. Most of the people in the office carry, including myself. Don’t worry. Once you get the proper training, you’ll be fine." Adriana gave a reassuring smile to the tense Gwen. "Now, go file the charge and get outta here. I’ll see ya back here Wednesday. Oh, and tell that new FBI agent when you meet him to stop by the office sometime." Adriana called as Gwen went over to her office. Gwen quickly grabbed her things and left to go file the charge. ‘This will be interesting. Hank has to teach me how to use a gun.’

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