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Donít Think Iím Not









































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Donít Think Iím Not
by Lar


Chapter 8

Gwen and Hank sat in an awkward silence the next morning. Each would steal glances at the other, while the other was either eating breakfast or reading the paper. Neither one knew what to say, each for different reasons. For Gwen, it was because of what she heard last night, and for Hank, it was about his strange dream. Finally decided to clear the air, Hank cleared his throat.

"Iím going to work on my room today, so if you hear someone cussing, itís probably me."

"Alright. I was thinking of going to Sheridanís today, anyway, so it wonít be a problem." Gwen smiled.

"When do you start work?" Hank asked, tilting his head.

"On the eighth." Gwen replied.

"Really? Thatís the same day I leave for Quantico." Hank announced.

"Oh," Gwen quietly said, not realizing heíd be departing so soon. She looked up and found herself gazing into his deep, brown eyes. She was hypnotized, and unable to break the stair, until the phone rang. Sighing, she watched as he got up and went to answer it.

"Hello?....Yeah....Sure, count me in.....Alright, see ya later. Bye" Hank said into the black cordless phone. He turned about to look at Gwen, who was now reading the paper again.

"That was my niece Kay. Sheís going to stop by later today." He explained. Gwen looked up from his paper and nodded. After taking in one more glance, Hank sighed and left the room. ĎIíve gotta get my mind of her, and focus on other things.í

Gwen sighed as she picked out her outfit for today. ĎI canít believe heís leaving in less than a week! That only gives me a few days.í She pulled out a black long sleeve shirt, and a bootcut pair of jeans. She turned and entered through her door to the shared bathroom. After setting her outfit down on the counter, she turned the water on in the shower and got undressed. Gwen entered the shower, and let the hot water and steam soak her and sooth her. She began to sing a song she had recently heard on the radio. ĎThatís it! We can do a little going away thing! Sheridan, Luis, Hank, and myself can go out before he leaves.í Gwen thought. She began to lather shampoo in her hair, and rinsed it away. After she lathered her Ďpuffí and scrubbed her body. The warm water rinsed her skin, and she turned the water off. She grabbed the nearest towel from the rack, and wrapped it around her body.

She quickly got dressed, and did her make up and hair. Smiling as she glanced in the mirror, she blotted her eye lashes. ĎPerfect. Iím ready to face the day.í She grabbed her winter jacket, from her bedroom closet, and entered the hall. Lightly she knocked on Hankís door, where low music was playing. A second later he opened the door, sweat beading on his forehead. He smiled at her, and she felt her heart melt. ĎHeís so handsome when heís working.í She thought. After a minute of standing there, she remembered her original task.

"Um, I just wanted to tell you that Iím leaving now. So youíll have the house to yourself. And for future reference, you can have your radio louder. I donít mind most music." She smiled.

"Thanks. Have fun today. Iíll see you back here later." He smiled.

"Yeah, bye." Gwen stood there for a moment longer and stared. Finally she forced her legs to move, and walked away from him. ĎThatís getting harder each time.í She reflected as she exited her house and entered her car. Starting it up, she drove off, towards Sheridanís cottage.

Sheridan laid in Luisí strong arms, blissfully recalling the past events. She had had sex before, but it never was making love. With Luis, it was that, making love. She smiled, and turned over to face him. His breathing was light, and she could tell he was a sleep. ĎI could do this forever and never get board.í She thought. Luis began to stir, and Sheridan sat up.

"Hey sleepy head." She called out as his eyes opened.

"Hey yourself." He smiled. She was positively glowing, being more beautiful then he thought she could be.

"I didnít want to wake you." Sheridan explained.

"You didnít." He replied, snuggling up next to her. He began to kiss her arms, and she closed her eyes and moaned.

A sudden knock jolted them from their actions, and Sheridan jumped from the bed. Luis gave her a pouting look, and she laughed.

"At least we werenít too hot." She smiled, slipping on her jeans and a sweater. The person at the door knocked again, and Sheridan hollered, "Coming!" She turned back to Luis, who was still laying on the bed. "Get dressed. We have plenty of time later." She teased him, leaving the room and entering her living room. She quickly walked to the door, and opened it to reveal Gwen.

"Hello Sheridan, I hope I wasnít interrupting anything." Gwen smiled, having an idea why Sheridan was so late.

"No, nothing that canít wait Ďtil later. Come in." Sheridan invited, backing away from the door. Gwen walked in and followed Sheridan as she walked to the couch and sat down. "So, howís the new condo?"

"Howíd you know? I didnít tell you yet." Gwen replied, astounded.

"Hank stopped by here yesterday. He told us. How are you living with him?" Sheridan asked.

"Oh, itís fine. Heís a great friend." Gwen replied, a bit of sadness seeping through her voice as she said Ďfriendí.

"You sound like you wish it was more then friendship." Sheridan pointed out.

Gwen glanced around the cottage to make sure no one could over hear her. "I do, kinda. I donít know. Heís said some things that really made me feel good. I get this different feeling around him, something I never had with Ethan. And then, I...." She paused, and leaned closer to Sheridan. "Our walls are really thin, and I over heard him talking to himself. He, well, it sounded like he wants a relationship with me."

"Really?!" A surprised Sheridan yelled.

"Yes." Gwen whispered. "I donít know what to do from here. Iíve only really had a relationship with Ethan, and he started it." Gwen confessed.

