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Don’t Think I’m Not









































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Don’t Think I’m Not
by Lar

Chapter 7

Hank entered the solemn house, and a confused look came over his face. The lights were all dimmed, and there was no sound. It gave him an eerie feeling. Then he heard it, a soft sob, coming from the back room. He stepped up his pace, and found himself in front of Gwen’s bedroom door, where the muffled sound was coming from. ‘Should I go in? What if she doesn’t want me too?’ He mentally debated.

"Why? What’s wrong with me? What does she have that I don’t?" Gwen sobbed. ‘Ethan. She saw Ethan and Theresa.’ Hank thought upon hearing the remarks. Slowly he opened the door, and faced Gwen, who sat on her bed holding a pillow to her chest. Tear stains streaked her cheeks, and her eyes were puffy and red. She looked at Hank, and he felt his heart melt. ‘How could anyone treat her this way?’ He thought, moving over towards her bed. He sat down gently on the left side, and embraced her in a comforting hug.

"Shh, it’s okay. Everything will be fine in time." He said, smoothing her hair.

"It was just so hard. He was with her, touching her the way he used to touch me. I, I tried to turn over a new leaf, but I think I left to suddenly. I, I don’t think I can. There’ll always be that betrayal left in my mind. Why her? Am I not suitable?" Gwen said between sobs.

"No one’s expecting you to be their friend Gwen. It was very admirable of you to try. But don’t expect the hurt to go away soon. It’ll lesson, and eventually you’ll forget about it. And don’t you ever think yourself unsuitable. Ethan’s a fool for not realizing what a great person you are." Hank looked into her eyes, making sure she understood him. Gwen gazed back, in awe of what he was doing for her. ‘Why does he care so? He’s the only one to treat me this way. Why does he do it?’ She questioned herself.

"C’mon Gwen, you get into your Pj’s, and I’ll put on some tea. You should relax tonight." Hank said, patting her on her knee. She weakly smiled, as he got up and left the room. Quickly, she slipped into her most comfortable pajama bottoms and tank top. She slipped under her quilt, allowing only her head to poke out. Hank returned a few moments later, carrying the new silver tray she had bought earlier today. A small tea pot sat comfortably on it, and a single tea cup was placed next to it.

"I was thinking," Hank stated, interrupting her admiration of the tray, "You really got hurt today, and even though it’s a small town, you should try and stay away from Ethan and Theresa. At least for a little while. God, it’s only been a week since the break up. Just a suggestion."

"I’ll try. I really didn’t think it’d be that hard." Gwen admitted. Hank nodded, and sat the tray on her nightstand. Gwen sat up, and took his hand as it slipped away from the tray. "Thank you. It really meant a lot to me that you cared so. I really-"

"Don’t mention it. I hate to see a beautiful lady so sad." ‘Did that just slip outta my mouth? Oh man, now she’ll probably stay away from me, thinking I’m a creep or something. Stupid, stupid, stupid!’ Hank mentally abused himself.

‘Did he just call me beautiful? Man, does he ever know how to brighten my day. I can’t believe he thinks I’m beautiful." Gwen thought as her heart swelled. She cocked her head to the side, and smiled, as she noticed the sudden blush appearing on Hank’s face.

"Well, I better go. To bed, that is. If you need anything, I’m next door." Hank smiled, quickly retreating from the bedroom.

Hank turned on the cold water, and blasted it on his fevered body. Ever since he had left Gwen’s room, he couldn’t get her face, her body, everything about her, out of his head. Letting the cold water calm him, he sighed, and leaned up against the side of the shower.

"This is great Hank. You’ve fallen for a woman who’s not only your room mate, but just suffering through a break-up. I’m sure she really needs you pining away for her." Hank grabbed the shampoo and quickly squirted some liquid in his hand. After forming a lather in his hair, and rinsing, did he finally take in it’s smell. It was her smell. Her shampoo. That only made him want her more.

"Damnit! How am I going to survive? She probably doesn’t even like me. To her I’m just some guy who’s helped her through a tough time. I’m not even a friend to her, how could I be? We’ve only known each other a few days. Oh what I wouldn’t give to be more than a friend. Her... Well, everything about her’s perfect. Damn, why do I always fall for the wrong woman. If she’s not in love with my best friend, she’s heart broken." Hank said. He turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. A fluffy, new towel was waiting for him across from the shower, and he grabbed it, soaking up the water that remained on his body. He slipped into a pair of his newer boxers, and exited the bathroom.

Grabbing a pillow and blanket he had brought in earlier, he headed towards the living room, and couch. Since he had went straight to Gwen’s room, and not unloaded his things, he had no bed. He decided he’d do that tomorrow, tonight he was going to sleep soundly on the couch, while Gwen plagued his mind.

Gwen laid in her bed, a broad smile captured her face. ‘Thank God for thin walls!’ She thought. She had tried to go to sleep, but had no success, so sat there, in the dark, thinking. That was until she heard Hank talking to himself in the shower. Her smile widened as she recalled what he said. ‘He was badgering himself for falling for me, but not because I was wrong for him, but because my heart was broken. He’s waiting, giving me time to heal. And he doesn’t think I like him! Oh, I can’t wait to prove him wrong. I’m as jittery as a school girl! I think maybe I’ll plan going out with Sheridan and Luis. Yes, they’re both his friends. That’s it! A going away get together. We can go out for dinner! Perfect. I’ll call Sher about it tomorrow.’ Gwen thought. She smiled, and sunk deeper under the covers, thinking of what it’d be like if she was Hank’s girlfriend. Sure they wouldn’t go to expensive places, but they’d have fun. He’d do things with her she’s never done. Camping, or other things she mentioned.

Gwen’s eyelids began to become heavy, and she soon drifted off to sleep.

"So Hank, what is it about camping that makes you so, um, excited." She seductively whispered. Trees surrounded them, and a lake stood in front of them.

"Um, being in the outdoors, away from everyone else." Hank admitted as he slowly walked towards her. He captured her mouth in a slow kiss. Gwen smiled as they broke apart, then pulled him in for another kiss, this time more passionate.

"So soldier, show me the seclusion." She whispered, leaving him, and entering the tent. Hank followed soon after, staring at her now nude body. "Come on Hank." She smiled.

"My pleasure." Hank said with finesse. He began to kneel when she began screaming.

Hank woke up in a sweat. His dream had a major effect on him. What was it all about? It was up there on his ‘weird dream’ list. Turning, he glanced at the kitchen. Just beyond that small room was Gwen. He shook his head, and closed his eyes, praying he’d go back to sleep and not have another weird dream.

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