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Donít Think Iím Not









































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Donít Think Iím Not
by Lar

Chapter 9

Luis and Sheridan arrived first at the crowded Lobster Shack. They had made reservations earlier, and were seated right away. They chatted briefly until Hank and Gwen showed up. After a few helloís, Hank and Gwen took their seats in the booth across from Sheridan and Luis.

"Those roads are pretty wicked out there." Gwen commented.

"Yeah, itís starting to get icy out there." Hank said.

"Huh, well, take it easy on your way back." Luis replied.

"Hi! Iím Mandy, and Iíll be your waitress tonight. Can I get you anything?" A blue eyed, blond asked.

"Sure, vodka on the rocks." Sheridan answered.

"Oh, Iíll have the same." Gwen informed the waitress.

"Iíll have a Coors." Hank smiled.

"And give me a Budweiser." Luis grinned, causing the waitress to blush and walk away. Sheridan turned to face him, and playfully slapped his arm.

"Donít bring her hopes up, youíre taken." She warned.

"Sorry, I guess I canít smile anymore." Luis relented. Sheridan and Gwen looked at each other before both girls burst out laughing.

"Iím sorry honey. I was just teasing you. You can smile that gorgeous smile forever if you want." Sheridan said, kissing him.

"Consider it done." Luis smiled.

"Luis, you are so whipped." Hank shook his head, laughing at his friends behavior. Luis shot him a nasty look that didnít go unnoticed by Gwen.

"Ah, Hank, now youíve made him upset." Gwen cheerfully stated.

"Let me tell ya this, it doesnít take much to set him off." Hank smiled. He leaned closer to Gwen and whispered, "Watch me in action."

"Okay, you two. I know youíre up to something, so just drop it." Luis warned.

"Alright Luis." Hank sighed, faking disappointment.

"So Gwen, howís living out of the mansion?" Sheridan asked.

"Amazing. Iím so pleased to be away from that horrid place. I never want to return." Gwen stated.

"Speaking of never returning, did you know that Grace and Sam went down to the courthouse to obtain adoption papers for Miguel?" Hank interjected, keeping a serious face.

"They WHAT?" Luis exploded. His eyes bulged and a little vein stuck out from his neck.

"Yeah, well heís always at their house, so they just thought-"

"I CANíT BELIEVE IT!!!" Luis yelled. Everyone at the Lobster Shack stopped to stare at the small boothís action.

"Chill man, I was just proving my point. I set you off. Youíre a ticking time bomb." Hank laughed. Gwen and Sheridan giggled as Luis began to cool down.

"Very funny Hank." Luis sarcastically replied.

"Hey, Iím leaving for three weeks. The least you could let me do is poke fun at my best friend." Hank shrugged.

Luis muttered something under his breath, and the waitress brought their drinks. The group quickly looked over their menus, and told the waitress their order.

"So, are you excited about training with the FBI?" Sheridan asked, leaning on her hands.

"Kinda. Iím not really looking forward to the learning part, but when I come back and can boss around my brother and this loser over here, thatís whatíll be great about it." Hank smiled, pointing directly at Luis. Luis shot him a nasty stare, and Hank laughed.

"Aw, poor Luis, finally being out done by me." Hank sarcastically sang. The girls looked at the best friends and cracked up laughing.

"Hank, youíre going to cause me health problems." Gwen laughed.

"Oh, me too!" Sheridan giggled.

"Yeah, well, the way weíre going tonight, Iíll end up putting all three of you in the hospital." Hank smiled.

"How do ya figure?" Luis skeptically asked.

"Well, the girls canít stop giggling, and Iíll probably give you a heart attack." Hank mused.

"Thatíll be the day." Luis muttered.

"Hi. Can I get anyone refills?" Mandy, the waitress asked returning to the table.

"The way things are going, get us all another round." Hank requested.

"Sure. I talked to the chef a few moments ago, youíre meals will be ready in about ten minutes. Iíll be right back." Mandy said, smiling flirtatiously at Luis. As soon as she was out of ear shot, the table cracked up laughing. Even Luis laughed.

"Good to see you back in the mood." Hank smiled at his friend.

"Yeah, well, I canít let you have all the fun." Luis chimed in. The table laughed again, but abruptly stopped when Mandy reappeared and set their drinks down. This time when she left, she winked at Luis, and sent the rest of the table over the edge. After managing to calm down, the conversation resumed.

"Iím truly going to miss yíall. Weíll have to do this again when I come back." Hank smiled.

"Oh, defiantly. This is so much fun." Gwen commented.

"I know." Sheridan smirked. They chatted for a few more moments before their dinners came. After the waitress left, with another wink at Luis, the friends dug into their food. At first it was a normal meal, each person enjoying their own food. But then, Luis and Sheridan began sharing, and helping each other, and Gwen and Hank found themselves gawking at their behavior. Not only were they appalled by their public display of affection, but they were envious as well. Between watching the couple feed each other, Hank and Gwen would steal glances at each other. This cycle continued until after the meal had finished, and Luis and Sheridan had been brought back to reality, where everyone existed.

"So, after we pay here, why donít we go do something?" Sheridan asked, looking directly at Luis. ĎThis is your cue.í She thought.

"Sounds good." Hank commented.

"I got it, letís go for a walk along the beach!" Luis suggested, winking at Sheridan who smiled back.

"Wonderful." Gwen sighed blissfully. ĎTonightís a full moon too!í She thought.

"Okay, if youíll excuse me, tonightís dinner was on me." Sheridan smiled, getting up.

"I canít let you do that!" Hank smiled.

"Me either Sher. Itís not right." Luis frowned.

"Will you two stop! Hank, youíre my friend. I want to do this. And Luis, you can pay next time we go out with Hank and Gwen." Sheridan countered.

"Fine." Both boys relented. Sheridan smiled and left towards the counter with the bill that had been placed on the table earlier.

"We havenít walked along the beach in years Luis. What made ya think of doing that?" Hank questioned once Sheridan was out of earshot.

"I just thought itíd be fun. Trust me, youíll have a good time. Donít we always together?" Luis smirked. Hank nodded, still confused by why Luis had suggested the adventure in the first place.

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