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Don’t Think I’m Not









































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Don’t Think I’m Not
by Lar

Chapter 11

The next few days went by awkwardly. The conversations between Hank and Gwen were strained, neither one wanting to make the first move. When the did talk, it was about little subjects, like the weather, or animals. Nothing too revealing, nothing personal. Nights were spent wondering, why weren’t they getting anywhere? Luis and Sheridan, on their visit to the shared condo, even picked up on the tension.

Worst of all, was every noticed stare, every casual touch heightened to hope of the other. Such torment, how could they last?

The last day was extremely hard. Both were saddened at the thought of Hank leaving. It would put a cramp in their pathway to discovery. Sure it had been stalled currently, but stalled was better than not even starting.

Gwen sat alone in the living room, absently flipping the television channels. She knew Hank was finishing packing, and her heart sank at the though. ‘What happened? The mood on the beach was perfect!’ She thought. A loud crash interrupted her thoughts, and she hurriedly got up from the couch to investigate.

Upon entering the kitchen, she found Hank bending over a broken plate. He heard her footsteps and looked up, smiling wearily.

"Don’t worry about it, I’ll clean it up. You don’t want to miss your flight." Gwen explained.

"It’s okay, I can get-"

"No, please." Gwen argued.

"Fine." Hank smiled, standing up. "I’ll just get my bags and put them in my car." He walked past her, and his hand gently brushed hers. Shock waves vibrated through Gwen, and Hank, but quickly shook off the shock. Hank rounded the corner, and Gwen bent down, picking up the pieces of broken plate. After carefully gathering each piece and disposing of them properly, she washed her hands and went back into the living room. She sat down, and began flipping through the channels again.

Hank came in and out, each time Gwen paused to watch him. Each time he felt her eyes on him. And each time, they both wondered ‘when?’. Hank came back in the door, and shivered. He approached the couch, and Gwen stood.

"Well, I guess I’d better go now." Hank stated, shifting his eyes away from her.

"Yeah, wouldn’t want to miss your flight." Gwen sadly stated.

"Yeah." Hank said breathlessly. Their eyes connected and the world froze. ‘It’s now or never.’ Gwen thought, as she leaned up and let her lips meet. She felt him hesitate, tense up, but slowly he began to respond to her kiss. Suddenly a burst of energy shot through them, and the kissing became more passionately. Her mouth parted slightly, and he took it to his advantage to slip his tongue into her mouth. After what seemed like an hour, they broke apart, both panting.

"Well, I better go." Hank breathed.

"Yeah, I don’t want you to miss your flight." Gwen stated, glancing into her eyes.

"Yeah." Hank sighed, taking her into his arms and kissing her again. She responded immediately. They kissed madly, breaking apart when running out of breath.

"Bye." Hank mumbled, turning on his heal and running out the door. He knew that if he stayed a moment longer he would miss his flight.

"Bye." Gwen sighed, sitting back on the couch. She touched her lips, and leaned back against the leather. ‘It had finally happened. Something was started.’


‘Did I dream that?’ Hank thought as he sat in the couch section of the 747. He had floated through the airport and the boarding of his flight, and now was awaiting take off. ‘God, it was magical. Almost surreal.’ He breathed in sharply as the engines roared, and the plane began moving down the runway. Quickly he found a stick of gum in his pocket and placed it in his mouth. He chewed quickly. After climbing gradually, the plane leveled off, and Hank breathed out. Sure he had flown a lot, but take off always made him nervous.

‘I guess we have a lot to talk about when I get home. Man, it was intense, and she started it! I guess this means she’s over Ethan. Good riddance, that guy didn’t know a good thing standing right in front of him. Look at how long it took him to tell Gwen. Can we say stupid?’ Hank thought. He reached under his seat to his carry on bag and grabbed his portable CD player. Without changing his CDs, he hit play and listened as the CD Kay gave him played. The first track of the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ CD played, and he felt a smile creep upon his face. Kay always knew what to buy to make him smile. He sat in his seat, comparing each song to events he’s seen or emotions he’s felt, but mostly, recognizing anything that described his situation with Gwen.

"Sheridan?" Gwen asked as she answered the phone. About ten minutes after Hank had left, and their incredible kiss had ended, she found herself mindlessly walking into his room and laying on his bed. The phone had surprised her.

"Hi Gwen! I know Hank left today, and Luis is working. I was wondering if you want to do lunch?" Sheridan asked.

"Um, I guess I could. I have to be at the DA’s office at ten, and I’ll get lunch around twelve. How about you meeting me somewhere. I could uses some girl talk." Gwen replied, peeling herself off his bed and walking towards her room. She glanced at her watch, which said 8:47. ‘Twenty-seven minutes since Hank left.’ She thought as Sheridan rambled off places.

"Gwen? Where were you just now?" Sheridan yelled into the phone.

"Hmm, Sheridan, oh, sorry. I was just thinking of something. The Seascape sounds great." Gwen replied.

"Okay. I’ll see you there at twelve, and then we can talk about what’s been keeping you so preoccupied." Sheridan giggled and the phone line went dead.

"Yeah, what’s been keeping me so preoccupied is no longer here Sheridan." Gwen said aloud to herself, walking to her closet and picking out a black pinstriped woman’s business suit. She quickly changed and walked into the bathroom. After applying a little bit of eye shadow and foundation, she walked into Hank’s room, and laid on his bed until it neared time to go to work.

Gwen walked into the busy District Attorney’s office and walked towards her boss, Adriana Bates. She was probably the most respected attorney in the state of Maine, despite her age. She had graduated from Harvard Law School in 1996, as valedictorian of her class. Still, despite her vast knowledge of the law, and capabilities to be a wonderful, and rich, corporate lawyer, she had decided to become a prosecutor. Some base it on the fact that her parents were murdered, but it didn’t matter to her. Gwen had been in awe when she had her first interview, but Adriana, as she preferred to be called, had calmed her nerves, and made her feel as an equal. Still, an uneasiness washed over Gwen as she entered her bosses door. ‘What if they expect something I can’t give them?’ She questioned herself.

"Gwen, welcome, please have a seat." Adriana offered as Gwen entered. Gwen quietly sat in the seat across from Adriana’s large, pine desk. "Well Gwen, are you ready?"

"I think so Mrs. Bates." Gwen nervously answered.

"First things first, my name is Adriana, my mother-in-law is Mrs. Bates." Adriana corrected with a smile. "Since you’ve never really seen a courtroom, or argued in one, I’m assigning you as my assistant D. A. I want you to understand, all the attorneys here are ADA’s, but not all work with me. This will just be temporary, until you get the hang of it. There are a few others who work with me, and you’ll quickly get the feel for it. Mostly you’ll be helping me with briefs and motions, and handling arraignments. Then you’ll sit with me at the trials and take notes. You know, watch the jury, watch the witness. You’ll also be interacting with the police on a regular basis." Gwen nodded as she went along, listing her jobs. "So, do you think you’re ready?"

"Yes." Gwen said, confidently.

"Great, the next upcoming case is the murder of Luke Mountz." Adriana smiled, folding her hands over her desk.

"Bring it on." Gwen smiled, looking at her new boss. Yes, she’d definitely enjoy working here.

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