"Donít worry about it. Iíll help you." Sheridan smiled.

"Hey girls, whatís up?" Luis asked, entering the room. He was wearing a cream pair of cargo pants, and a blue, turtle neck sweater.

"Hello Luis. I was just telling Sheridan how we should go out together." Gwen answered, winking at Sheridan.

"Wonderful!" Luis replied.

"Well, I was thinking since Hankís going away for a while, we could kind of send him off. Just us four going out to dinner. Four friends enjoying each otherís company." Gwen explained.

"I love it. Hank will too. We never got to give him a proper send off the first time he left." Luis commented.

"I say we go to Hankís favorite restaurant. Luis do you know what that is?" Sheridan suggested.

"Yeah, itís been the Lobster Shack since we were kids." He confirmed.

"Great. Heís leaving the eighth, thatís a Monday. So how about that Saturday?" Gwen asked.

"Sounds like a plan." Luis smiled.

"Donít Think Iím Not"

"Hey Uncle Hank! You here?" Kay asked as she entered her uncleís new condo. "Damn, they really went all out." She commented to herself.

"Kay? Is that you?" Hank asked, coming from the kitchen. His hair was flowing every which way and sweat was beading on his forehead.

"Hey Uncle Hank. Iíd hug ya, but I donít wanna smell." Kay smiled.

"Funny." Hank sneered.

"Really Uncle Hank, youíll never impress a girl looking like that." Kay laughed.

Hank sighed, and changed the subject, "So how do you like the place?"

"Itís excellent. You must have some room mate."

"Itís Gwen Hotchkiss." Hank answered.

"Really!! The one Ethan Crane broke up with?! Isnít she rich?" Kay rambled.

"Slow down turbo. Yes, itís that Gwen." Hank placed his hand on her shoulders.

"Well, that explains the furniture, the condo, everything." Kay said, glancing around. "Dad told me youíre leaving for a while. I just wanted to stop by, incase I didnít see you later." Kay explained.

"Thanks Kay. Iím sure youíll see me again. Harmonyís not that big." Hank replied.

"I know, but with school, Iíve just been busy. So I donít-"

"Hey, anybody home?" Gwen called out as she entered her house. "I love saying that."

"Hi Gwen!" Hank said in a peppy voice. His entire face brightened as she entered the living room. "This is my niece Kay Bennett, I donít know if youíve met her."

"Nice to meet you." Gwen said in a cheery voice. Kay smiled and watched as her uncle and Gwen carried on a conversation. She saw the stolen glances, smiles, and twinkles in their eyes. "Well, if youíll excuse me, I need to get a few things, then Iím meeting Sheridan." Gwen smiled and left the room.

"Uncle Hank." Kay sang. "I think someone has a crush."

"Kay!" Hank said, blushing.

"Itís true, isnít it!"

"I think you need to leave now. Iíve gotta finish my room." Hank said, pushing her towards the door.

"Alright Uncle Hank, if I donít see you again, have a good trip." Kay leaned up and kissed her uncle before turning around and leaving the condo. Hank shook his head as he watched her leave. ĎSheís always so observant.í He thought.

"Your niece is nice." Gwen said, breaking his chain of thought.

"Yeah, sheís something." Hank smiled. "So that dinner thing you were telling me about earlier sounds fun."

"Yeah, well, Iím starting my job, and youíre leaving for a while, so I thought we should have a little fun." Gwen smiled.

"A little fun sounds great. Iím in the mood for fun."

Saturday Evening (Before the Dinner)

Gwen sat in front of her vanity resting in the southeast corner of her room. Gently she applied blush and some red eye shadow, that matched her black skirt and red long sleeve top. She brushed her hair out, making sure it complied. After batting her eyelashes a couple of times, she grabbed her black cherry lipstick and graciously applied it.

"Perfect." Gwen took tissue and blotted her lipstick before standing and admiring herself in her full length mirror. She went over to her closet and picked out her comfortable knee high boots. Sitting on her bed, she pulled them up to her knee, and stood up. Once again she went to her full length mirror. She smoothed her skirt, and smiled. Turning on her heel, she left the room, ready to go to dinner.

Hank combed his hair and added breath spray to his mouth. He grabbed his jet black leather jacket and headed out of his room. He was ready for this Ďdinnerí and hoped itíd be a memorable evening. He had been awaiting this Ďdinnerí for three days. His nerves were shot, and he was giddy with anticipation. Sure, it was only four friends going out, but he hoped itíd turn out to be more. The past three days had only made him want her more. Every conversation, every glance, every meal, he was distracted by her beauty, her wit, everything about her. And now, in two days, he had to leave. Did the FBI have worse timing? He sighed aloud and entered the kitchen. Thatís when he saw her. At her appearance, he took in a sharp breath. She was beautiful. Absolutely stunning. They stared at each other for a few moments, until she finally broke the silence.

"So, you ready?" She asked.

"Yes." Hank choked out.

"Alright, letís go. Iíll drive." Gwen exited the room in a hurry, for fear that if she stayed, she wouldnít be able to control the desire that pulsed through her veins. She went to the front hall closet and grabbed her coat before opening the door and stepping out into the frigid air. It was dusk, and winter, so she expect to be could, but found her self too hot. Of course she was still thinking of Hank. She entered her car, and started it up. Hank entered on the passenger side, and smiled as they pulled out of the condoís parking space. ĎThis will definitely be a night to remember.í Both thought.

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