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Donít Think Iím Not









































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Donít Think Iím Not
by Lar

Chapter 6

Hank pulled into the Lopez-Fitzgerald driveway, which appeared to be deserted. He had just come from getting his things at Samís, and wanted to let Luis know that he was moving. ĎLuisíll be so proud of me. I can hear him now, ĎThatís it Hank, way to show effort.í Thatís Luis for ya.í Hank thought as he jumped out of his car, and trotted up to the front door. He rung the doorbell once, and almost immediately, Theresa ripped the door open.

"Oh, Hank, hi." She sighed.

"Iíll take a guess you werenít expecting me." Hank laughed, entering the house.

"No, Ethanís going to take me to the Book Cafe. I was expecting him just now."

"Oh, is your brother home?"

"Which one?" Theresa asked.

"Well, since Miguel practically lives and Sam and Graceís, I think Luis." Hank laughed.

"Luis, heís over at Sheridanís." Theresa stated like it was common knowledge.

"Alright. Thanks. Well, I hope whoever you were waiting for shows up soon." Hank said, retreating back towards the door.

" ĎKay, thanks Hank, see you around." Theresa smiled, shutting the door. Hank shook his head and walked back towards his car.

Gwen sat at the Book Cafe, sipping her latte, and diving into the newest John Grisham book,
The Brethren. John Grisham had been one of her favorite authors since high school. She had decided to be a lawyer after years of watching ĎL. A. Lawí, ĎLaw and Orderí, and reading John Grisham novels.

She was so into the book that she didnít even notice the happy couple walk in, until she heard their voices. She looked up from her book, and a frown plagued her face. ĎSo itís been a week since the break up, and heís already flaunting her. Calm down Gwen, remember, you want friendship with them. You donít want to hold a grudge, thatís what Mother would want, not you. You fought and lost.í She thought. Instead of going to say something, she stayed seated and continued her book. ĎWhy make the first move, let them. They might not even want to be friends.í She thought. Sighing, she put her book down and began massaging her temples.

"Look hon, thereís Gwen." Ethan said to Theresa. Theresa turned around from the counter and stared at the woman she once had considered her enemy. She was looking weary, un-nerved, and yet she had a certain presence about her. Like she would overcome this ordeal.

"Why donít you go over and talk to her?" Theresa suggested.

"Why donít we both. I talked to Sheridan yesterday, she said Gwen felt like she had no friends left." Ethan compromised.

"Alright." Theresa agreed. They walked over, hand-in-hand, to the table where she sat. When they reached her table, she looked up, and partly smiled.

"Hello." She squeaked out.

"Hi Gwen. How are you?" Ethan asked, concern masking his face. Even though they were no longer together, he still hoped theyíd be friends.

"Um, Iím not sure. I go in-between. I moved out of my house. Iím living over by the Satire River now. Condo 546, come visit me sometime." Gwen smiled, thinking of her condo.

"Thatís wonderful. We really hope to stop by sometime." Ethan said, indicating himself and Theresa.

"Yes, please do. Weíll if youíll excuse me, I need to get home. Iíve still got a lot of things to do." Gwen stood and placed a few dollars on the table. "Good bye Ethan, Theresa." Gwen said, quickly leaving, clutching her book, purse, and coat in her hand. As soon as she exited the door and rounded the corner, she sprinted for the car. Once inside the safety of it, she broke down in tears. She had managed to keep her composure in the store, but had to face reality. It hurt to see him with her, it hurt like hell. She had been turned down, passed over, and nothing would ever erase that. She let herself cry for a few more moments, then started her car and began to drive. Slowly she made her way out of downtown, and to her condo, once inside, she ran to her room and wept.

Hank knocked rhythmically on Sheridanís door, and was greeted by Luis moments later.

"Hey buddy, how are ya?" Luis asked, inviting Hank in.

"Pretty good. You?" Hank smiled.

"How could I not be?" Luis grinned.

"Listen, I donít have much time, so I thought Iíd stop by and tell ya know. The FBI offered me a job, and Iíve decided to take it. I leave in a week for training, and then a few weeks after that Iíll be back here, ready to override you guys when ya screw up!" Hank joked. Luis looked at him in surprise.

"Hank, Iím really glad to hear you got the job. The world will be safe now." Sheridan said, leaning on the kitchen door frame.

"Thanks Sheridan. It means a lot. I also wanted to tell you that Iíve moved out of the B&B." Hank smiled.

"You mean the constant free loader is finally moving out and not going to live off his brother?" Luis said in disbelief.

"Yeah. And if youíre nice to me, Iíll invite you over to my condo, Iím sure my room mate wonít mind. You actually know her." Hank replied.

"HER?" A shocked Luis asked.

"Yeah, Gwen Hotchkiss." Hank replied as if it meant nothing.

"You sly dog." Luis commented.

"Whatís that supposed to mean?" Hank asked.

"Well, you both need a place, or so you claim. Let me guess, you found it, and couldnít afford the rent, so you asked her. Am I right?" Luis grinned.

"No! Not even close. Her and her father had a falling out, and she decided to move out. So when we literally bumped into each other, and got to talking, we agreed that the room-mate thing would go great." Hank defended.

"Sure." Luis skeptically replied.

"I donít have to take this from you. Iím leaving. Iíll see ya later." Hank said, shaking his head. Luis could be so stubborn sometimes. Hank entered his car, started it, and drove home.

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