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Don’t Think I’m Not









































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Don’t Think I’m Not
by Lar

Chapter 13

For Gwen, the next few weeks seemed to fly by. She attended many trials, and picked up great trips. She also had her first arraignment, and it went well according to Adriana. Much progress was made in the Luke Lentz case as well.

The case at first had appeared to be rather complicated. Lentz was an undercover FBI agent, working at the docks in Harmony. He was investigating the usage of fish as transports for drugs. It was grunt work, but he was good at it. He was also slowly moving up in company, which meant learning more information. But then Alan Wagner, who appeared to have no connection to the company or the suspected drug boss, killed him. Wagner had no prior medical problems, and had been arrested a few times for small felonies. But murder was something he’d never been accused off.

The defense’s doctor was a trick problem. At first it had been a mystery, how do you discredit a doctor? But soon it became clear. After a few days worth of phone calls and background checks, Gwen found some ‘interesting’ things. Apparently the doctor, about five years prior, had made sexual advances on one of his male patients. But that was only the tip of the iceberg. He was also convicted ten years before the ‘incident’ for tax evasion. And to round it off, he had never officially declared a man sane, and seemed to be getting access money from unknown sources.

Gwen was pleased with her work, and was happy with her job. Everyday was busy and exciting. She never knew what to expect. Most days, she’d either have lunch with Sheridan, Adriana, or at her desk. The co-workers embraced her warmly, and she could truly say that she did not have an enemy in that building.

Yes, day life for Gwen was going fine, but when she came home to her empty condo, after working late, it was almost unbearable. The condo was so quiet, so lonely. And it always brought back memories of Hank, and their kiss. A nervous excitement plagued her when she sat in the living room. What would happen when he returned? Would they talk about it? Would he think it was a mistake?

She had no answers, but still, every night, tried to guess. She didn’t go out at night. Too many things could happen, she could run into her mother or father, or worse, Ethan and Theresa. Who was she kidding? The dream of her and Ethan and Theresa being friends wasn’t going to happen, at least not right away. She’d just have to give it time, that’s what she repeated to herself. Maybe one day, but not when she was still vulnerable, and definitely not when she was alone. ‘One day, I will forgive them. Just not right now.’ She thought. It wasn’t so much that they fell in love that hurt her, it was that they kept it from her, pretended it didn’t happen. It was all the lies, the times that Ethan made her believe she was the only one in his eyes. ‘Oh well, Que sera, sera.’

Hank entered their condo on Saturday, a few days less than three weeks after he left. He had done such a good job at training that he completed it early. The instructors were very pleased, and sighted his eagerness to become an agent as to the reasons he completed early. But in his heart, Hank knew the real reason. Gwen was his motivation. Everyday that he was away from her was pure torture, and he strived to complete the training so he could come home early. They needed to talk, about everything.

Hank had thought of a thousand things to say when he entered the condo. Most of the time they came to him as he lay in his bed, unable to sleep. But now when he entered nothing came to him. He stood there, wondering what to say. Finally, after letting the silence sit for a few moments, he called out, "Is anybody home?"

He waited for a reply, but when none came, his shoulders slumped. ‘What’d you expect Bennett? Her to be eagerly awaiting your return?’ He chastised himself. Swiftly he grabbed his bag that he had dropped and walked into the kitchen. It was organized, and appear as if it had never been used. He grunted and proceeded to his room, which was the same as he left it. Without thinking, he tossed his bag unto his bed and laid down next to it. Closing his eyes, he imagined Gwen. Where was she? Or more importantly, who was she with? Did she regret the kiss? She started it. He sighed aloud and glanced at the clock on his wall. 6:47. ‘Great, it’s only quarter ‘til seven and it feels like eleven. He slowly peeled himself off the bed and walked to the bathroom.

After a quick shower and a little snack, he entered his bed and laid down. Even if he didn’t get the warm welcome home he was expecting, he was still home.

Gwen was giddy when she entered the condo at 11:28. It was another long night at the office, and she expected just to come home and fall into bed. She had started working nights as she became more involved in the cases, but Adriana forbade her to work past 11:00 and never on Sundays unless the trial or deposition was the next day. She truly thought it’d be a normal night, but then she saw Hank’s car outside, and suddenly sleep was the last thing on her mind.

She practically ran into the living room, and past it when she realized it was barren. After entering the kitchen and finding the same results she rounded the corner and walked down the hall. As she neared his door she noticed the crack, and slowly pushed it open, hoping not to wake him. She granted herself enough space to fit inside, and after successfully accomplishing her goal, she walked quietly over to his bed where he was sleeping.

Bending down above him, she watched him as he rhythmically breathed. ‘He looks so peaceful, so relaxed.’ She thought as she lightly brushed away a piece of his hair that rested on his forehead. At her touch he moved and rolled over, and Gwen quickly jumped back. She stood still for a moment waiting to see if he’d wake up. When he didn’t she breathed a sigh of relief, and tip-toed out of the bedroom. She entered her room, and flipped on the light switch. Walking swiftly over to her mirror, she sat down in front of it and looked at her appearance. While she didn’t look bad, she really didn’t look good either. Working all day at the office had taken a toll on her, and she decided that a shower would do her good.

She grabbed her night outfit as she passed it hanging on the back of the bathroom door. Before undressing, she turned on the hot water. Carefully she slid out of her skirt and business jacket. By the time she was finished undressing, the bathroom was fogged up, and she couldn’t see the mirror anymore.

Gwen got into the shower and let the hot water soak her skin. She rolled her neck and allowed the hot water to roll down her back. Putting gel into the puff, she furiously scrubbed her body. She grabbed her ‘Herbal Essences’ shampoo and without thinking, began singing ‘Natural Woman’. Her light singing at first gradually increased in volume, until she was singing it like there was no tomorrow.

The sound of the shower running and Gwen’s voice awoke Hank. He smiled as he recognized the song, and laid his head back against the pillows, listening to the sound of her voice.

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